Chaotic Sword God Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Forest Fight
Chapter 128: Forest Fight

The four bodyguards immediately split up, and two people began to charge at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons raised. They quickly entered the battle, and began to attack Jian Chen together with the Peak Saint Master strength middle aged man.

The bodyguards that had just joined were the troops only two Primary Saint Masters. With their entry, the pressure on Jian Chen immediately increased by a lot. However, with just his Profound Steps and his fast sword, he was still evenly matched with the three Saint Masters, and showed no signs of being at a disadvantage.

The youth also felt a trace of fear. Under the protection of the other two Peak Great Saint bodyguards, he quickly left the area, his figure soon disappeared without a trace.

Although Jian Chen sensed the youths departure, he didnt try to chase after him. The three Saint Master bodyguards in front of him definitely wouldnt allow him to leave and harm the young master of the Tianxiong clan.

Jian Chen fought an intense battle against those three Tianxiong Xiong clan bodyguards in the forest. A lot of the surrounding fauna was affected by the battle, and soon, the entire area had become a mess. Quite a few thick and sturdy trees had even been cut in half.

Once again dodging the large sword swinging toward him from the side, Jian Chen launched a fierce attack at the Primary Saint Master, preparing to break through him.

As the sound of the sword splitting the air rang out, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword suddenly turned into a blur as it quickly pierced toward the Primary Saint Master in the form of countless blades. This forced the man to panic, and caused him to have no time to reform his defense. Eventually, Jian Chen managed to form holes in the mans defense. Taking advantage of one of these holes, the Light Wind Sword abruptly trembled as a silver flash of lightning pierced forward at a speed that was somewhat faster than before. Before the Primary Saint Master could even react, the Light Wind Sword had buried itself deep into the mans throat, the blood-soaked point poking out from the other side of the neck.


Seeing the man be stabbed through the throat, the other two peoples expressions suddenly changed as they shouted out in a tone mixed with grief.

Jian Chens arm didnt pause at all. Immediately after the Light Wind Sword pierced through the mans throat, he pulled it right out, and instantly shifted his attention to the other two. His body flickered as he silently appeared in front of the Primary Saint Master without a trace, just like a demon. The Light Wind Sword once again flashed like silver lightning as it was thrust forward.

The middle aged mans expression completely changed. He immediately lifted his Saint Weapon and held it in front of his throat when he saw the Light Wind Sword heading towards him. Suddenly, the speeding Light Wind Sword dropped downward, seemingly evading the large sword protecting the mans body, and began to pierce toward the man at a sharp incline from below his Saint Weapon.

The middle aged man was unable to react at all to the Light Wind Swords sudden change. Eventually, his eyes were filled with disbelief as the sword deeply pierced through his throat.

At that moment, a biting cold wind blew past behind Jian Chen. A large, three inch wide, two-handed sword slashed through the air with a powerful amount of Saint Force. Before it even reached Jian Chen, the wind pressure generated from it had already caused Jian Chens clothes to stick tightly against his back.

Feeling that chilly wind, Jian Chen immediately pulled out his sword from the mans throat, and turned around to guard his front with his sword, without any hesitation.


The large two-handed sword containing the powerful Saint Force fiercely collided with the Light Wind Sword. The amount of energy it generated forced Jian Chen back a few steps.

After sending Jian Chen backward with attack after attack, the middle aged mans gaze shifted to the bodyguard that had already been pierced through the throat by Jian Chen. The crimson blood was currently surging outward like a fountain from the throat, as life began to gradually fade from his eyes, his expression was still frozen in disbelief. A moment later, his entire body slowly collapsed to the ground.

With reddening eyes, the man glared at Jian Chen fiercely like a bloodthirsty, ferocious beast. He exploded in anger, Even if I die today, I have to kill and behead you as revenge for my brothers. Powerful Saint Force began to gather on the large sword in the middle aged mans hands. He raised the sword tip up, and with a heavy push of his feet off the ground, he quickly charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chens gaze hardened as he locked onto the middle aged man. His grip on the Light Wind Sword couldnt help but tighten; he had already seen the middle aged mans plans to kill him. Faced with this Peak Saint Master that was unafraid of death, Jian Chen was faced with some trouble. After all, his current strength was only at the middle Great Saint level. The difference between that and a Peak Saint Master was still a pretty large gap.

The layer of thick, hazy white light that surrounded the blade was evidently more dense than it had been before. Heavy yet penetrating Sword Qi was faintly released from the Light Wind Sword. Just as the middle aged man was about to charge forward, Jian Chens right shoulder suddenly jolted, and the Light Wind Sword in his hand split the air as it pierced outward. The needle-thin, silver colored Sword Qi was shot out from the sword point, and sped toward the middle aged man at a speed that made it hard to track with the naked eye.

Seeing this slender yet dense amount of Sword Qi, the middle aged man didnt dare to be careless. The sword flew at him so quickly that he didnt have time to dodge, so without any better options, the man could only release all of the Saint Force he had left into his sword as he swung it downwards.

The moment the mans giant two handed sword made contact with Jian Chens Sword Qi enhanced sword, the two handed sword easily scattered apart the Sword Qi after some minor obstructions. At the same time, Jian Chen suddenly moved toward the man a few meters in front of him in a way that made him resemble a blur with his Light Wind Sword ready to attack.

The middle aged man immediately retracted the large sword to block Jian Chens attack. Afterward, the two began to fight intensely once more.

In his previous world, Jian Chens sword play had already reached the pinnacle, and even though this middle aged man was stronger than him, the mans understanding of the ways of the sword was merely a drop in a bucket compared to him. His sword was at a speed thought to be inconceivable, and the way he used it had already reached a level of perfection. Against the stronger, middle aged man, he would not be able to go against Jian Chens sword for much longer since his defense wouldnt be able to keep up.

Jian Chen began to attack every part of the mans body with quick precision. Using his Light Wind Sword, it was already like a blur that was impossible to see the blade move. And with it, Jian Chen continued to quickly attack the man to the point where resisting was becoming a challenging task.

In addition, every attack the Light Wind Sword made was fatal. This forced the middle aged man to lose his chances of heavily injuring Jian Chen at the stake of getting wounded himself. At the moment, the middle aged man extremely regretted his actions. At the same time, he bitterly hated the Tianxiong Xiong clans young master. Originally, this journey had been completely incident free. Unfortunately, this young master of the Tianxiong Xiong clan who didnt know the difference between heaven and earth had purposely decided to provoke this fiend in front of him. Innocently getting into some trouble was fine, but in the end, it had harmed them to the point where two of the brothers hed known for dozens of years had died. In addition, he himself was now stuck in a dangerous situation. He most likely wouldnt even have a chance to live after today.

For a while, the two people fought like flashes of lightning. Eventually, the middle aged man was unable to block in time, and Jian Chens viper-like Light Wind Sword stabbed him in the heart.