Chaotic Sword God Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Fighting Strength That Causes Others to Quake in Fear
Chapter 117: Fighting Strength That Causes Others to Quake in Fear

The Flame Mercenaries eyes grew wide as they all watched Jian Chen charge at the Magical Horned Boar alone. Their gazes were all locked onto Jian Chens figure that appeared neither tall nor sturdy. Everyone wanted to witness exactly how Jian Chen was going to kill the Class 3 Magical Horned Boar.

Captain Kendall had a serious expression on his face as he sent a powerful Saint Force rushing out from his right hand. A wide axe gradually materialized in his hands, which he grasped tightly as his fierce eyes staring unblinkingly at Jian Chens frail looking body. As soon as Jian Chen was unable to resist the Class 3 Magical Beasts attacks, hed charge to the front lines without any hesitation to save Jian Chen. Among this group, he was most likely the only person that could contend against the Magical Horned Boar, albeit with difficulty.

Jian Chen was like a monster as he whipped up fine winds with his swift charge toward the Magical Horned Boar in front of him. The Light Wind Sword in his hand became a silver glow, as if turning into a slim and spectacular flash of lightning that pierced toward the Magical Horned Boars throat.

Seeing the silver light, the corners of the Magical Horned Boars eyes flashed with a fierce glow, faintly expressing a dull look of concentration. It gave a low roar, and its heavy body quickly retreated. At the same time, it tried to turn its entire upper body to the side as it attempted to evade Jian Chens sword coming at its throat.

Although the Magical Horned Boar had already tried its hardest to evade, its enormous body was really too cumbersome. In addition, speed was originally the Magical Horned Boars weakness. There was no way it could dodge Jian Chens blade that was as fast as lightning.


The Light Wind Sword pierced deeply into the Magical Horned Boars throat, instantly severing its life force. Immediately afterward, the Magical Horned Boars entire body suddenly grew rigid. Its pair of large eyes gradually lost their feeling, and before it could even give a miserable cry, its entire body fell to the ground with a bang.

Jian Chen pulled out the bloody sword from the Magical Horned Boars throat. As he casually moved it, all of the blood on the Light Wind Sword began to gradually flow downward. It slowly gathered at the points end, before finally dripping onto the ground, drop by drop.

Absorbing the Light Wind Sword back into his body, Jian Chen revealed a satisfied smile on his face. After he had broke through to become a Middle Great Saint, his fighting strength was far better than when he was a Primary Great Saint. No matter if it was the speed of his Light Wind Sword was or the strength of the Sword Qi around, both had become even stronger than before. Right now killing a Class 3 Magical Beast was nothing more than a simple task.

Looking at the Class 3 Magical Horned Boar lying on the ground, Jian Chen indifferently said, Captain Kendall, Ill leave this Class 3 Magical Beast carcass for you to handle.

Not a single sound could be heard from behind Jian Chen in response to his words. Sensing that there was something odd, Jian Chen turned around, only to see that all of the Flame Mercenaries were currently looking at the Magical Horned Boar on the ground blankly with round eyes. All of them had astonished looks of disbelief.

Seeing everyones brilliant expression, Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile. To the Flame Mercenaries, a Class 3 Magical Beast was something far beyond their strength. They couldnt kill it in one blow, and if they were hit with one blow, then that would be the end for them. To the mercenaries whose strength was weaker than a Class 3 Magical Beast, this display of strength shocked them to their core.

The people were in a shocked daze for quite a while. Captain Kendall was the first to regain his senses. He exhaled deeply to slowly suppress his shock, and he looked at Jian Chen with a complicated look as he said, Jian Chen, your strength is too abnormal. Even a Class 3 Magical Beast was utterly unable to stand up against you; you were able to kill it as easy as pie. This is a Class 3 Magical Beast you know.

Soon afterward, everyone was gradually brought back to their senses as they looked at Jian Chen with a complicated look of shock and disbelief.

Chang Ning Feng let loose a long breath of air and said, Ai, your strength is unbelievable. This was a Class 3 Magical Beast, but Im having trouble thinking that this was nothing more than a Class 1 Magical Beast from how well you handled it.

Hearing this, everyone simultaneously nodded their heads as Deere said, Jian Chen, is your strength really at Middle Great Saint? Seeing how easily you killed this Class 3 magical Beast, Im having a hard time believing youre not at the Great Saint Master level yet. Deere looked at Jian Chen with a complex stare mixed in with a look of envy. After all, Jian Chen was much younger than him, so who wouldnt be envious of his strength?

Kabolds hesitated for a bit before opening his mouth to say, Jian Chen, could it be that what you used just now was a high level battle skill? I was completely unable to tell when exactly your sword had pierced the Magical Horned Boars throat.

Thats right, I didnt see it clearly. Actually, I couldnt even see a hint of a shadow. Hu Po added in an extremely depressed tone.

Hearing this, Jian Chen smiled and said, It cant really be said to be a battle skill. My swordplay is just on the faster side.

It was so fast that we couldnt even see it clearly. That speed is a bit too terrifying. Deere said in a low voice.

