Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251: Xuanhuang Microcosm (One)
Chapter 1251: Xuanhuang Microcosm (One)

Jian Chen and Tie Ta examined the black hole. It was the eye of the whirlpool formed by the worldly ebb. It was very calm but filled with a mysterious power. Even Jian Chens soul, which had surpassed a Saint King at Great Perfection, could not be reach into it.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta stood at the edge of the hole for a while before nodding at the same time and leaping in.

Jian Chen only felt himself rapidly fall when he jumped into the hole, but that feeling only lasted a few seconds. Afterward, he felt like he was floating in space as if gravity had disappeared. The surrounding space would pulse from time to time, and Jian Chen would sense something different every time, as if he was shifting with every pulse.

Is this spatial teleportation? A thought suddenly crossed Jian Chens mind. Everything was pitch-black, and he could see nothing. In order to verify whether he was right or not, he immediately attempted to expand his presence to observe his surroundings. Unfortunately, his presence was suppressed to the limit of his body by a mysterious power, preventing him from expanding it.

Oddly enough, Jian Chen actually failed to sense the flow of time in the pitch-black environment. The darkness seemed to have lasted for an entire era yet also seemed as brief as a few seconds. When Jian Chens finally regained his vision, he had arrived on a whole different world.

Standing on solid ground, Jian Chen immediately looked around. He could not help but feel relieved when he discovered Tie Ta standing beside him unharmed. He guessed that he had probably teleported a long distance through pitch-black space. Teleporting was extremely dangerous since they could end up lost in the void with the slightest careless mistake, or they could have been separated after teleportation.

The independent space contained many unknown dangers. They did not even have a single idea as to how large the place was. If they ended up separated after being teleported, reuniting would almost be impossible. But fortunately, that did not occur.

My strand of soul has been greatly consumed by passing through the tunnel. It is extremely weak now, and it can last for half an hour at most. Jian Chen, I will do all I can to find the materials I need before this strand of soul dissipates. Once I find them, I will tell you where they are, said the sea goddess. She had already arrived before Jian Chen and Tie Ta, but her figure was extremely illusory now. She seemed like a wisp of smoke that could be blown away by the slightest wind.

Its best if you make a mark here. If you find the item, you can return here and return to the original world through the distorted space behind you, continued the sea goddess.

Alright, Ill make one right now, said Jian Chen. He immediately began to do create a mark. Marking a location was extremely easy at his current strength. He made one nearby very quickly and then preceded to make several more in the surrounding radius of three kilometers just in case.

The sea goddess stared at Jian Chen as he made the marks. She came to an understanding through Jian Chens speed and methods of making the marks that his strength was unaffected in this independent space, which immediately made her ravish with joy.

Theres still three whole months. That should be enough time for Jian Chen to collect my materials here. Maybe once Jian Chen gets out, Ill be able to fulfil my wish of reconstructing my body, thought the sea goddess. She then turned into a wisp of smoke that spread out as she expanded her limited energy, searching for the materials she needed in all directions.

Jian Chen arrived in front of Tie Ta and asked, Tie Ta, can you use your strength as usual?

Tie Ta closed his eyes to sense his strength before responding, I can use it as usual, and even my Mysteries of War have not been impacted. I can use my regular strength in here. What about you, Jian Chen?

My soul has been suppressed to sixty percent of its peak condition, and I cannot sense the mysteries of the world at all. I cannot use the abilities as a Saint Ruler, but I can use my Chaotic Force as usual, said Jian Chen in a heavy voice before letting out Nubis from the artifact space. However, his presence began to weaken at an unbelievable rate as soon as he was let out. In less than a minute, all the energy within Nubis was suppressed by a mysterious power. He could not even use his abilities as a Saint King. He had been reduced to an ordinary person.

Nubis immediately became pale-white. He cried out, God dammit, what is this bloody place? Ive actually been reduced to a regular person. To think of all the glory and strength I, the great Nubis, possess outside, I cant even beat a Class 6 Magical Beast in here. This place is far too terrifying. Jian Chen, return me to the artifact space. Nubis was unwilling to stay outside a moment longer and immediately returned to the artifact space.

Among the three of them, Jian Chen used Chaotic Force. Although it was not true Chaotic Force since its strength was not even ten thousandth of the real deal, it still possessed the word chaotic, so it completely exceeded the limits of regular energy and was obviously unable to be suppressed. As for Tie Ta, he was a warring god. His legacy originated from the world, so the energy he used was obviously incomparable to the norm, which explained why he was unrestricted by the mysterious energy of the space. Only Nubis walked a regular path of cultivation, so he was impacted by the restriction.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta left the area. They chose a single direction to move off in as they constantly looked around. They were currently located in a desolate, boundless plain. The sky there was yellow, which was extremely rare, and there was no energy of the world nor mysteries of the world. Jian Chen could not even sense Radiant Saint Force.

However, Jian Chen could feel an energy that he had never seen or heard throughout the space. Although the energy was extremely thin, he could vaguely sense that it was no weaker than his Chaotic Force.

Afterward, Jian Chen began trying to absorb the mysterious and powerful energy, but to his surprise, he was unable to absorb it.