Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252: Xuanhuang Microcosm (Two)
Chapter 1252: Xuanhuang Microcosm (Two)

I never thought that there would be a power great enough to rival Chaotic Force in this independent space. This is really surprising. Looks like this space is far more complicated than I had imagined, Jian Chen thought inside, but he also became more cautious. Although Tie Ta and his strength had not been suppressed, Jian Chen dared not to be careless within this extraordinary independent space.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta lost their ability to fly freely in this space. An invisible force filled the surroundings, and they would be suppressed by it as soon as they took to the air. Not only were they limited to an altitude of a hundred meters, the energy they consumed was several hundred or even a thousand fold compared to the energy consumed outside.

As a result, Jian Chen and Tie Ta chose to travel by foot, but they still moved extremely quick. They had traversed over a hundred kilometers in a short while, but the surroundings remained the same. It was still desolate as far as the eye could see.

At this moment, the sea goddess soul floated over as a wisp of smoke. She condensed herself as an extremely faded figure in front of them. This strand of soul was clearly even weaker than before.

Jian Chen, theres a small forest two hundred kilometers southeast of where you are now. Theres a natural pool of water there, and its filled with green water. The water is filled with a very powerful presence of life, and theres a thumb-sized ball of liquid at the bottom of the pool. The liquid is different from the water and is extremely sticky. Its one of the two materials I need to reconstruct my body. Jian Chen, go help me collect that liquid right now, but I may need quite a lot of it when I do rebuild my body, so please collect as much of it as possible in the next few days, explained the sea goddess. However, her illusory figure wavered slightly as she spoke, as if she was about to disperse soon.

Well head over there immediately. Do not worry, your majesty. I will definitely collect enough materials for you to rebuild your body, Jian Chen swore before immediately changing directions with Tie Ta, heading off to the southeast as fast as he could.

Theres two Class 7 vicious beasts that guard the small forest. Theyre no threat to you, but still be careful because there are even more powerful beasts in the depths of this space. I once explored this place with my soul in the past, and the strongest one I came across was a equivalent to a Saint King at Great Perfection. I suspect that it still isnt the most powerful in this space, but I could not probe any further before my soul dispersed due to hitting my limit. As a result, I dont know if there are Saint Emperor vicious beasts in here.

At the same time, the green water in the pool is no ordinary object either. Its best if you take some with you. The green water here is something that has never been seen outside, so its probably some impressive treasure. My soul is being consumed at an extremely fast rate and is about to disperse. Jian Chen, itll be up to the two of you in the future. Remember to return safely in three months time. I shall await your good new outside

The sea goddess voice gently faded away. At the same time, the strand of her soul completely dispersed into the surroundings.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta said nothing. They only focused on hurrying along, and very soon, a small forest appeared in their vision. The lush, small trees swayed in the breeze.

The small forest stretched for several dozen kilometers, so it was indeed insignificant compared to the random forests that could stretch for thousands or even tens of thousands of kilometers on the Tian Yuan Continent. The vegetation that grew there was sparse. Although the tallest tree was only a dozen or so meters tall, every single tree grew vigorously, with densely-packed, lush leaves across every branch. They were teeming with life.

As soon as Jian Chen and Tie Ta entered the forest, they propeled themselves by kicking off the trees. They shot into the sky as they charged toward the center of the forest like arrows. They vanished in the blink of an eye.

Jian Chen did not use his presence. His presence was severely limited in this strange little world, and as soon as he used it, it would be consumed at a rate several dozen times faster than the outside world. As a result, he just used his eyes to distinguish where the center of the forest was.

In less than a minute, the two of them arrived at the very center of the forest. They stood beside a green pool of water that was only two meters wide. The water was transparent, free from any impurities, so they could see the bottom of it. It was only one meter deep at most, and Jian Chen had indeed discovered a thumb-sized ball of liquid sitting quietly at the bottom. The liquids color was an even deeper hue than the water, allowing him to distinguish it in a single glance. It just sat in the water and did not dissolve.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes as he stood beside the small pool. He sucked in a deep breath and immediately felt the intense presence of life enter his body through his nostrils. Comfort filled his organs.

