Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310: Assassination One
Chapter 1310: Assassination (One)

Whatre you saying? I may not know why this boys appeared in the city, nor do I know which clan he belongs do, but I am certain that he does not belong to your Zhou family

Do you still need to mention that? The boys special ability has obviously caught the Zhou familys eye, which is why they want to take him away. After all, its extremely likely that this boy has the ability of Midas Touch. If such a wondrous ability fully matures, the Zhou family will enjoy an endless supply of wealth. They can buy large quantities of monster cores and cultivation resources for their descendents and make the clan even more powerful

Sigh, too bad theyre strong. Theyve sent four Heaven Saint Masters right off the bat, and theyre a hermit clan as well. They possess a Saint Ruler, so we cant provoke them. Looks like the boys going to be taken away by the Zhou family

Hahaha, people of Zhou, I never thought you would actually arrive so quickly. Unfortunately, you cannot take away the child. At this moment, a loud chuckle rang out. Three middle-aged men in white robes quickly flew over from afar and also landed beside the boy. The three of them seemed valiant with straight eyebrows, but they all looked the same. They were triplets.

The four Heaven Saint Masters from the Zhou family revealed different expressions when they saw the three men. One of them growled, I never thought the Yun brothers of the Heartsword sect would come as well. You sure have quick access to information to hurry over from over ten thousand kilometers away.

The four Heaven Saint Masters from the Zhou family clearly feared the triplets very much. Although the Heartsword sect was also a hermit clan, it was far more powerful than the Zhou family, as they possessed three Saint Rulers, outnumbering the Zhou family. At the same time, the three brothers had all reached the Sixth Cycle. Coupled with the fact that they were triplets, they understood one another and knew how to use combined attacks. They could work together perfectly, and if the three of them began fighting at the same time, they could defeat the four of them easily.

The eldest among the three brother chuckled and clasped his hands at the four Heaven Saint Masters, Our Heartsword sect will be taking this child away. You shouldnt have any problems with that, right?

The four Heaven Saint Masters hesitated, so a second brother immediately sneered, Do not say that this kid is a part of your Zhou family. I think you understand why

The four Heaven Saint Masters immediately revealed ugly expressions. After a moment of hesitance, the person who seemed to be in charge finally gritted his teeth and said, Alright, we dont want the child anymore. If you want to take him away, take him away. I hope your Heartsword sect can protect this child. His ability is unique, so its probably already caught the attention of a few ancient clans.

The eldest brother smiled mildly, Thats our problem, so theres no need for you to worry. He then turned around and said to someone beside him, Third brother, take this child back. The three brother were secretly worried as well. This was the territory of the Flame Mercenaries, and they did not know if the upper echelon of the Flame Mercenaries had received the news. They needed to take the child away before someone from the Flame Mercenaries could hurry over.

The third brother nodded once before arriving beside the boy and grabbing his arm, but the next moment, his face slightly sank. He seemed slightly startled by the boy. He could not help but call out, What a heavy boy. Hes at least several tons.

The people in the surroundings broke into a hubbub with that exclamation. Some experts possessed many abilities that could make their bodies as heavy as mountains, connecting themselves with the earth, but the child right in front of them were only three or four years of age. Everyone became surprised once again since he possessed an ability like that.

The third brother immediately used both his hands. He wanted to lift the boy off the ground, but after using all of his strength and after his face had become flushed with blood, the boy did not move at all.

He was shocked, and the gaze he sent the boy reflected exactly that. With his strength, he could lift things that were several dozen tons heavy, yet he was unable to lift the boy who was less than a meter tall. He found it difficult to believe.

The eldest brother frowned slightly. At that moment, he too realized that the boy was probably far more complicated than he had imagined, which made him feel an even greater urgency to take the boy back. He did want the boy to be taken by another organization.

Second brother, lets do it together, he called out before grabbing the boy with the other man. However, even when all three of them worked together, they failed to lift the boy up, shocking the crowd.

The boy stared at the three brothers in confusion as he blinked his large eyes. The three brothers wanted to vomit blood from his pure gaze. To think that they were mighty Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, yet they could not even lift a kid. Even though the child was unique, it was still embarrassing for the three of them.

The vice city lord has arrived!

