Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233: Battle Between Two Clans (One)
Chapter 1233: Battle Between Two Clans (One)

Kai Ya, you have to tell me the truth. Just what did the ruler of the Turtle clan do to you when he took you away? Why do you seem completely different than before? Youre working so hard on your cultivation. Has the ruler of the Turtle clan abused you? The patriarch of the Kalor tribe asked with a heavy tone.

Kai Ya knew that her recent change had lead to her father misunderstanding things. Her father had even thought too much about it and twisted what had happened. She could not help but break into laughter, Father, stop thinking about all these random things. Actually, the ruler of the Turtle clan came to give me an extremely impressive cultivation method when he came looking for me. I could not help but start working hard on cultivation after being moved emotionally, which is why I immediately went into seclusion right after I had returned.

An extremely impressive cultivation method? What is it? Its even greater than the Innate Spirit-opening technique of the eight divine arts? The patriarch stared at Kai Ya in shock.

Kai Ya hesitated slightly before saying, The ruler gave me the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor as well as his experiences and knowledge regarding cultivation. Father, do you think its greater than the Innate Spirit-opening technique?

What! The cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor!? The patriarch was greatly shocked as disbelief flooded his face. His expression then suddenly changed, and he immediately erected a barrier to isolate the room with wave of his hand. Afterward, he excitedly looked at his daughter and said with a trembling voice, My dear daughter, did the ruler of the Turtle clan really give you the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor as well as his cultivation knowledge and experiences?

Yes. How can I trick you, father? If you dont believe me, do you want me to take it out for you to have a look? Kai Ya seriously asked.

The patriarch immediately waved his hands, No, no, no. I believe you, but you have to be careful. You cant let anyone else know that you possess the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor, okay? The patriarch was extremely stern.

Yes father, I understand, Kai Ya solemnly replied. She clearly understood just how important the matter was.

Afterward, the patriarch passed a Space Ring to Kai Ya. He said, Theres five million grand quality crystal coins in there. Thats all the crystal coins I have on me, so take it and use it first. Ill call a gathering with the elders later on and persuade them. Then I'll pour a portion of the tribes resources into you. Just dont worry. Ill do everything I can to help you obtain cultivation resources.

Then Ill take my leave first. Ill work extra hard to see if I can become a 15th Star expert as soon as possible. Kai Ya left with the Space Ring. She did not waste a single moment, entering seclusion once more.

After Kai Ya had left, the patriarch remained in the well-adorned room. He was unable to calm down from his excited state for quite some time. He had never dreamed that his daughter would experience such great fortune, to have actually obtained the cultivation method of an emperor. He also believed that with her talent, it was extremely possible for her to become an expert on par to emperors in the future with the cultivation method and knowledge from the Octoterra Emperor.

As a father, he felt extremely prideful when he thought about how his own daughter would accomplish something so great in the future, even if it had not happened yet.

Odd. The cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor is invaluable, so why did the ruler of the Turtle clan give it to Kai Ya for no reason? The patriarch thought of a very crucial question after calming down, which confused him very much. However, he did not think too much about it. He removed the barrier and walked out. At the entrance, two guards of the tribe stood there with straight backs as they stared ahead.

The patriarch glanced past the two of them. He coughed and said, Did the two of you hear anything? As he asked the question, he seemed to be unconcerned, but he devoted all his attention to the two guards.

Confusion filled the gazes of the guards, and they replied, Patriarch, we didnt hear anything.

The patriarch nodded slightly before gradually walking away without saying anything else. His mind then became filled with methods to direct a portion of the tribes resources to Kai Ya without causing any doubt among the elders.

At this moment, over ten people of various ages gathered in a grand hall within the Tao family. They varied in strength, ranging from Saint Rulers to Saint Kings. They all gathered around a large round table that was filled with various delicacies.

I never thought that a hall elder would appear and ruin our campaign to wipe out the domineering Turtle clan. What a pity, what a pity. We missed such a good opportunity just like that, said a middle-aged man regretfully. He radiated with a vague but vast presence. He was a Saint King and was a part of the various clans that had allied themselves with the Tao family. His name was Tai Tongyi.

Brother Tai Tongyi, theres no need to be regretful. The Turtle clan can be lucky the first time, but it definitely wont happen a second time. The patriarch of the Tao family has already sent an envoy to the Turtle clan. If they dont hand over a billion crystal coins in half a month, it will be perfectly justifiable for us to wipe them out. As long as we are reasonable even hall elders cant forcefully order us to stop, said the ancestor of the Kaien clan. He was also a Saint King, having reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer. He was a 16th Star expert.

