Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 Hao Yues Might Three
Chapter 1275: Hao Yues Might (Three)

Fairy Hao Yues face grew colder. The actions of the great elder from the Yiyuan sect had infuriated her. She coldly said, You sure are bold to disrespect me as a mere Saint King. Are you trying to take my divine hall forcefully? Even if Saint Emperors come personally, theyd have to return with nothing, let alone you Saint Kings. I will give you one last opportunity. Leave immediately, or dont blame me for not treating you courteously.

The great elder could not help but laugh aloud at fairy Hao Yues threat. He said, Fairy Hao Yue, I would obviously be as weak as an ant in your eyes if you had your former strength, but its a pity that youre just a soul now. Can I ask what you can do as just a soul? Your soul might be very strong, but I think you cant leave the divine hall, or itll quickly disperse into the surroundings.

Fairy Hao Yues cold eyes shone with heavy killing intent. To think that someone with her prideful nature would be looked down upon by a Saint King who was not even equal to an ant in her eyes, the flames of fury began to rage inside her. Her killing intent rapidly increased.

Seeing how fairy Hao Yue had reacted, the great elder confirmed his suspicions. He could not help but laugh freely even more, I know youve cast down quite a few formations in the divine hall, which can even trap Saint Emperors, but as long as we dont enter the divine hall, these formations wont be able to pose any threat to us. Weve come this time in consideration for all the lives on the continent. I hope you can understand. After saying that, he looked at the eight people behind him and said, Everyone, time is tight right now. We cant waste too much time in regards to the matter of the seal, so for the sake of all the lives on the continent, we cannot think of so many matters. Lets immediately work together to trap the divine hall and forcefully take it to Mercenary City.

Without any hesitation, the eight Saint Kings behind him all flew toward the divine hall. At the same time, they froze the space around Bi Hai and the other Saint Rulers once more, trapping them there.

Below, Bi Lian watched as the nine Saint Kings flew toward the divine hall with an ugly expression. The light in her eyes flickered as she hesitated. She also possessed a Flaming Jadeite that could deal an attack from a Saint King at Great Perfection in her Space Ring as well as quite a few quaking thunders that Jian Chen had left with her. The quaking thunders were not of the same quality as the Flaming Jadeite, but they could also deal a Saint Kings attack. She was currently hesitating over whether to use them or not.

When Jian Chen had first handed the items to Bi Lian, he had said to not use them so easily unless they faced complete danger. However, Bi Lian also understood that in the current situation, even if she used her Flaming Jadeite and all her quaking thunders, it would not necessarily be enough to deal with the nine Saint Kings. The Flaming Jadeite was no longer enough to pose a threat to them if they worked together.

The nine Saint Kings had already arrived in front of the Bright Moon Divine Hall. Every single one of them pulsed with energy since they were planning to trap the divine hall and forcefully take it away with them.

But at this moment, the sky began to change. A huge, round moon slowly rose up from the divine hall and glowed with gentle and clear moonlight.

This was not the real moon but a projection created through Moonlight Force and a technique.

Since you all want to die, allow me to assist you. I might just be a soul now, but Im still not someone that a few ants can trample over, fairy Hao Yues voice rang out from the divine hall. Her figure vanished, having completely disappeared into the divine hall.

The nine Saint Kings revealed different expressions. They discovered that they had been trapped by an invisible force when the moon rose from the divine hall. It was not through the abilities of a Saint King nor through the abilities of a Saint Emperor. It used a method that they did not understand. They had even lost control over the vast energy within them.

Whats this? God dammit, shes clearly just a soul now, so how can she trap us? Even if she was once a peak Saint Emperor, its impossible for her to do something like this, the four great elders were greatly shocked inside. Only now did they realize that fairy Hao Yue was not as simple as they had thought.

Peak Saint Emperors had appeared in the protector clans before, but according to ancient records, they would not be able to use such powerful abilities after they lost their bodies and has been reduced to a soul.

Fairy Hao Yue, w- what did you do to us!? An independent Saint King bellowed at the Bright Moon Divine Hall. His voice was forceful, but it clearly lacked confidence. He was unable to determine what the force was even with his knowledge and experience.

Dont get flustered everyone. Shes probably used some ancient secret technique, but using this must be extremely exhaustive for her. She definitely cant last for long, said a great elder of the Yangji sect. He tried to control all his energy within him to break free from the mysterious force that trapped him, but he was unable to utilize anything no matter how hard he tried.

At this moment, their expressions took a drastic turn for the worse. They paled in that instant as shock filled their eyes. They could actually feel their energy uncontrollably drift out of their bodies before being absorbed by the divine hall.