Suddenly, a loud voice rang out from beyond the crowd, immediately causing the crowd to fall into a commotion. The densely-packed people split apart by themselves to open a wide path.

The three brothers sank inside as soon as they heard the voice. The matter they worried most about still happened in the end.

You Yue and Bi Lian slowly made their way over on large, ferocious Class 5 Magical Beasts. Beside the two of them were several dozen guards. Even the weakest guards were Third Cycle Earth Saint Master. They all wore armor forged from tungsten alloy, and ten Heaven Saint Masters formed the final line.

We greet the vice city lord!

All the people gathered in the street clasped their hands and bowed. They cried out thunderously. The position of vice city lord virtually reigned supreme in regard to the Flame Mercenaries and Flame City. It was even greater than the status of a king in the eight great kingdoms.

The three brother sighed inside and helplessly let go of the child. They bowed deeply at Bi Lian with the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Zhou family and called out together, We greet the vice city lord!

Theres no need to be so polite, Bi Lian smiled. Her voice was soft and she spoke nonchalantly. She had experienced things like this countless times already, so she had learned how to easily deal with the situation.

What a cute boy! You Yue stared at the boy in clothes that seemed to be made of gold, and she immediately took a liking to him.

Bi Lian looked at the boy as well and her eyes immediately lit up. She also took a liking to him. The boy was white and chubby. His large, dark eyes were filled with purity and naivety. He really was extremely cute. Let alone females, even a few men would be tempted to glance at him a few extra times and sigh in praise.

The boy stared at You Yue and Bi Lian without blinking. His eyes were filled with curiosity and confusion. For some reason, he felt that the two of them were particularly close with him at first glance, because he could feel an extremely warm presence from them.

You Yue and Bi Lian dismounted at the same time and hurried to the boys side. The ten Heaven Saint Masters beside them immediately followed close beside them, protecting the two of them in a loyal manner. Even the Heaven Saint Masters from the Zhou family and Heartsword sect were driven ten meters away.

However, they dared not to show any displeasure and, instead, maintained a smile throughout.

Little boy, tell sister what your name. You Yue crouched down beside the boy and smiled warmly as she asked softly.

The boy stared at You Yue in confusion and said nothing.

Little boy, tell sister what your name and where you live, Bi Lian asked as well in concern.

The boy remained the same, confused and silent. It seemed like he did not how to speak at all.

At this moment, You Yue violently quivered. Her expression immediately underwent a drastic change and the gaze she viewed the boy with was filled with extreme shock and disbelief.

Just then, fairy You Yue had spoken to her, so she had learned the true identity of the boy. The boy was actually the metal spirit that had withstood the nine bolts of lightning from the tungsten alloy mine. He was a natural spirit, possessing extremely great potential. You Yue had also learned that the boy was an Origin realm expert from fairy You Yue at the same time.

You Yue felt extremely shocked because of this. She could not believe that the harmless-looking boy was even more terrifying than Saint Emperors, standing at the same level as the four great champions from ancient times.

You Yue, whats wrong? Bi Lian sensed You Yues changes and immediately became suspicious.

You Yue sucked in a deep breath and forcefully calmed herself down. However, her opinion of the boy had already undergone a drastic change.

After a short while of silence, You Yue extended her hands toward the boy in a rather trembling manner. You Yue softly said, Little brother, I know you have no home. Why dont you come with me and live with me from now on? Ill treat you like my own brother, okay?

No one knew whether the boy understood what You Yue had said or what she intended, but he did not turn her down. He obediently grabbed onto her hand. The boy found You Yue and Bi Lian to be especially close, like family, because You Yue and Bi Lian gave off a feeling that made him feel extremely warm.

The boy was taken onto the Class 5 Magical Beast mount that You Yue rode, but to everyones surprise, the beast easily withstood the boys weight, as if he was no longer as heavy as before.

The Yun brothers bitterly watched everything unfold. They did not even think of the possibility that the boy had been resisting the three of them before, unwilling to go with them, which was why he had become so heavy that he was immovable.

Just as You Yue and Bi Lian were returning to the city lords estate with the boy, the space within a radius of a hundred meters suddenly froze. All the people within that area became immobilized, and even the Saint Ruler watching over Bi Lian secretly suffered the same fate.