Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331: Facing Against The Hall Master Two
Chapter 1331: Facing Against the Hall Master (Two)

Y- youve already become an emperor? The hall master exclaimes. He felt extremely shocked at that moment. He could still remember when Jian Chen had to flee in an awful condition after he had sent the four divine generals after Jian Chen when he had first appeared in the sea realm all those years ago. Yet now, Jian Chen had reached a level where he could stand on equal ground with the hall master and even harm the hall master. It was impossible for him to not be shocked.

The hall master even began to believe that Jian Chen was also an emperor and had intentionally hid his strength in the past or that his strength had fallen due to injury, because there was no one who could increase their strength at such a rate. At the very least, he had never heard of someone who could.

No, youre still not an emperor. The energy you used earlier was weird. What is that energy for it to be so powerful? The hall master asked with a heavy voice. His eyes shone as he studied Jian Chen. He discovered what was off very quickly.

Jian Chen sneered, What the energy is is not important. More importantly, the energy can harm you. Jian Chen had reached Sword Origin and could now condense sword Qi from nothing. A two-meter-long sword Qi condensed from thin air. It glowed with a powerful white light as it shot toward the hall master with lightning-like speed.

The sword Qi was a condensation of laws, a way. Even though Jian Chen had only gained a basic understanding of it, it was still extremely powerful. When the sword Qi shot out, the powerful sword intent radiating from it seemed to influence the surroundings, turning everything around it into sword Qi. Standing near it would have felt like standing in a sea composed from countless strands of sword Qi. An abnormally sharp feeling could be felt from every direction.

This time, the hall master clearly observed Jian Chens process of condensing the powerful energy, which surprised him very much. He had initially thought that it would be extremely draining for Jian Chen to use the energy or that Jian Chen would even need to pay a certain price. Never did he think that Jian Chen would be able to use it without a twitch of his face, easily drawing it out.

The hall master became stern. He no longer dared to be as careless as before. A vast energy surged out of his body, making it seem like a ball of blue flames had coated his body. He then condensed the flames into a blue serpent dragon that was several hundred meters long.

The blue dragon roared at the sky and the sound shook up the surroundings, causing space to ripple. Even the energy of the world became violent, affecting almost the entire territory of the Serpent God Hall and alarming countless people. It then lunged toward Jian Chen with its huge, gaping mouth.

Jian Chens sword Qi was swallowed by the dragon, but the next moment, there was a great boom. The dragons head was blown into nothingness and even its body cracked apart. Terrifying ripples of energy wreaked havoc on the surroundings, causing this region of space to tremble violently and show signs of collapsing.

If this had not happened in the sea realm where space was extremely stable due to the barriers protection, the clash probably would have reduced the surrounding several kilometers into darkness.

Even though the space held together, the barrier-buffed space had almost reached the limits that it could withstand.

With a movement, Jian Chen charged toward the hall master using the Illusory Flash, leaving behind a blur. He was emotionless while his gaze was sharp. A powerful, white light flickered in his right hand, fusing with his Chaotic Force to form a sword that he used to stab at the hall master.

The hall master did not panic in the face of danger. He crossed his arms and created a shield with his powers as a Saint Emperor. He had gained an understanding of Jian Chens power after testing it out before. Other than it possessing a certain sharpness, it was no different than a Saint Emperors power.


With a boom, Jian Chens sword Qi struck the hall masters shield, immediately causing it to fill with web-like cracks. It slowly shattered, but it had successfully blocked Jian Chens attack.

At this moment, space suddenly froze, trapping Jian Chen before immobilizing him.

This was a Saint Emperor freezing space. The frozen space was far more powerful than any Saint King at Great Perfection could achieve.

Ruler of the Turtle clan, youve expended that power thats on the level of an emperor. Theres no time for you to condense anymore of it. Id like to see how you withstand my attack, the hall master sneered as killing intent permeated the surroundings. His right hand turned into a serpent dragons claw again as it reached for Jian Chens heart.

This was the moment he had been waiting for. He had already noticed that Jian Chen needed to recondense the power every time he wanted to use it. As a result, he had decided to use a shield to block Jian Chens sword Qi. Then he would attempt to heavily injure Jian Chen before the sword Qi could be condensed again.

Jian Chens eyes exploded with a resplendent light. His entire body began to glow, becoming enshrouded by the light of the sword that protected him. Although he was trapped, there was no need for him to move to condense the sword Qi. All he needed was a thought. As long as his soul remained intact, he could utilize the sword Qi at any moment.

The hall master struck Jian Chens protective shield with a powerful claw. A clear screech ws produced when the claw clashed with the light while the light immediately became riddled with marks.

However, it was clearly very difficult to block a claw from the hall master with just the light. The light was pierced and the claw continued toward Jian Chens heart. However, the force behind the attack had been weakened after puncturing the protective light.

Spurt! The claw stabbed into Jian Chens body and into his chest, digging out a bloody heart.

Jian Chen paled, but he did not grunt at all. Just as the hall masters claw stabbed into his chest, his right hand had reached only inches away from the hall master.

The hall master only felt scorn for this attack. What he truly feared was the sword Qi condensed by Jian Chen because only that could harm him. He did not need to treat Jian Chen with any importance if the sword Qi was not there to assist him. He assumed that Jian Chens fist would be very powerful, but as a serpent dragon, his body was extremely tough, so he did not pay too much attention to it.

Bang! Jian Chens fist was extremely powerful. It actually created a heavy sound when it landed on the hall masters body.

The hall masters face suddenly changed as he felt a piercing sensation. A powerful sword Qi suddenly erupted through his body when Jian Chen fist hit him, making him suffer.