Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196: A Divine Melody from the Void
Chapter 1196: A Divine Melody from the Void

Changyang Qing Yun and the other two arrived above the huge hilt of the Emperor Armament together. They grabbed the hilt with their hands. Their hands were covered in a layer of surging Saint Force while more Saint Force surged out of them like a river, pouring endlessly into the Emperor Armament.

The Emperor Armament immediately began to shine bright after receiving the Saint Force from three Saint Kings. Its sword Qi became even sharper, and even the space that had been reinforced by the eighteen divine halls gently trembled. Its power had increased.

Although the Emperor Armament could display great might when no one controlled it, it was nowhere near the power it displayed when it was controlled.

Hong Lian stared sternly at the rapidly-strengthening Emperor Armament. The Scorching Godfire Hairpin had already returned to her hand. She was pouring endless amounts of pure flames and power into the origin energy weapon. Now that she was trapped, she was like a sitting duck. Hong Lian felt rather pressured since she had to face against the Emperor Armament in such a shape.

Jian Chen and You Yue stood beside each other at the entrance of the Bright Boom Divine Hall. A pure light screen fell from the door sill, creating a natural chasm that separated the two of them from the outside world. The screen seemed thin and fragile, but the energy hidden within was unbelievably powerful. Even the Emperor Armament would struggle to break through it.

Jian Chen tightly clenched his fists. He worried about Hong Lian. He had no doubts regarding her strength at all, but she probably would be unable to use everything she had to face off against the Emperor Armament now that she was stuck like this.

It had already become a battle between Hong Lian and the Emperor Armament now. Jian Chen could no longer interfere. He did not have the protection of origin energy armor, so he could not even withstand a single blow from the Emperor Armament. Even if he released Tie Ta from the artifact space, it would be completely useless. Meanwhile, the Bright Moon Divine Hall remained lodged in the World Gate to stop it from closing. It could not move, so obviously it could not assist Hong Lian either.


With a deafening sound, the Scorching Godfire Hairpin collided with the Emperor Armament under the three great elders control. Destructive ripples of energy erupted, causing the imposing mountains even further away to loudly collapse. The floating land became covered in cracks and the entire miniature world suffered a destructive blow.

The hairpin was knocked away with its white flames while the Emperor Armament was knocked back by several hundred meters as well.

Hong Lian trembled and her face became pale. Under the control of the three great elders, the Emperor Armament had indeed powered up by a lot. It had surpassed the level of regular Saint Emperors while she was still trapped by the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls right now. Not only was she completely immobilized, she could only use eighty percent of her total strength, making it rather difficult to block the Emperor Armament.

They will suffer a backlash from controlling the Emperor Armament. I only need to keep them busy. They obviously wont be able to endure it once too much time has passed, Hong Lian thought to herself before pouring all her strength into controlling the hairpin to block the attacks from the Emperor Armament.

In the blink of an eye, the hairpin had clashed with the Emperor Armament over ten times. During this period of time, the Emperor Armament managed to strike Hong Lian several times. It was unable to break through her armor, but the powerful force still ruptured her organs, forcing blood to leak from the corner of her mouth.

The origin energy treasures are far too strong. If this continues, well pass away from the backlash before we can even break through the armor, Changyang Qing Yunfeng revealed his thoughts. He was extremely stern.

We cant continue like this, or itll only be detrimental to us. The Emperor Armament will begin its backlash without long, Changyang Yuan Wuji also said in panic. The Emperor Armament was very powerful, but they could not control it for too long.

Changyang Qing Yun understood this as well. He became uneasy; if they did not chase out the intruders today, the protector clan would lose all their dignity. However, what made it unendurable for him was that the disaster today was all brought on by Jian Chen.

The Saints Fruit must be with Jian Chen. He would never give something so valuable to someone else. We definitely cant let him leave today since hes brought on such a great disaster to the clan. He has to die here, Changyang Qing Yun calculated inside and very quickly made up his mind. He said with a sunken face, Activate the Origin Formation!

What!? The Origin Formation? Changyang Qing Yunfeng was shocked.

Its already been several tens of thousand years since weve used the Origin Formation. Although the records say that the Origin Formation possesses limitless power and that it can even slay peak Saint Emperors, the consumption for each activation is just far too great. It will drain all the energy of this miniature world, Changyang Yuan Wuji said with a rather pale face.

The opponent before us is even harder to deal with than regular Saint Emperors. Other than the Origin Formation, we dont have anything else that can threaten her, and once she breaks free from the encirclement, who is still her opponent? Changyang Qing Yun said.

