Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369: Revival Of The Sea Goddess Two
Chapter 1369: Revival of the Sea Goddess (Two)

Her majesty has been revived. This is just fantastic. The sea realm can be completely united now. Theres no need for us to remain in a balance between three large organizations, the Saint Kings of the Sea Goddess Hall all excitedly exclaimed. The successful revival of the sea goddess was extraordinarily significant to the sea realm.

In ancient times, the sea realm was under the Sea Goddess Halls supreme control. There was only a single Sea Goddess Hall for the entire sea realm back then. The Heavens Spirit Hall or Serpent God Hall didnt exist like they did now.

The experts of the Hundred Races were extremely happy for the revival of the sea goddess as well. In ancient times, only the Sea race had not fallen out with them, so they possessed no prejudice toward the Sea race at all.

The sea goddess, who had just been revived, slowly hovered into the sky. She bathed in a layer of extremely dense blue light. Although her appearance was obscured, she gave off a holy presence that could not be tarnished.

The sea goddess presence had been erased already, but Jian Chen and Yadriam still sensed a powerful pressure.

The two hall masters, who had had their strength sealed up by Yadriam, looked up with difficulty from a nearby mountain. They stared at the sea goddess in a daze as despair filled their eyes.

Congratulations on your revival, your majesty! Jian Chen clasped his hands at the sea goddess has he stood on the Zi Ying Sword. He felt joy from the bottom of his heart for her.

Yadriam knelt in the air. She was extremely emotional as she said with a trembling voice, The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall greets your majesty!

Jian Chen, if it werent for your assistance, I would have never been able to be revived. I cannot express my gratitude with words. If there is anything I can assist you with in the future, I will definitely give it my all, said the sea goddess. Her voice carried a sliver of joy and excitement. She had waited far too long for this moment.

I have a great debt of gratitude for your majesty. Youve helped me far, far too much in the past, so how can I forget your kindness? This was my duty. I am not someone who forgets kindness that has been shown, Jian Chen replied nonchalantly. He was extremely easygoing.

Yadriam, its been difficult for you during these years while preparing for my resurrection, the sea goddess said to Yadriam. Her voice was gentle.

Yadriams eyes fogged up slightly. She replied courteously, Your majesty is half a master to me. The only reason I am standing here today is all because of your majesty. I am willing to work until my dying breath for your majesty.

The sea goddess gently sighed and changed the topic of the conversation. She said, The Tian Yuan Continent is facing a great threat. This is a disaster directly connected to the lives of countless people. We cannot stand neutral in this. Yadriam, once the great calamity arrives, lead the experts of the Sea race to fend them off.

Yes, your majesty. I will definitely do everyone I can, Yadriam firmly responded.

Release the two of them. Every single emperor is extremely important to us. We can no longer afford to turn on ourselves and weaken ourselves at this time, followed the sea goddess.

The eyes of the two hall masters immediately lit up. They recovered some light to their despair-filled faces. They were both filled with hope.

But your majesty, the two hall master wanted to stop your revival just then. If it werent for Jian Chen, they probably would have succeeded already. Do you really want to let them go like this? Yadriam said.

They have attempted to harm me and have committed unforgivable crimes, but the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints takes priority. We can deal with their punishments after we eliminate that threat, the sea goddess leisurely replied. She had always remained in the sea realm, but she knew exactly what was happening on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Ive just been revived so my strength is nowhere near my peak. I need to immediately enter seclusion and recover as soon as possible so that I can deal with the threat of the foreign world. Jian Chen, this divine hall forged from Abyssal Crystal has been with me for countless years. Its the most valuable item on me, and I dont need it anymore, so Ill gift it to you out of gratitude for your help. You might not be able to use the divine hall, but itll be extremely significant to the Flame Mercenaries because its toughness is incomparable to other divine halls. With a wave of her hand, the divine hall in the air immediately shrunk to the size of a fist and arrived before Jian Chen. It glowed with a blinding blue light.

Jian Chen originally wanted to turn the offer down, but after considering the Flame Mercenaries, he had no choice but to take it. The sea goddess was right. The divine hall would be far too significant to the Flame Mercenaries. It could be one of their greatest treasures that could be passed down.

The sea goddess left after handing over some matters. She found a place to enter seclusion so that she could recover her peak condition as soon as possible.

Jian Chen had no more need to stay any longer now that the sea goddess revival had been completed. He rode the Qing Suo Sword and left the place as a streak of light.

Jian Chen could not help but think of the four divine general that had once hunted him down from the Serpent God Hall. He had once visited the Serpent God Hall with ill intent and fought the four divine generals all by himself, but he had unfortunately been stopped by the hall elders, allowing the four divine generals to emerge with their lives. He had never completed his revenge.

I originally planned on taking your lives once I was strong enough, but now that the Tian Yuan Continent is facing a great threat, Ill deal with our enmity after the disaster, mumbled Jian Chen.

The Turtle clan was utterly different from its former self. Although it did not possess several experts at Great Perfection of Saint King guarding the clan, it was even more glorious than the past. They had given birth to an emperor. Just the single existence of their ruler allowed the clan to stand on equal ground with the three halls. They had taken the entire sea realm by shock and no one dared to provoke them. There were endless amounts of visitors from various clans daily.

The clansmen felt like they were living in a dream right now. They had never been so happy or proud before. They had fought until they bled against several large clans in the past and faced destruction, yet today, basically all the important figures from the surrounding clans had gifted them large numbers of crystal coins. They had not imagined a day like this in the past.

However, all of the clansmen knew that the reason why today existed was all because of their ruler. This was why the ruler of the Turtle clan had become the most respected and admired leader among all the clansmen. He received the love of everyone.

The discussion hall of the Turtle clan had been redecorated and was now extremely well adorned. It was majestic and grand. Jian Chen sat on the throne in the hall while the elders of the clan courteously stood on both sides of them.

I have gathered you all here today to announce two things. The first thing is that I am about to leave the sea realm, Jian Chen nonchalantly informed them.

The elders all changed in expression when they heard what he had said. They all began to panic and urged him to stay because the clan could not go without a ruler.

Jian Chen quietened everyone below and said, My departure will happen sooner or later, but dont worry. Even if I go, the Turtle clan will remain as one of the most powerful clans in the sea realm. The second thing I want to announce is that I will increase all of your strength before I leave. You will become the pillars of support for the Turtle clan in the future.