Kendall walked up to the body of the Magical Horned Boar and said, Okay, lets not talk about this for now. Everyone come help me take care of the body.

Soon after, everyone walked up to the body of the Magical Horned Boar as Xiao Dao took out his Saint Weapon which was a small dagger. Fiercely cutting into the stomach of the Magical Horned Boar, he attempted to extract the Monster Core, however, the moment he had stabbed into the boars stomach, the blade was only capable of making a small finger sized hole in it.

Although the defense of the Magical Horned Boar wasnt all that outstanding, it was still a Class 3 magical Beast. Their leathery skin was still well known, so with Xiao Daos Saint level strength, if he wanted to cut into the stomach of the Magical Horned Boar, he would have to expend a great amount of effort in order to make a larger cut through the skin.

Seeing how Xiao Dao could only cut a small finger sized hole in the stomach of the Magical Horned Boar, Deere shook his head and walked up beside Xiao Dao. Xiao Dao, let me give it a try. A great amount of Saint Force was concentrated around his right arm as a two handed sword appeared in his palm.

The leather skin of this Class 3 Magical Beast is quite tough, Ive learned a lot today. Xiao Dao cursed as he obediently stood aside for Deere.

Soon after, Deere used his two handed sword to cut open the belly of the boar and then extracting the bloody Class 3 Monster Core from within. Wiping it clean of blood, he walked up to Jian Chen and Kendall with some hesitation before offering it up to Jian Chen. Brother Jian Chen, this Class 3 Magical Horned Boar was killed by you, so therefore, the monster core should go to you

Not waiting for Deere to finish his sentence, Jian Chen cut him off saying, Uncle Deere, in accordance to the group rules, this monster core should be given to Captain Kendall to decide, and in the end everyone will give their agreement.

This, this probably isnt the best thing to do. Deere looked hesitant.

Theres nothing wrong with that, Uncle Deere, bring the monster core to Captain Kendall to decide. Jian Chen said firmly without any room for Deere to argue against.

Fine then. Deere had no choice but to hand the monster core over to Captain Kendall.

Kendall gazed deeply at Jian Chen, but did not shirk away. Instead, he reached his hand out to accept the Class 3 Monster Core and said, In that case, Ill take care of this monster core for now. Once we leave Magical Beast Mountain Range, Ill distribute all the profits based on contribution.

Afterward, the group of people allocated one persons Space Belt to store the Magical Horned Boars carcass, and then they continued their journey. A Class 3 Magical Beasts body could be sold for quite a bit of money, so the Flame Mercenaries obviously wouldnt let this opportunity slip past them.

Time quickly passed. Unknowingly, the group had already stayed in the Magical Beast Mountain Range for 10 days. These 10 days, were definitely the happiest and most enjoyable moments for the Flame Mercenaries. That was because during this period, aside from the first day, the remaining days were filled with Jian Chen taking the lead to hunt Class 3 Magical Beasts in the mountain range. Because Jian Chens actual combat strength had long surpassed a Saint Masters, he had absolutely no difficulty killing the Class 3 Magical Beasts. Moreover, ever since his strength had reached the mid Great Saint level, Jian Chen hadnt once received an injury from fighting a Class 3 Magical Beast at close range.

During this period of time, the Flame Mercenaries had long since stopped wondering about how strange the powerful strength Jian Chen displayed was. As Jian Chen revealed more and more of his strength, his position in the Flame Mercenary Group continued to rise. Right now, almost everyone, including Captain Kendall, either held extreme respect for him, or was incomparably polite. This was because in 10 days, Jian Chen had brought about a great amount of profit for the Flame Mercenaries. In these past few days, Jian Chen had killed over 100 Class 3 Magical Beasts by himself and 300 Class 2 Magical Beasts while the Flame Mercenaries did not kill as many by themselves. They had simply stood behind Jian Chen as he killed the magical beasts and extracted the monster cores from the magical beasts corpses. Despite this, no one in the group had complained about the unfairness, instead, they thought of this to be quite joyful. To them, this was as simple as picking up money.

By nightfall, the full moon was suspended overhead in the night sky and illuminated the land below in its white glow. Within one of the larger areas of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, a large bonfire lit up the night as the embers from the fire flickered and danced into the sky.

10 people wearing the fur of magical beasts sat around the bonfire, these relaxed figures were the Flame Mercenaries.

These past days we have harvested 125 Class 3 Monster Cores, 364 Class 2 Monster Cores, and not even 30 Class 1 Monster Cores. Other than that, we also have a few Class 3 Magical Beast corpses. Kendall proclaimed as he examined the items the group had taken.

Hearing Kendalls exclamation, everyone let loose an extremely happy smile. Because of this type of harvest, everyone was extremely satisfied. However, everyone knew that if they didnt have the help of Jian Chen, they wouldnt even have a single Class 3 Monster Core. After all, killing one Class 3 Magical Beast was already too difficult for them, and killing even half the amount of Class 2 Magical Beasts would have been impossible to do by themselves.