Changyang Qing Yunfeng and Changyang Yuan Wuji looked at each other and nodded in unison. Immediately, they relinquished control of the Emperor Armament and got it to attack Hong Lian automatically. Meanwhile, the three of them levitated into the air as they maintained a similar hand seal.

There was a process to activating the Origin Energy. It needed to use their energy as a medium. If the three of them worked together, they could lessen the activation time by quite a lot.

Over half a minute later, the entire miniature world began to gently tremble. The dense energy that permeated the space of the realm vanished at an unbelievable rate as a faint streak of golden light appeared in the air. The streak of light was like a golden piece of string, forming a huge and complicated image that filled the entire space.

The Origin Formation was one of the greatest trump cards of the Changyang clan. The entire formation was hidden in the void, and it would only appear when it was activated.

As soon as the Origin Formation materialized, it rapidly began to absorb energy of the world, allowing its golden light to become bright and brighter, more and more dazzling.

The Origin Formation was extremely large. From afar, it seemed like a humongous spider web. As the golden streaks of light intertwined with each other, they connected three hundred and sixty crucial points together, and they all were connected to the hexagram at the very center.

Ill maintain the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls, a clear voice rang out. Changyang Yuan Zhenghua stood on the divine hall at the top and eighteen stone tablets circled around him. Through the stone tablets, he could control the eighteen divine halls.

Changyang Qing Yun, Changyang Qing Yunfeng, and Changyang Yuan Wuji all looked at Changyang Yuan Zhenghua with determination before flying into the central hexagram in unison. This was the control center of the formation.

The Origin Formation began to slowly revolve. An extremely terrifying presence immediately began to permeate the surroundings along with an extremely powerful force of destruction. It seemed to be enough to ruin the entire space, enough to create dread.

Hong Lians expression drastically changed. The Origin Formation was actually several times more terrifying than the most powerful killing formations recorded in her inherited memories, which deeply shocked her.

Fairy Hao Yue sat with her eyes closed on a piece of jade in the sealed room at the very top of the Bright Moon Divine Hall. Even though she was illusionary, her enchanting beauty could be clearly seen. It bore cold pride.

Suddenly, she snapped open her eyes. Her gaze seemed to be able to pierce the divine hall, allowing her to see the outside clearly.

This is the Origin Formation. Weird, how can the Origin Formation appear here? This is not something that belongs to this world. She was extremely surprised.

One of the four great protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, Shui Junlan, just happens to be in this world. Is this Origin Formation from her? Fairy Hao Yue murmured. The Origin Formation was only a low level formation in her eyes, but she needed to deeply ponder why it could appear here.

At the same time, Guihai Yidao, who sat on the hilt of the Wave-breaking Blade, snapped open his eyes in the forbidden grounds of the Tyrants Blade School. His eyes were as profound as the vast starry sky, and they seemed to be able to traverse the distance to see what was happening in the Changyang clan.

The Changyang clan has actually used the Origin Formation. However, that magical beast has the feathermail and a weapon forged with origin energy of unknown origins. Regular Saint Emperors cant do anything to her. If the Changyang clan doesnt use the Origin Formation, its true that they cant do anything to her, Guihai Yidao mumbled to himself. Even though he was extremely far away, he could see everything clearly.

The Righteous Yang Sword has already accumulated an extremely great amount of energy. Theres quite some more in it compared to my Wave-breaking Blade. Looks like there has been even more Saint Emperors that have appeared in the Changyang clan in the past. Yang Lie, I wonder when you will return, Guihai Yidao was melancholy as reminescence filled his eyes,

We need the support of three hundred and sixty people to activate the Origin Formation. All Heaven Saint Masters and above enter the crucial points of the formation, Changyang Qing Yuns loud but dignified voice rang through the entire miniature world.

Immediately, a group of Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers flew toward the three hundred and sixty crucial points. Once they occupied the crucial points, the terrifying energy of the Origin Formation would be able to fully displayed.

We need to stop them, Jian Chen shivered inside and immediately flew out of the Bright Moon Divine Hall. He charged toward the people as quickly as he could as killing intent sprouted from him. At that moment, Jian Chen had already raised his killing intent toward the clansmen at Heaven Saint Master. He could not allow them to enter the crucial points no matter what.

At this moment, a zither melody suddenly drifted out. It was gentle and pleasant, like an immortals performance. It was not loud, but it bloated out all the messy cries and calls in the clan. Every single person heard it clearly.

It was impossible to distinguish the origins of the gentle music, so no one knew where it came from, let alone see where the person behind it was hiding. However, when anyone heard the intoxicating music, their expression immediately changed. This included Changyang Qing Yun and the other Saint Kings of the Changyang clan. All of them felt like they had suddenly become sleepy, as if the beautiful music numbed them and made them feel like they wanted to fall asleep immediately.