Chaotic Sword God Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Battling a Great Saint Master
Chapter 137: Battling a Great Saint Master

Seeing that Jian Chen was no longer running, and was even voluntarily rushing toward him, Tianxiong Lie couldnt help but give a fierce-looking smile as he roared, Yes, come. Im going to dismember your body into thousands of pieces, no, dying would be letting you off too lightly. I will definitely make you live in a hell to the point where youd rather die. As he said this, a wide axe suddenly appeared in Tianxiong Lies hand. This axe was extremely large, over double the size of Tianxiong Lies tall and sturdy body. The entire axe had the color and luster of yellow earth, and its sharp edge flashed with a cold, threatening glow.

The Light Wind sword in Jian Chens hand slashed through air, making a faint, air-splitting sound as it was thrust toward Tianxiong Lie.

Heh! Tianxiong Lie let out an explosive shout, and the axe in his hand suddenly flashed with a yellow glow. It then swung down toward Jian Chen with a shrill ear-piercing shriek.

To think that its an earth attributed Saint Force!

Seeing the yellow glow on the axe, Jian Chens heavy expression couldnt help but sink even further. He then immediately retracted his Light Wind Sword to dodge Tianxiong Lies attack. With a flash, he appeared next to Tianxiong Lies side, and the Light Wind Sword pierced toward his waist.

Tianxiong Lie sneered. He suddenly let go of one of the hands gripping the axe, and his palm quickly became surrounded by a layer of yellow light. Just like that, it began to rush to grab Jian Chens Light Wind Sword.

The Light Wind Sword was tightly caught by Tianxiong Lies right hand, and the sharp sword blade unexpectedly didnt harm him at all.

There was a trace of shock reflected in Jian Chens eyes. Although he had long since heard about the profound talent that those with the earth attribute possessedtheir extremely powerful defensebut he hadnt realized itd be to such an extent.

Afterward, Jian Chens eyes fiercely flashed. In the next moment, the Light Wind Sword currently being tightly grasped by Tianxiong Lies right hand suddenly emitted powerful Sword Qi. Under this strong attack, the yellow layer of light around Tianxiong Lies right hand quickly turned lighter, indicating that it was faintly dissipating.

Tianxiong Lie quickly released the Light Wind Sword. The moment his hand left the blade, the yellow glow surrounding his hand also disappeared. A yellow cross-shaped wound could be seen on Tianxiong Lies hand, and fresh blood quickly covered his entire palm, dying it crimson.

His eyes never once wavered from Jian Chen who stood right in front of him. Tianxiong Lie gave an angry growl as he continued to focus on Jian Chen before demanding, Speak, why did you kill my Kang Er, who was it that hired you to do it?

Seeing how there was a good 10 feet distance from Tianxiong Lie, Jian Chen lowered his sword a fraction and spoke coldly, No one told me to do anything, it was your son that provoked me first. If you want to blame anyone, then blame yourself for teaching a child to not know anything besides bragging and causing trouble wherever he goes.

Tianxiong Lies glare froze over at Jian Chen before asking once more, Was there really no person that told you to kill my son? You need not be afraid of being someones scapegoat. If you tell me right now, then Ill let you die a quick death.

Ive already told you. Its up to yourself if you want to believe it or not. Jian Chen replied.

Seeing how there was no hint of a lie in Jian Chens words, Tianxiong Lie couldnt help but believe him. Opening his mouth, he said, So it seems that it was my fault, I was too lenient on Kang Er and so Kang Er is dead because of me. As he spoke, Jian Chen could hear the sorrow and regret in Tianxiong Lies voice.

At this moment a decent distance away, a group of 10 people were approaching rapidly. Seeing the group of people behind Tianxiong Lie, Jian Chen mood couldnt help but change for the worse. If he couldnt defend himself against someone like Tianxiong Lie, then with another 10 Saint Masters added into the mix, Jian Chen would definitely die here today.

While reabsorbing his Light Wind Sword back into his body, Jian Chens feet immediately stamped against the ground, causing a clump of dirt to fly up. Concentrating the Saint Force in his body in his hands, he slapped the dirt forward. Immediately, the clump of dirt became a huge dust cloud that flew toward Tianxiong Lie and blocked his vision.

Gaining this new opportunity, Jian Chen didnt hesitate. His figure immediately became a blur as he headed toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Because of the dust cloud, Tianxiong Lies vision was heavily impacted and could not see around himself at all. In order to avoid a surprise attack by Jian Chen, he immediately leapt backward from the dust cloud area. Although, the moment he saw Jian Chen had instead chosen to run away, he exploded with anger, You cant escape! Before he had even finished talking, he started to chase after Jian Chen. However, because of this delay, the headstart Jian Chen had gave him a few hundred meters of distance.

In this current situation, Jian Chen was unable to heal himself using the light Saint Force. What he needed the most was to run away at full speed to the Magical Beast Mountain Range to avoid Tianxiong Lies wrath.

Wake City was only 20 kilometers away from the Magical Beast Mountain Range. With Jian Chen running as if his life depended on it, he was already close to the Magical Best Mountain Range. Arriving at the forest which was by the outskirts of the mountain, he came across a dense part of the forest.

Tianxiong Lie who was still chasing him from behind could already guess what Jian Chen was planning to do. With some hesitation, he brought out his giant axe that gleamed in the light in his hands. Tianxiong Lie held his axe above his head before letting out an explosive shout and swinging downward.

Then a two meter long earth attribute Saint Force colored crescent moon came flying toward Jian Chen.

Sensing a large amount of energy fluctuating behind him, Jian Chen didnt bother to look around and instead ran to the side in an attempt to dodge.

The crescent moon like force of energy had moved past Jian Chens back. This time, Jian Chens good luck had saved him once more.


The earth Saint Force exploded against a huge rock, letting out a loud sound as a result and scattering the energy in all four directions. The stone which was previously the height of two people and 3 meters wide exploded into multiple fragments that flew everywhere. Several of the fragments that flew from the stone hit Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had tried his best to avoid every single stone fragment that flew at him, but with the sheer amount of them, enough to cover the sky, there were already some sharp rocks that had made it past his defenses.

With this unfortunate accident, Jian Chens movement was definitely hindered.

Kid, accept your death! A loud roar came from behind. It was Tianxiong Lie with his axe up high and a large amount of Saint Force ready to be used.