Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206: Changyang Hu’s Arrival (Two)
Chapter 1206: Changyang Hus Arrival (Two)

Bi Hais Saint Tier Battle Skill was easily nullified by Feng Yixiao, which completely stunned Bi Hai. Even the four Saint Rulers in the distance were filled with disbelief as well.

They knew that Feng Yixiao was extremely powerful and that they would not be his opponent even if they worked together. However, Bi Hai was still a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He still may not have been Feng Yixiaos opponent, but he was much closer at the very least. Coupled with the fact that he had used a Saint Tier Battle Skill, it was enough to pose a threat to some Saint Kings.

However, Feng Yixiao had actually completely nullified it with a simple strike. His strength was so terrifying that it shocked everyone present.

This was because in their eyes, only a Saint King could easily nullify a Saint Tier Battle Skill from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

Feng Yixiao did not do anything else. He glanced at Bi Hai indifferently and said, Since my enemys dead, I should leave as well. With that, he turned around and flew off into the distance. He had heard about the Flame Mercenaries and did not wish to completely offend this powerful organization.

However, Feng Yixiao suddenly froze at this very moment. He came to a halt as his composed expression became extremely stern. He suddenly turned around and glance in the direction of the city lords estate with shining eyes.

A meter-wide sword Qi appeared out of nowhere and shot toward him with lightning-like speed.

Like a streak of light, the sword Qi possessed a shocking, violent, and destructive presence. It ripped through the space and caused the surrounding energy of the world to tremble like it was quaking in fear. Even the Saint Rulers and Feng Yixiao shivered inside.

Feng Yixiao became extremely stern. Due to his special cultivation method, he possessed senses and instincts far sharper than an ordinary person. He could feel the threat of death on the black sword Qi. The pressing presence and icy-cold killing intent made him feel like he was suffocating.

The sword Qi moved extremely quick, so fast that Feng Yixiao could not even dodge it. It passed through his chest like a hot knife through butter, carving out a fist-sized hole.

Feng Yixiao grunted as a mouthful of blood spurted out. It turned into a bloody mist as it rained down. He became extremely pale at that moment and lost his ability to levitate, falling out of the sky and toward the ground.


Feng Yixiao struck the ground and a huge crater formed in the soft soil. Dust was kicked into the air.

The Saint Rulers all became stunned by the sudden occurrence. None of them had thought that the imposing Feng Yixiao would be so weak before the sword Qi.

Captain, its captain. Captains returned. Very soon, a Saint Ruler thought through everything and cried out in joy.

The dark energy with its terrifying presence filled with violence and destruction is something that only captain Jian Chen can control. Fantastic, I never thought that captain Jian Chen had returned at this crucial moment.

With captain Jian Chen, the wolf kings dead for sure. Our Flame Mercenaries are not one to be stepped over like that

The four other Saint Rulers were filled with excitement just like Bi Hai. Although they had never seen Jian Chen before, they were extremely familiar with Jian Chens Chaotic Force since this never-before-seen energy had become a representation of Jian Chen.

Although no one recognized the Chaotic Force, the unique presence of the energy had become known to many experts of the continent.

Outside the city, Feng Yixiao climbed out of the crater with difficulty. He knelt on one knee with a pale face as his body gently trembled in an uncontrollable manner. His face was filled with pain and blood spurted from his chest wound like a fountain, dying all the soil red.

Feng Yixiao was in excruciating pain. When the sword Qi had passed through his chest before, a small amount of residual Chaotic Force was left behind, which was now rampaging violently through his body. His organs and blood vessels had all been reduced to a mess by the Chaotic Force. Even when he used all his power to suppress and resist the rampaging Chaotic Force, it was not enough to stop the Chaotic Force, let alone wipe it out.

J- Jian Chen. I never thought that the captain would actually be in the city today, Feng Yixiao growled. He had heard many rumors regarding Jian Chen, so he immediately guessed the identity of the person who had shot out the sword Qi.

A white-robed figure quickly flew toward Feng Yixiao before stopping three steps in front of him.

He was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties. He was handsome and possessed defined facial features that radiated a heroic spirit. His eyes were cold, and he did not give off any presence at all. He seemed just like an ordinary person.

The young man stood with his arms crossed as he stared emotionlessly at Feng Yixiao. He said, You sure are courageous to come kill a person of my Flame Mercenaries as just a mere Saint Ruler.

Feng Yixiao raised his head to look at the young man. His eyes narrowed slightly when he caught sight of the young mans face. Although this was the first time he had personally seen him, he had seen many images of the young man in the past.

It really is you, Jian Chen. Feng Yixiao growled as he sighed inside about his luck.

Feng Yixiao was bold enough to come to the Flame Mercenaries all by himself to kill Gu Tu because he was certain that the captain was not in the city. Coupled with that fact that he hated a wandering lifestyle and that he was at the edge of breaking through, he planned on killing off his enemy before settling down in some desolate region to cultivate. At that time, Jian Chen would not be able to find him no matter how great his abilities were.

But he had never thought that Jian Chen would happen to be in the city. His original plan was sound, but fate had other ideas.