Oh no, fairy Hao Yues currently absorbing our energy, an independent Saint King cried out while strewn between shock and anger.

The eight other Saint Kings were completely shocked as well. They had discovered that they could only watch helplessly as their energy was siphoned away by the divine hall. Let alone stopping the process, they did not even have the ability to flee.

This was an extremely terrifying matter to them, because once all their energy was drained away, their strength would become severely limited.

Fairy Hao Yue, stop! Stop

Fairy Hao Yue, stop! Youre becoming an enemy of the continent by doing this

Fairy Hao Yue, please show mercy! The Tian Yuan Continent is about to face a huge disaster, so we should all work together and use everything we have to fend off the World of Forsaken Saints. We shouldnt be going at each others lives here

At that moment, all nine of them had become absolutely frantic. They no longer possessed their haughtiness as they all pleaded. Their voices became much gentler.

Hmph, didnt you just say before that I cant do anything to you as a soul? Do you really think that you can act as you wish on the Tian Yuan Continent with your strength as Saint Kings and that no one will stop you? Ill show you that I can kill you easily even if Im just a soul now, fairy Hao Yues icy-cold voice rang from the divine hall. It was filled with killing intent.

Fairy Hao Yue, please stay your hand. Our protector Yiyuan sect with show immense gratitude, a great elder from the Yiyun sect pleaded, but he failed to sense that the wrinkles on his face were rapidly increasing. He was currently aging at an unbelievable rate.

You want to deter me just by using the name of a protector clan? Hmph, what a joke! What do you think the protector clans are on the Tian Yuan Continent are? If I had my body, I could wipe you out with a flick of my finger. I already gave you a chance before, but you were seeking death yourselves. Its no longer my fault. The nine of you will be the first group of people who die from the formations of the divine hall after its been created. This formation is called Lunar Years! Fairy Hao Yue coldly replied.

Lunar Years. The Saint Kings became a little confused after learning the name. They understood what a lunar year was extremely well. From certain aspects, it was time, a label for time. However, they did not understand why she had named the formation Lunar Years.

Argh! No no! Impossible- impossible Suddenly, an independent Saint King cried out. He stared at the eight other Saint Kings in disbelief as shock filled his eyes. He had just witnessed something too unrealistic to be true.

The eight Saint Kings all looked at him and all of their eyes narrowed. They became filled with disbelief as well, because they had all discovered that the other Saint Kings had become extraordinarily old in just such a short amount of time, and their age was increasing at a visible rate.

Our life force is rapidly being drained away. Impossible, this is impossible. This isnt an ability that a Saint Emperor can possess. Even Origin realm experts cant do something so great, a Saint King cried out in shock. His face became sheet-white and completely drained of blood.

Lunar Years. Lunar Years. This is the passage of lunar years, the passage of time. No wonder this formation has this name, a Saint King mumbled in dejection. He was ashen and understood that he probably could not escape from this disaster today. None of them possessed the power to stop the formation from leeching away their life force.

At this moment, a Seventh Heavenly Layer independent Saint Kings eyes became glassy. His entire body shriveled up, having been reduced to a bag of bones. His soul had already been extinguished. He was the oldest member in the ground and did not have much time left anyway. It had all been drained away in that short moment, becoming the first Saint King to die to fairy Hao Yues formation.

The hair of the eight other people grayed as their wrinkles bundled up. Their bodies shriveled at a visible rate. Just earlier, some of them were young men who seemed to be in their prime, yet they had become old now, having been eroded away by time.

All the people in Flame City watched from below, as if the most wondrous thing had happened in the world. The glorious Saint Kings just before had actually all become crippled by age. The disparity between before and now was so great that many of them had failed to return to their senses. Even You Yue, Bi Hai, and the other Saint Rulers were the same.

Bang! Suddenly, a muffled sound rang through the air as one of the Saint Kings from the Yangji sect exploded into a mist of blood. He paid a self-cannibalizing price to use a secret technique in order to flee, turning into a red streak of light that rapidly ran away.

Virtually at the same time, the three other Saint Kings from protector clans had used the same secret techniques as well. They paid an extremely heavy price, leaving behind the four independent Saint Kings in the end.

It was not because the independent Saint Kings did not have any abilities to flee, but the abilities they possessed could not compare to what the protector clans possessed. What they knew was not enough to break free from the formation.

Hmm? I never thought you would know this secret technique. Its one of the more commonly-seen escape techniques in the Saints World. I didnt think that youd actually flee while I was slightly negligent. However, you underestimate the formation far too much. Do you really think that you can escape death just by fleeing like that? Fairy Hao Yue mumbled to herself in the Bright Moon Divine Hall as scorn flickered through her eyes.