Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232: Mobilization
Chapter 1232: Mobilization

Jian Chen ignored the envoy. He looked at Tai Dou and said, Bring me his head.

Tai Dou became stunned by that command, as if he had never thought that Jian Chen wanted to kill the envoy right there. However, he snapped back to his senses very quickly, moving against the envoy without saying anything more.

How dare you! Are you trying to make trouble!? I am the representative of the Tao family The envoys expression really changed as he hurriedly cried out. He had never thought that Jian Chen would actually want to kill him. After all, he had come this time as a representative of the Tao family. If the Turtle clan really did kill him, the flames of rage from the Tao family would burn them to a crisp. He did not believe the Turtle clan was the Tao familys opponent, even if their legendary ruler had returned.

Tai Dou ignored the cries of the envoy. He extended his hand and twisted the envoys head, forcefully wrenching it from his neck. With the envoys strength as a Saint Ruler, he was completely immobilized by Tai Dous abilities as a Saint King. All he could do was watch helplessly as his head parted from his body.

The envoy had not died. As a Saint Ruler, severing the head from the body was not enough to claim his life. As long as his soul was still present, he could still survive even if his head had been reduced to pieces. At that moment, the envoy stared at Jian Chen wide-eyed, in shock and anger.

Even now, he refused to believe that the Turtle clan was bold enough to treat him like that, that they were completely unafraid of the Tao family behind him.

Jian Chen flicked a finger from the throne and a sharp sword Qi shot from the tip of his finger. It disappeared between the envoys eyebrows.

The eyes of the envoy quickly lost their luster and became glassy. Jian Chens sword Qi had wiped out his soul.

Jian Chen waved his arm and a gust of wind blew away the envoys head, directing it into the hands of a follower that had come with him. Jian Chen coldly said, Go tell Tao Zhengtian that he must return all the mines of the Turtle clan within a day and that he must pay ten billion crystal coins in compensation for the casualties the Turtle clan suffered in the battle several days ago. If he fails to do those two things in the given time, my Turtle clan will begin a devastating attack on the Tao family and all those in the alliance. We will not let the matter rest until we are dead.

The two followers had become as pale as paper as fear overwhelmed their souls. They could not help but tremble. They quickly nodded after hearing what Jian Chen had to say before rushing out the Turtle clan with the envoys head in bewilderment.

All the elders of the Turtle clan were delighted when they saw the outcome of the envoy. Some of the elders had even become extremely excited and emotional from what Jian Chen had said to the two followers at the end. Their Turtle clan finally had no need to endure the oppression of the Tao family. At the same time, they understood just how important the ruler was to the Turtle clan.

They had suffered devastating attacks from the Tao family when the ruler had not been present before, If a hall elder had not interfered, they probably would no longer exist. Now that the ruler had returned, the clan had toughened again. They no longer feared the Tao family.

Jian Chen, have you really made up your mind to move against the Tao family? Are you confident you can deal with them? Qing Yixuan sternly asked, but she too felt some anticipation inside.

Jian Chen nodded, If the Tao family really is only as powerful as youve described, they are indeed not enough to threaten us. The situation this time was different from the last. Nubis had already emerged from seclusion and coupled with Tie Ta, who was no weaker than himself, the Tao family really did not pose much of a threat to them.

But the five of us are all heavily injured. We cant recover in a short amount of time, Qing Yixuan said with some worry. Although she had no idea where Jian Chens confidence originated from, she also knew that Jian Chen was not a reckless person.

A mysterious smile appeared on Jian Chens face, I obviously know that the five of you are heavily injured. You dont need to worry about this problem. I can heal all of you up very quickly. With that, a golden streak of light flashed from between Jian Chens eyebrows as the saint artifact flew out from his sea of consciousness.

Dont resist, Jian Chen advised before sucking them into the artifact space. He planned on getting the artifact spirit to heal them.