Tai Tongyi clasped his hands at the ancestor of the Kaien clan and said, Thats reasonable, brother Di Sen, but I worry that the Turtle clan will take advantage of this time and flee, moving the entire clan out of the Sea Goddess Halls territory. And if they really do pull out a billion crystal coins in half a month, what do we do with them?

A blue-robed, middle-aged man with quite a striking appearance stood up and clasped his hands, Senior Tai Tongyi, you are worrying too much. Firstly, the Turtle clan will not be able to retreat. Before theyve compensated us with the billion crystal coins, it is perfectly reasonable for us to stop them if they try to escape from the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. At the same time, Ive already sent people to conduct a detailed investigation of the Turtle clan. Even if they use everything the clan has, they wont even be able to pay up a hundred million crystal coins, let alone the billion that weve demanded.

He was the current patriarch of the Tao family, Tao Yun. He was a Saint Ruler of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, and it was rumored that he would definitely break through in fifty years and reach a greater level of cultivation.

We wont worry since the patriarch has put it like that. Several months ago, my most beloved and most favored grandson died to the experts of the Turtle clan. I need to repay this debt with all the blood of the Turtle clan, said a bald old man coldly. Heavy killing intent lingered in his eyes.

Dont worry, brother Ying Mo. You will have your revenge for your grandson. Half a month later will be the day the Turtle clan ends, said a ruddy, sage-like old man. He was the ancestor of the Tao family, Tao Zhengtian.

At this moment, an old man who seemed to be the caretaker rushed in. His complexion was very horrible, and he hoarsely cried out, Ancestor, the envoy to the Turtle clan has returned.

Let them in and report the exact details of the situation, Tao Zhengtian coldly ordered.

Yes sir! The person backed out under Tao Zhengtians orders.

Very soon, the two Heaven Saint Masters that had visited the Turtle clan walked in with a bloodied head. They then kneeled on the ground with lowered heads.

Including Tao Zhengtian, all the people in thr room revealed a different expression and became furious when they saw the bloodied head. Heavy killing intent flickered in their eyes.

Bang! Tao Zhengtian slammed the table as his face darkened to the point that it had become terrifying. He furiously roared, How dare they! The Turtle clan sure is bold to kill the envoy that we the Tao family have sent.

Hmph. The Turtle clan already faces their demise, yet they still dont know how to repent for their mistakes, fearlessly killing the envoy of the Tao family. They are not treating the Tao family with any importance at all.

This is a naked provocation of the Tao family, as well as a way to demonstrate their might to all of us.

All the experts from the large clans said in a righteous manner in their fury.

Explain exactly what happened during the visit, the two of you. Do not miss any details at all, Tao Zhengtian indifferently commanded the two followers.

The two followers did not dare to miss anything. They immediately explained what had happened in the Turtle clan exactly how it occurred.

Hmph, I never thought that the mere ruler of the Turtle clan would be so arrogant. Does he think of himself as a hall elder? Tao Zhengtian immediately and codly sneered when he heard the story from the two followers.

Ancestor, the ruler of the Turtle clan has also told us to bring back a message, one of the followers said with hesitation.

Speak. What has the ruler gotten you to bring back? Tao Zhengtian coldly asked.

The ruler said that we must return all the mines of the Turtle clan within a day and that we must pay ten billion crystal coins in compensation for the casualties the Turtle clan has suffered in the battle several days ago. If we fail to do those two things in the given time, the Turtle clan will begin a devastating attack on the Tao family and all those in the alliance. They will not let the matter rest until they are dead, the follower said as he trembled.

The hall immediately fell into an abnormal silence with that. All of the people had been stunned by that, unable to return to their senses for quite some time.

Hahahaha, I havent heard wrong, have I? The ruler of the Turtle clan wants us to pay ten billion crystal coins as compensation, or he will launch a devastating attack against us. Has the ruler gone mad from anger?

The Turtle clan isnt even going to weigh their own strength first, and they want to launch a devastating attack against us? Pfft.

I think the ruler of the Turtle clans gotten ahead of himself.

All the experts in the hall sneered. None of them believed that the Turtle clan possessed the power to do what they had declared.

Tao Zhengtian began to laugh from his anger. At that moment, his gaze became extremely sharp as heavy killing intent wildly flickered in his eyes. He sneered, Good! Very well! Very well! The Turtle clan is so arrogant. Id like to see just how the little Turtle clan will launch a devastating attack against us. Everyone, I originally planned to give the Turtle clan half a month, but it looks like we no longer need to wait that long. We can move against them tomorrow. Everyone, lets head over to the Turtle clan right now and see just what they possess thats allowing them to be so arrogant.

Theres no need to go. Weve already come!

A deafening voice echoed from the sky as soon as Tao Zhengtian finished speaking. The voice was so loud that it continued to echo in the surroundings, lingering for quite some time before disappearing.