Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211: Nubis Emerges
Chapter 1211: Nubis Emerges

Jian Chen had come to Three Saint Island this time to visit Xiao Bao as well as deliver some cultivation resources to him. Xiao Bao was in possession of the Innate Chaotic Body, so the resources he required were just as extravagant as what Jian Chen needed.

When Jian Chen first began cultivating the Chaotic Body, he had the assistance of the sword spirits. They could refine Ruler Armaments into pure strands of Chaotic Force for him to absorb and pave the path of cultivation for him, allowing him to advance quickly.

However, Xiao Bao was just too young even though he had the Innate Chaotic Body. At the same time, he did not have sword spirits that could refine Ruler Armaments for him into Chaotic Force, so he could only use various resources like heavenly resources.

Jian Chen never considered cultivation through absorbing the energy of the world. Chaotic Force was different from ordinary energies. Refining a single strand would require tremendous amounts of energy. If he wanted to continue by absorbing energy of the world, he would advance extremely slowly even if it was a hundred times more abundant in this world.

Back then, Jian Chen had broken through to the first layer of the Chaotic Body by absorbing the energy that Xiao Ling had gathered after a hundred thousand years. Although all the energy was casually collected by Xiao Ling and not due to a certain method, it was still enough to give an idea of just how much energy Jian Chen had consumed to reach the first layer.

In order for Xiao Bao to properly begin cultivating, Jian Chen pulled out two Class 9 Monster Cores, ten Class 8 Monster Cores, and the other Class 7, 6, and 5 Monster Cores he had obtained from the Heavens Incense School from his Space Ring. He also took out all the heavenly resources in his Space Ring.

Jian Chens Space Ring had suddenly become half-empty after removing all those items, but he did not feel pained at all.

Class 9 Monster Cores! You actually have Class 9 Monster Cores! Even the Heavenly Enchantress involuntarily made an outburst when she saw the monster cores. Class 9 Monster Cores could only appear within the bodies of Class 9 Magical Beasts that had reached the level of Saint Emperors. Even the remains of Saint Emperors could not match their value. They were basically items of legends on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even with the Heavenly Enchantress mental fortitude, she could not help but have a different expression when he pulled out two Class 9 Monster Cores in one stroke.

What made the Heavenly Enchantress even more astounded was other than the two Class 9 Monster Cores, he had ten Class 8 Monster Cores as well. Class 8 Monster Cores were basically non-existent on the continent just like Class 9 Monster Cores where it was basically impossible to come across any.

The Heavenly Enchantress began to suspect whether Jian Chen had robbed a protector clan when he pulled out so many monster cores in one stroke. This was because no organization could pull out so many high class monster cores other than the ten protector clans and Mercenary City.

Xiao Bao will consume extremely vast amounts of energy when he cultivates. These items should be enough to support him for a period of time. Ill pass them all to you, and Ill have to trouble you with looking after him. Jian Chen stored all the items into another Space Ring and passed it to the Heavenly Enchantress. He obviously would not give all these valuable items to Xiao Bao. He was still a child after all, and it would be a huge loss if he lost them.

The Heavenly Enchantress did not turn down the Space Ring. She accepted it without saying anything more. Ever since Xiao Bao had obtained a cultivation method of the Chaotic Body from the sword spirits, she had witnessed the rate at which he consumed the heavenly resources. A ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource would only take him an hour to fully absorb. The speed was terrifyingly fast.

And after consuming so many ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, Xiao Bao did not undergo any significant changes. His dantian was still devoid of energy, which was more than enough to demonstrate just how vast the energy needed for the Chaotic Body was.

The toughness of the Chaotic Body is nowhere near ordinary. Xiao Bao is in possession of the Innate Chaotic Body, so he has some natural advantages. He will not suffer from any backlashes when consuming heavenly resources or refining monster cores, so you have no need to worry about Xiao Bao consuming heavenly resources and monster cores too quickly, Jian Chen explained more about the Chaotic Body to the Heavenly Enchantress, allowing her to have a rough understanding of Xiao Baos constitution.

Then when can Xiao Bao cultivate the Chaotic Force that youve mentioned? The Heavenly Enchantress asked. Although she was extremely unwilling to talk to Jian Chen, she still cared very much for her child. She needed to understand the Chaotic Force for her son.

You need to forge and refine the Chaotic Body before cultivating Chaotic Force. Xiao Bao is still at the stage of forging, so all the energy will be absorbed by his body. After he completes this process, he will finally be able to cultivate Chaotic Force. You dont understand the Chaotic Body very much, so dont interfere with Xiao Baos cultivation. He already has the cultivation method, so as long as he follows it, everything will obviously flow naturally, said Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stayed on the island for most of the day before leaving. During that time, he basically explained everything regarding the constitution to Xiao Bao and also told him about his experiences and all his knowledge regarding cultivation he had gained over the years.

Once Jian Chen left the island and stood above the sea did he realize that he did not bring a Saint King with him. Without a Saint King, there would be no Space Gate, and he was over ten million kilometers away from the Gesun Kingdom right now. If he flew, it would take him at least ten days or half a month to get back.

Do I have to go back and ask the Heavenly Enchantress to construct a Space Gate for me? Jian Chen frowned. He was troubled. There were some slight discrepancies in his relationship with the Heavenly Enchantress, so he really could not bring himself to return to ask her to send him back home.

Jian Chen helplessly sighed as he stared at the boundless ocean. Just when he had no idea what he should do, the artifact spirits voice rang through his head. His face immediately lit up in joy, and without any hesitation, he disappeared into the artifact space.


Before Jian Chen could even make out his surroundings, he heard a deafening rumble. At the same time, a vast pressure that originated from the surroundings filled the space.

A Saint Tier Battle Skill! Jian Chen shivered inside. He immediately understood that someone was using a Saint Tier Battle Skill from the vast pressure and that the user was powerful as well, at least a Saint King.

Master, your friend who has always been studying the Saint Tier Battle Skill has emerged from seclusion, the artifact spirit appeared silently beside Jian Chen and politely informed him.

As expected, a person shining with a golden, blinding light could be seen a thousand meters away in the air. Above him, a serpent-like dragon swam about. Although the dragon was condensed from energy, it too shone with golden light and possessed a vast pressure.

At this moment, the dragon roared at the sky before turning into a golden blur. It charged toward the ground at an unbelievable speed.

Boom! With another rumble, the ground shook violently. Huge cracks littered the surroundings in a hundred kilometers radius while a hundred-meter-wide, bottomless hole appeared there.

The golden dragon did not dissipate after producing such a shocking strike. It flew back as a golden streak of light, returning above the persons head.

Hahahaha, I, the great Nubis, have finally succeeded! A crazy laugh rang through the surroundings and spread out in all directions. Even from a thousand kilometers away, Jian Chen could clearly hear the arrogant and joyful voice.