Although Jian Chen was also a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, only water-attributed energy was abundant in the sea realm. Radiant Saint Force was extremely thin. If he used his own powers to heal the five of them, it would be nowhere near as effective as on the Tian Yuan Continent. The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force was a consumable energy to him. It was even more difficult to recover than Chaotic Force, so in order to save on origin energy, he could only let the artifact spirit handle healing them.

To reach Class 8 as a Radiant Saint Master, all that was needed was accumulation. Once a Radiant Saint Master possessed a certain level of origin energy, their souls would improve qualitatively and, hence, reach the eighth class. Jian Chen did not possess a lot of Radiant Saint Force origin energy. He had absorbed as much as he could when the seal within the artifact space had broken open. This origin energy was his hope to reach Class 8, so he would not waste even a small amount of it unless he had no other choice.

The artifact spirit had reached Class 8 as a Radiant Saint Master, so under his healing, the five of them used less than an hour to make a full recovery from their extremely heavy injuries, which delighted them very much.

Afterward, Jian Chen gave the five of them another half a day to recover their expended Saint Force. Afterward, he lead Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Xin Pian, Mochas, Nubis, and Tie Ta toward the Tao family in an aggressive manner. A few elders of the clan followed along as well.

Jian Chen did not count on the Tao family agreeing to his limit of a single day because he knew that it was impossible.

At the same time, several hundreds of thousand kilometers away, a middle-aged man paced around in a well-adorned room within a medium-sized tribe named the Kalor tribe. His brows were tightly furrowed, as if something weighed on his heart.

He was the current patriarch of the Kalor tribe as well as Kai Yas father.

Jia Suo, has the young lady still not emerged from seclusion? Suddenly, the patriarch asked someone outside.

Patriarch, the young lady is still in seclusion and has still not come out, replied the guard outside.

The patriarch furrowed his brows even more tightly as he felt a vague unease inside. He understood his daughter extremely well. Even though she had shown great talent since she was young, she was not very enthusiastic about cultivating, or she probably would have become a 14th Star expert already with her talent.

Yet now, she seemed to have undergone an unbelievable change after being taken away by the ruler of the Turtle clan. She entered a long period of seclusion as soon as she had returned, despite never entering seclusion in the past. She had not emerged even now, which filled him with great worry as a father. He was extremely curious at the same time. He had no idea just what had happened after the ruler of the Turtle clan had taken away his daughter. Why had his daughter become so enthusiastic about cultivating? Had she been abused?

As the patriarch deeply pondered these mysteries, a guards shocked cry rang out, Ah! Young miss, y- youve emerged

Before the guard could finish his sentence, the door to the room was pushed open. Kai Ya walked in with her sky-blue clothes. Her entire presence was slightly different compared to before she had entered seclusion.

The patriarch became stunned when Kai Ya suddenly appeared before him. However, he beamed with joy soon after, Kai Ya, youve finally emerged. Fantastic. Do you know how worried Ive become since you suddenly went into seclusion.

Kai Ya smiled and gently replied, Sorry father, Ive made your worry.

The patriarch could sense that Kai Ya did not behave abnormally at all, which relieved him. He freely smiled, Its fine, its fine. As long as you are well.

The patriarch saw how Kai Ya was hesitating so he followed up with a caring question, Kai Ya, is there something weighing on your mind? If theres anything I can help you with, just tell me. Ill do everything I can. Oh right, Kai Ya. Why did the ruler of the Turtle clan look for you last time? And why did you enter seclusion as soon as you had returned, only emerging now?

Kai Ya hesitated before saying, Father, Ive actually emerged from seclusion this time to ask you for some crystal coins.

Its just some crystal coins. How much do you need? The patriarch smiled.

The more the better, because I need a great pile of crystal coins when I enter seclusion, Kai Ya said with a slight blush. She knew that the amount of crystal coins she needed was so vast that the Kalor tribe probably would not be able to provide them all. However, with her meager strength, she had no other choice than to seek the tribe for help if she wanted to power up quickly.

The patriarchs smile gradually disappeared. He seriously examined his daughter right before him. At that moment, he was doubting whether the person before him was the girl he was familiar with since his daughter had never worked so hard at cultivating before.