What an intense presence of life. Theres such a clear feeling with just a breath. If I drink it, wouldnt the effects be even more shocking? It even has the effect of extending my longevity. Jian Chen exclaimed as he stared at the green water before him. He had not cared much when the sea goddess had mentioned that the water was teeming with the presence of life. Only after personally experiencing how intense it was did he understand how extraordinary the water was.

So nice! Tie Ta copied Jian Chen as he closed his eyes and sucked in several breaths of the presence of life. He looked like he was intoxicated.

Just when the two of them had relaxed, two figure suddenly darted out of the forest, charging towards the two of them with lightning-like speed.

Jian Chens eyes snapped open as a sharp gleam of light flashed through them. He glared at the two figures as a strand of gray sword Qi condensed in his right hand in a single moment. The sword Qi was condensed from Chaotic Force and was a meter long. It radiated with a violent and destructive presence.

With a swing of his arm, he used the sword Qi as a sword and chopped at the figures at a speed several times faster than them. Jian Chen could clearly sense a sliver of resistance when the sword Qi collided with the figures. The toughness of their bodies was rather frightening, but it was still not enough to change anything. One of them was split in half by Jian Chen.

On the other side, Tie Ta hurled his fist at the other figure. With a heavy sound, the figure was knocked far away, hitting a tree as thick as a water bucket twenty meters away before falling to the ground. If this happened outside, the same tree would have snapped in half if it was struck with such force or even turned to pieces, but the tree only shook violently. Not only was it completely fine, not even a branch had snapped off.

Jian Chen examined the figures that had ambushed the two of them. He discovered that they were one-meter-long, feral-dog-like beasts covered with fleshy scales. All their limbs possessed sharp claws and their bodies were extremely tough.

However, both of them had been reduced to corpses now. Besides the one that had been split in half by Jian Chen, the one that had rushed Tie Ta died from his punch. Even though the two of them were Class 7 vicious beasts, they were weak like ants before Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

I wonder if these vicious beasts have monster cores, Jian Chen thought. He then walked over to the vicious beast he had killed and used sword Qi he conjured at the tip of his finger to carve through it, carefully searching through the body.

A while later, Jian Chen was pleasantly surprise. Indeed, there was a tough, peanut-sized crystal within the vicious beast. It contained a pure and powerful energy equivalent to the energy hidden within Class 7 Monster Cores.

This really has failed to disappoint me. Is this the monster core in these vicious beasts? Jian Chem marveled at the peanut-sized crystal in his hand. The energy within the crystal was equivalent to Class 7 Magical Beasts, but it was much smaller.

Tie Tas face lit up in joy as well when he saw this. He jogged over to the vicious beast he had killed with a punch and also removed a peanut-sized crystal from its body. He rubbed it against his clothes like a treasure before happily putting it into his space ring. He smiled honestly, Hehe, if I sell this Class 7 Monster Core on the Tian Yuan Continent, it should make me quite some money.

Jian Chen glanced at him in a critical fashion. He had roamed the Tian Yuan Continent for so long, but this was the first time he had heard that a Saint King lacked money.

Afterward, Jian Chen returned to the side of the pool. He gathered some of the water without any hurry and then carefully pooled some of the green water near his mouth, slowly gulping it down.

Immediately, a cool feeling filled his body before turning into warm feeling that quickly reached his organs. It was absorbed by his entire body, and he felt an indescribable comfort. At that moment, Jian Chen felt deluded, as if his life force had slightly increased with that mouthful of water.

Obviously, Jian Chen understood this was all an illusion. The water he had just drunk did not increase his life at all.

What a heavy presence of life. Master, what heavenly resource have you found this time Hmm? I can actually feel the faint presence of Xuanhuang Qi A sword spirits voice rang through Jian Chens head before coming to a sudden halt. The next moment, it began to cry out in disbelief, How is this possible? Why do I feel the existence of Xuanhuang Qi The sword spirits appeared outside with that. They looked around and immediately became extremely excited. Their faces were filled with serendipity and disbelief. They cried out, Its a Xuanhuang Microcosm. Its actually a Xuanhuang Microcosm