Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181: Xiao Bao the Cripple (Three)
Chapter 1181: Xiao Bao the Cripple (Three)

The Heavenly Enchantress could not help but smile scornfully beneath her veil after hearing how confident elder Jia was. She said, Elder Jia, why dont you try it then and see whether my melodies truly do pose a threat to Saint Kings or not? The Heavenly Enchantress was only grateful to the president within the entire union. Even with elder Jias great status, he did not receive any respect from her.

Elder Jia flew up. His entire presence suddenly underwent an overwhelming change. In that moment, he had suddenly straightened up and great confidence filled his body. The robes he wore fluttered despite the lack of wind, making him seem awe-inspiring.

Elder Jia stood in the sky with his arms crossed. His eyes shone brightly with interest. He seemed like a completely different person from the simple old man from before.

Shangguan Muer, do it. Show me just how powerful your melodies are, elder Jia easily said. He could not see through the Heavenly Enchantress strength, but he had heard the legends about her. He still believed that she was a Saint Ruler. At the same time, the presence from the Heavenly Enchantress was only at the level of Saint Rulers despite its strength, so it did not catch the Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings eyes at all.

Elder Jia, forgive me! The Heavenly Enchantress replied rather coldly. She gently placed her white, gentle hand on the zither strings and used a single, elegant finger to gently strum a string.


The crisp sound did not make it very far. It only reached a hundred meters before vanishing.

The president, grand elder and the Saint Rulers behind them all focused their attention. They prepared themselves against the enchanting melodies that the Heavenly Enchantress could play. Abilities that could influence the soul were the hardest to guard against, and the only way to resist was to possess a powerful soul. As a result, they could not take the attack lightly even though the Heavenly Enchantress did not target them.

However, there were no other disturbances after the Heavenly Enchantress first note. Unlike everyone had imagined, there was no enchanting melody that could affect the souls of Saint Rulers, just a clear note that had not caused them any discomfort at all.

However, no one realized that elder Jias eyes had grown blank from their original brilliance. They had become dull and lifeless. Any light they were supposed to reflect had completely vanished. Afterward, his body gently swayed, and to everyones surprise, he fell out of the sky. His dull eyes also slowly closed.

Elder Jia!

Elder Jia!

With a number of cries, a few Saint Rulers immediately rushed to elder Jias side. They caught his body just before it was about to strike the hard ground.

Elder Jia, elder Jia, are you alright!? The Saint Rulers urgently asked the old man.

The president and grand elder became stern as well. They immediately descended to elder Jias side, and after examining him, they found that everything was normal. He did not suffer any injuries at all.

Muer, what did you do to elder Jia? The president looked at the Heavenly Enchantress and asked with a rather trembling voice. He struggled to believe what had just happened.

President, the elder is fine. He will wake up very soon, answered the Heavenly Enchantress.

The president was finally relieved with that. Still badly shaken, he looked at the Heavenly Enchantress in the sky and his heart surged. Elder Jia was a mighty Saint King, and one that had reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer after all, yet he was so puny before the Heavenly Enchantress, being knocked out by a single note. This was rather hard to believe, and he still struggled to accept it all as true even though it had unfolded right before his eyes.

At this moment, everyones opinion of the Heavenly Enchantress underwent a huge change, whether it was the president, the grand elder, or the Saint Rulers.

All of them had witness how terrifying the Heavenly Enchantress was when a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King appeared so puny in front of her.

Elder Jia slowly opened his eyes. They were filled with confusion, which cleared up instantly. He then sensed that he was laying on the ground, so he immediately became surprise. He climbed to his feet and raised his head to look at the Heavenly Enchantress in disbelief. His heart began to beat heavily in an uncontrollable fashion after so many years of peace.

Elder Jia, are you fine? The president asked in concern. He was the only Saint King of the union, so his existence was extremely important.

Elder Jia completely ignored what the president said, as if he hadnt even heard it at all. He only stared at the Heavenly Enchantress blankly. He could not help but think over what had just happened inside.

He did not feel any discomfort after hearing the clear note, but he felt like he had been hit by a very powerful charm, making his soul become sleepy and making him fall unconscious very quickly. Even with his powerful soul, he could not resist.

Elder Jia, youve lost, the Heavenly Enchantress coldly stared at the old man with her captivating eyes and nonchalantly commented, as if just using a single note to knock out a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King was no special matter for her.

Sigh, elder Jia exhaled. His upright figure became hunch-backed again, returning to his previous posture. He said rather dejectedly, I have lost. The power of your melodies really are terrifying. I admit that I am weaker.

The president, grand elder, and the other Radiant Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters all fell silent. A Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King had just suffered defeat like this and in such a miserable, horrible fashion. He did not even have the opportunity to fight back.

Esteemed president, I hope you can agree to my request and let me take a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master back to Three Saint Island. I will definitely send him back safely very soon, the Heavenly Enchantress tone changed as she courteously made her request to the president again.

Sigh, the president exhaled deeply as well. He stared at the Heavenly Enchantress with mixed emotions and said, Muer, after so many years, I never thought that youd actually become so powerful, far more powerful than anything I ever expected. With the strength youve displayed, my union indeed does not have the power to stop you. Whatever, Ill go with you to Three Saint Island.

President, you cant. The union needs you to remain safe. Let me go instead, said the grand elder.

No. President, grand elder, you two are extremely important to the union. You definitely cant leave the union at this point in time. Let me go instead, the only other Class 7 Radiant Saint Master present spoke extremely firmly.

The president pondered silently for a while before agreeing, Alright then. The sixth elder can go with Muer to Three Saint Island. The president then looked at the Heavenly Enchantress and said, Muer, you must protect the sixth elder during the journey there.

The Heavenly Enchantress nodded slightly before gently swinging her elegant hand. She ripped open a Space Gate before leaving the city with the sixth elder.

On the Three Saint Island, the Heavenly Enchantress, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, Qin Qin, and the white-robed sixth elder all gathered in a cave filled with luminous pearls. All of them stared unblinkingly at the chubby white boy between them.

The boy was very young, only around two or three years of age. He was extremely cute. His tiny mouth was stuffed full, chewing on the thumb-sized pill laboriously. A streak of saliva ran from the corner of his mouth.

The pill was obviously nothing to adults, but it was clearly a little too big for a child who had not grown up completely. The pill filled his entire mouth.