Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167: Returning to the Protector Clan (Two)
Chapter 1167: Returning to the Protector Clan (Two)

The path lord of carnal desires expression suddenly changed. He was still injured, having not yet recovered from the wounds caused by the barrier spirits of Mercenary City. He could temporarily protect himself as he fought against Rui Jin in this current state, but he had no confidence in being able to retreat when faced with attacks from all three of them.

What pained him the most was the fact that all three of them were protected by origin energy armor. It was very difficult for him to harm them with his power as a Saint Emperor while his famed techniques were ineffective due to the pearl that protected the soul. Their weapons also contained origin energy, something that only those beyond Saint Emperor could control. It was energy that belonged to a whole different domain, so even Saint Emperors found it difficult to withstand injuries caused by origin energy.

The path lord became extremely grim. He collected the surrounding energy of the world with his abilities as a Saint Emperor and struck at the three of them with three palm strikes. Each strike was filled with extremely violent power, and they even contained a Saint Emperors mysteries of the world. Even Saint Kings at Great Perfection would become as weak as ants before this great power. It was not something they could withstand at all.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu showed no fear as they aggressively attacked the path lord. Before their origin energy weapons, the attacks were nothing. They collapsed the palm strikes using their weapons before continuing without slowing down, striking at the path lord with their origin energy weapons as they emitted a bright light.

The three of them utterly hated the path lord, so they used everything they had. The origin energy weapons were swung as they stood in a triangle, where their vast presences caused space to freeze up. They locked tightly onto the path lords presence.

The path lord struggled to remain as composed as before. He suddenly roared, Do you really think that Im easy to be trifled with!? A vast and surging storm of energy erupted from his body, forming a whirlwind of energy that wreaked havoc in all directions. It caused space to shake and crack open everywhere.

Extremely pure and powerful energy had condensed in both his hands. He avoided the furious Rui Jin and Hong Lian, charging toward Hei Yu on of his own accord. One of his hands seemed to have fused with the surrounding space, sweeping through the air with a string of illusionary afterimages. It seemed slow, yet it struck Hei Yus machete extremely swiftly. His hand did not come in contact with the machete, but the energy in his hand slammed into the side of the blade. It knocked the machete out of Hei Yus hand and caused Hei Yus arm to become numb.

The path lords other hand also struck Hei Yus chest with lightning-like speed after knocking away the blade. The energy in his hand erupted, blowing Hei Yu far away. Hei Yus armor flickered in color, blocking the force behind the palm strike.

The path lord immediately charged through the opened. He knew that it was very difficult for him to injure the three of them, so there would be no benefits to gain if he continued fighting while heavily injured.

At this moment, a terrifying wave of heat swept over from behind. The Scorching Godfire Hairpin had shot over extremely quickly. It had basically reached the path lords back already.

The path lord had already run out of time to dodge. He turned around and hurriedly launched an attack with his hand, using the energy in the surroundings to block the attack.

However, the path lords palm strike was hurried. It lacked power, so the hairpin flew through it like a knife through hot butter, flying for the path lords face.

The path lords eyes narrowed, and with a wave of his hand, a divine hall immediately flew out from his Space Ring. It became the size of a house in an instance, standing before him.

The hairpin struck the divine hall and erupted with a deafening boom. The entire divine hall shook violently as cracks quickly expanded across it.

At this moment, a resplendent golden light suddenly flashed behind the path lords back. Rui Jin had appeared behind him at a certain moment. He gripped the sword with his right hand as he maintained a seal with his left. The sword stabbed toward the path lord as a streak of light.

The path lord was shocked when he sensed what was happening behind him. Rui Jin had appeared too suddenly, and even he had failed to sense his movement. He praised inside, The various abilities and secret techniques of the Dragon clan really are profound. Even as he thought that, he responded very quickly. He ignored the rippling space and instantly fused with his surroundings with his abilities as a Saint Emperor. He wanted to dodge Rui Jins attack.

Secret technique of the Dragon clan, Pinned-down Space! At that crucial moment, Rui Jins left hand suddenly pressed against the space there and instantly froze it, becoming as tough as rock. Caught off-guard, the path lord was also affected. He froze up, having been pinned down.

But, the next moment, the path lord broke through the frozen space with his great strength. He had forcefully broken through Rui Jins secret technique, but it cost him a moment. He had lost the best opportunity to dodge, so Rui Jins sword impaled him mercilessly and appeared from his back.

The path lord produced a deep grunt. Being impaled by a sword with origin energy in the chest was definitely a horrible feeling. It was much worse than normal injuries.


The path lord kicked back and landed a foot on Rui Jins chest accurately. It knocked him far away, and the sword was drawn out as well.

The path lords white robes had already become dyed red with blood. His face was even paler now, and his injuries were even worse than before.

Die, human Saint Emperor! Hong Lian shouted. Flames surged around her as she made her way around the divine hall. She continued to attack the path lord with her hairpin in her hand as she stared at him with icy-cold killing intent.

The path lord rapidly retreated. He glanced past the three of them coldly and gritted his teeth, If I had recovered from my injuries that the barrier spirit of Mercenary City gave me, just the three of you would not be enough to injure me. However, you three are still not enough to stop me from leaving. The path lord backpedaled and no longer faced the three of them head-on. His two hands slowly circled around with extremely profound truths of the world. They seemed to have created some connection with the region of space as the two resonated together.

Void-shatter! Suddenly, the path lord yelled out. Immediately, extremely powerful World Force shook as the space in front of him shattered. It rapidly collapsed, becoming an eternal darkness. There was only void inside.

Hong Lians face changed slightly. She knew that the path lord could shatter and collapse space with his Saint Emperor abilities. Entering it would mean almost certain doom, so she immediately stayed far away from it.