Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296 Reinforcements One
Chapter 1296: Reinforcements (One)

The great battle above Mercenary City began quickly and quickly came to an end. Everything calmed down in just the blink of an eye. Over thirty corpses from the Saint Kings at Great Perfection,who had come from the World of Forsaken Saints, remained while around a dozen people managed to escape. They had almost been wiped out then and there.

Just two Saint Kings on the side of the humans had accidentally been struck by the ripples of energies from the attacks and had passed away.

In the clash, all of the humans had finally witnessed how terrifying the Origin realm experts were. With just a wave of her hand, the barrier spirit of Mercenary City had displayed such a terrifying might, reducing over twenty Saint Kings at Great Perfection to a bloody mess. How terrifying was that?

Immediately, all the peoples opinion of Xiao Ling changed. All of their gazes became filled with deep dread. In the age where Saint Emperors were almost non-existent, Saint Kings at Great Perfection were basically existences who stood at the very apex. There were an extremely few number of them, yet they were even more fragile that tofu before the barrier spirit. This affected everyone present.

At the same time, they all realized that this barrier spirit, who possessed the mind of a little girl, was not soft-hearted at all and was able to kill ruthlessly.

The grand elder of Mercenary City found it difficult to shift his gaze from her. He sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. Afterward,, he looked around and said heavily, You were right with what you had said before. Since the World of Forsaken Saints has Origin realm experts, its impossible for this to be all their power. The group of people from the other world were all Saint Kings at Great Perfection. Theyre probably just the scouts, probing the strength of our continent. Once they understand how powerful we are, they will launch a large-scale invasion, so we cannot let the dozen or so Saint Kings at Great Perfection leave the continent alive. We need to kill them no matter what.

The grand elder is correct. If we let them return, the World of Forsaken Saints will learn of our strength. They will definitely have not fear us once they learn that were actually so weak and, hence, will launch an invasion. This is why we cannot let the scouts from the World of Forsaken Saints survive. Only by killing them can we prevent our strength from being exposed. I believe that the World of Forsaken Saints will not act recklessly before they understand how strong we are, another Saint King added after the grand elder finished speaking. He was a great elder of a protector clan and was also a Saint King at Great Perfection.

We cannot delay this matter. The ten protector clans should work together to cast a secret technique to scour the entire continent to find the whereabouts of those people. Elder, immediately send people to tell the Hundred Races, magical beasts, and the Sea race that there have been Saint Kings from the World of Forsaken Saints who have managed to escape and that its extremely likely that theyve entered their territory, so they should be aware. I think the three races will believe the reality of this matter once they see these foreign experts, said the grand elder heavily as he gave a command as the one in charge.

Many people of the protector clans were reluctant to do this, but none of them dared to show their reluctance. They all followed the grand elders command and used an ancient secret technique to search the continent.

Mercenary City was now destroyed, but they had not been weakened because of this. An Origin realm expert had appeared for them, and even when ignoring the barrier spirit, just Tian Jian was enough for them to become speechless.

Under the secret technique of the protector clans, the experts from the World of Forsaken Saints were unable to hide on the continent. They were all found and a group of Saint Kings lead by one at Great Perfection was immediately mobilized to hunt them down.

At the same time, the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans had been taken out. Other than the Tyrants Blade Schools Emperor Armament, all of them had been gathered in Mercenary City.

The Emperor Armaments were of different shapes. There were blades, swords, daggers, hammers, and a duster. The duster was the Emperor Armament of the Pure Heart Pavilion. Although it was different in shape, its power was extraordinarily great.

TL note: Yes, a duster. Just think of it as a tool to cleanse your heart, which suits the philosophy of the Pure Heart Pavilion.

A Saint King from the World of Forsaken Saints, fell out of the air in a rural mountain range. He quickly looked around, and when he discovered that there was no one around, he finally became relieved. He said, Ive finally escaped. Weird, why werent there any Saint Emperors? He felt extremely doubtful at what he had just seen. He knew that there were Origin realm experts in this world, but he also knew that they could not be discovered even when standing right before him if they did not want to. As a result, he mainly took note of the Saint Emperors.

Suddenly, the Saint King became stunned. He suddenly gazed at the sky and became shocked. Only a while later did he involuntarily cry out, Theres actually no origin energy here and the energy of the world is even thinner than our World of Forsaken Saints. I know now. I finally know why there werent any Saint Emperors. Becoming a Saint Emperor is extremely difficult under these circumstances. The person immediately became ecstatic when he thought of this. With just the strength visible here, the people of this world could not even put up a fight against the World of Forsaken Saints.

Our Sacred Spirit Hall only needs to send a small group composed of Saint Emperors. Thatll be enough to conquer this world. Although this world lacks origin energy and the energy of the world is thin, its far prettier than our world, the Saint King exclaimed in joy.

At this moment, a Space Gate quickly formed a hundred meters away. Three Saint Kings at Great Perfection emerged side by side and coldly glared at him.

The Saint King from the World of Forsaken Saints revealed a different in expression and immediately fled into the distance without saying anything more.

Chase him down! The three Saint Kings immediately began to pursue him.

They were all at Great Perfection, and the foreign Saint Kings strength had been greatly reduced since he had left a fragment of his soul in the souljade, so he was nowhere near as powerful as the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent who were in peak condition. He was caught very quickly, and after an intense battle, he was defeated and killed.

This occurred in many places across the Tian Yuan Continent. All the Saint Kings from the World of Forsaken Saints were hunted down and were all eliminated in the end. Only one was left alive to be brought back to Mercenary City.

However, the people of the Tian Yuan Continent could only protect the continent. They were powerless over the experts who had fled beyond the Tian Yuan Continent.

A Saint King had been sent to the arctic plains by the Spatial Force within his piece of jade. He immediately fell out of the sky and began to shiver. It was so cold there that even as a Saint King at Great Perfection, he found it very difficult to endure.

However, just when he planned to observe his surroundings, an icy wind whistled by, and in that moment, he was turned into a life-like sculpture of ice. The light in his eyes rapidly vanished before becoming glassy. In that short moment, he had died.