Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 Shock
Chapter 1302: Shock

The atmosphere became rather stern because of the arrival of the Hundred Races and magical beasts. Even the various human experts could sense the changes. They all fell silent as they looked at the magical beasts and Hundred Races.

Since all four races have gathered, lets awaken this person from the World of Forsaken Saints. Lets learn about the World of Forsaken Saints strength from him, the sea goddess said at this moment, disrupting the heavy atmosphere.

The esteemed hall master is correct. The matter of the World of Forsaken Saints is most important, so please do it, Heavenly Enchantress, said the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion.

Shangguan Muer, well be troubling you with this matter because only you have the ability out of all of us, said the grand elder. Although he knew that the Heavenly Enchantress strength had far exceeded his own, he still referred to her by her name, because the elders had become acquainted with her long ago. They were all her seniors.

Everyone looked at the foreign Saint King when the World of Forsaken Saints was mentioned, including the magical beasts and the experts of the Hundred Races. There were also magical beasts and Hundred Races who stared at the Heavenly Enchantress for a while. They could not help but reveal shocked gazes.

The Heavenly Enchantress was veiled, which obscured her face, but that veil was unable to hide her beautiful body. However, none of them could see through her strength.

The experts of the Hundred Races remained quiet. They had captured a foreign Saint King themselves on the Wasteland Continent and had learned some shocking news from him, but they did not plan to announce the news right now. They wanted to see if this captured Saint King would give the same information they had received as well.

The Heavenly Enchantress nodded at the grand elder before holding her zither with a single hand. She used her slender right hand to gently strum the strings, immediately producing a soft, pleasant sound.

The music was extremely beautiful, as if it was divine. It was filled with an endless charm, enough to enchant people. All the experts in the surroundings were heavily affected, unknowingly being carried away by the music. They had sunken into it involuntarily, falling into a daze.

They all roused the next moment. When they thought about what had just happened, all of them broke out into a cold sweat from the shock they felt. The human experts were relatively calmer since they had already witnessed just how powerful the Heavenly Enchantress was. However, the experts of the Sea race, the Hundred Races, and the Beast God Continent were utterly astounded. They all looked at the Heavenly Enchantress in shock, and some of them even felt fear well up inside them

Among them were hall elders at the Great Perfection of Saint King. The music was terrifying enough to even affect them. They also knew that the music was not intentionally targeting them, or none of them would have been able to withstand it.

Cangqiong snapped open his eyes as he looked at the Heavenly Enchantress in disbelief. A sliver of shock appeared in his eyes.

Even Yadriam looked at the Heavenly Enchantress again, gazing deeply at her back.

This was because even the two of them felt a slip in their consciousness from the music.

Who is this person? How does she have such great accomplishments with soul attacks? Why have I never heard of her? Cangqiong thought. An extremely rare sliver of fear actually appeared in his gaze. Magical beasts like him possessed greater battle prowess than humans, but they possessed weaker souls at the same time. Magical beasts feared experts who were skilled in soul attacks the most.

Under the influence of the music, the foreign Saint King finally began to slowly awaken. However, his eyes were no longer clear, but glassy. His soul was completely controlled by the terrifying music.

The persons soul began to rapidly collapse as soon as he woke up. He had already used a secret technique to annihilate his own soul, but the process had been stopped after falling unconscious. As soon as he woke up, no one could control his collapsing soul anymore. Even the Heavenly Enchantress was only able to reduce the rate at which it collapsed, and it she could not reduce the rate very much.

The Heavenly Enchantress asked many questions regarding the World of Forsaken Saints. The Saint King responded in a straightforward manner and answered every single questions. All the experts in the surroundings heard his answers.

Around half a minute later, his soul collapsed, and he was reduced to a cold corpse. However, the Heavenly Enchantress managed to obtain a lot of information in that short time, gaining an even more detailed understanding of the other worlds power.

The Saint Rulers and Saint Kings there were as plentiful as ants and even Saint Emperors were numerous. Other than that, there were over forty Origin realm experts. Thirty-three were Receival, eight were Returnance along with an even more terrifying Spiritking.

Everyone fell silent in the air as the corpse hit the ground. They had all become speechless from the shock. They were all extremely solemn, and some of them had even become sheet-white, without a single shred of blood at all.

The strength of the World of Forsaken Saints had greatly exceeded anything they had imagined. They were basically unstoppable. Even in ancient times, the four races would not have been their opponent if they worked together.

In ancient times, there were the four champions along with many Saint Emperors, but even with the four races combined, the amount of Saint Emperors could not be described as innumerable.

The foreign worlds strength had already reached an extremely terrifying level to all of them.

We cannot let them come over. We have to stop them no matter how great the price is, said the grand elder with a heavy voice. With their strength, it would be an absolute disaster if they managed to set foot on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Xiao Ling also appeared in the air. Her face was filled with worry as she said, How can they be so powerful? Itll be bad now. If only master was still here.