Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428: Visiting The Arctic Again
Chapter 1428: Visiting the Arctic Again

The tremendous voice exploded in Li Fengxings ears like a bolt of lightning. Not only was he deafened, but even his soul shook uncontrollably.

The wooden hut had collapsed, burying Li Fengxing in its ruins. However, Li Fengxing remained seated like nothing had happened. He had become temporarily stunned.

However, his dazed gaze began to shine once again. He immediately became shocked and terrified. He had not heard that voice a lot before, but it was one he would never forget, because he had thought about what the owner of the voice had said back in the sea realm several times over the last couple of days. The owner of the voice had now become the human sovereign.

Li Fengxing shuddered and immediately paled. At that moment, his entire soul was overwhelmed by tremendous fear. Without any hesitation, he immediately burst out of the ruins and took to the sky. He wanted to devote himself to fleeing.

However, as soon as he took to the sky, a stream of violet light suddenly appeared on the horizon, approaching him at an unbelievable rate. This streak of violet light was still near the horizon for one moment, but in the next, it had already arrived before him. Immediately, a pressure so powerful that it was indescribable swept forth, crushing down on Li Fengxing like a mountain. His chest became tight as breathing became difficult.

Jian Chen stood before Li Fengxing on the Zi Ying Sword with his arms crossed. He stared at Li Femgxing coldly as heavy killing intent radiated from him. He didnt expend any effort to conceal it.

Li Fengxing immediately began to violently tremble the moment he saw Jian Chen. He was utterly frightened and became overwhelmed by fear.

S- s- sovereign Jian Chen, youre the great human expert, so why do you still hang onto your past matters with someone insignificant like me? Li Fengxing inquired with a trembling voice. At the same time, he was filled with resentment. He had originally thought that he would be fine hiding away, thinking Jian Chen would forget someone as insignificant as him long ago with his great status as the sovereign of the humans. Never did he think that Jian Chen still remembered him even after attaining such a great status, and what he found unbelievable was that Jian Chen actually came to the Beast God Continent in search of him.

The grand elder of the Turtle clan was slain by you. No matter who it is, whoever has taken part in the attack against the grand elder, I will never let them go, even if they flee to the ends of the earth. Li Fengxing, you should have made up your mind about what is going to happen today the moment you killed the grand elder. Jian Chen coldly informed him.

N- no- sovereign Jian Chen, you cant blame me. I was only acting under orders Li Fengxing hurriedly replied. He felt like he was facing a death god as he stood before Jian Chen right now.

He had completely given up the thought of fleeing before Jian Chen, because he knew any attempt was useless. It was impossible for him to avoid being hunted down by an Origin realm sovereign.

Jian Chen had already made up his mind. Of the people who had contributed to the grand elder of the Turtle clans death, he had killed everyone except for Li Fengxing.

A powerful strand of sword Qi flashed with white light and Li Fengxing was beheaded by Jian Chen. The pure sword Qi entered Li Fengxings head through the wound and wiped out his soul.

A Class 8 Magical Beast, equivalent to a Saint King, was easily slain.

Only now did Nubis arrive as a golden streak of light. He silently stared at Li Fengxings head as it fell from the sky. He seemed to remember the story Jian Chen had told him when the grand elder and him were attacked by Li Fengxing and the others

If it were not for the grand elder laying down his life, Jian Chen probably would have died right there.

To the sea realm! Jian Chen said emotionlessly as he lifted up Li Fengxings head.

Nubis nodded silently and immediately ripped open a Space Gate leading to the sea realm. The two of them departed through it.

As soon as Jian Chen and Nubis approached the protective barrier around the sea realm, an entrance ripped open. They immediately headed to the Turtle clan.

In the forbidden grounds of the Turtle clan, Jian Chen and Nubis did not alert anyone. They silently arrived with Li Fengxings head. Jian Chen offered the magical beasts head to the grand elders spirit in heaven.

Jian Chen remained before the grand elders grave for three days. The two of them left silently after that. The great Turtle clan was now filled with experts. They possessed several Saint Kings, but no one had discovered Jian Chen and Nubis arrival.

Jian Chen and Nubis hovered a thousand meters above the calm sea as they gazed into the distance. Jian Chen said, Nubis, I need to go to the Ice Goddess Hall in the arctic. There is an extremely powerful and mysterious expert there. Before her, even I do not have control over my own life, so theres no need for you to come with me this time.

Nubis was shocked inside and became stern. He said with a heavy voice, Theres some rough records regarding the arctic Ice Goddess Hall in my inherited memories. Its said that theyre an mysteries organization that has already existed for countless years. Even the ten protector clans do not want to offend them. I never thought that there would be an Origin realm expert hidden there.

Nubis looked at Jian Chen and said, Jian Chen, I probably wont be able to help you with this trip. Ill wait for you on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen and Nubis separated. One of them headed to the Tian Yuan Continent while the other one made his way to the icy tundra in the north.

When Jian Chens feet landed on the arctic tundra once more, he could not help but sigh emotionally. This was the second time he had set foot on the tundra. He had been with Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yus the first time, but he was all by himself now.

However, the dangers of the tundra had drastically weakened even though he was by himself. It was even possible to say that nothing could threaten him aside from the layer of mist around the Ice Goddess Hall.

Seniors Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian originally fell victim because of me and were frozen into statues. I will save the three of them no matter what today and let the three of them become Saint Emperors.

Its also been far longer than a year since I promised my sister. Its just that I have been too busy and couldnt make time, which is why I didnt go when the promised time came. I wonder if shes mad Jian Chen did not fly on his sword. He instead made his way into the depths of the arctic region on foot. Although he was moving on foot, he moved extremely quickly. He would leave behind a faint afterimage with every step as he appeared several kilometers away. It seemed like he was teleporting.

Jian Chen encountered waves of iciness several times along the way. The streams of coldness could freeze a Saint King into a statue in a single moment, but now, Jian Chen could disperse them by extending a finger and shooting out a strand of sword Qi.

Very soon, Jian Chen saw the statues of the Saint Emperors and Class 9 Magical Beasts that had been left behind long ago. He could clearly see a few piles of icy slush near the statues. These piles were the result of Jian Chens attempts to free the statues of the frozen Saint Emperors when he had first come across them.

This time, Jian Chen only glanced over the statues indifferently. He did not stop as he continued on, disappearing in a few flashes. A faint layer of white light flickered around him as he radiated with sword Qi. He protected himself with the Way of the Sword. The icy streams of air would shatter as soon as they came into contact with the layer of light.

The deeper he ventured into the tundra, the colder it became. Even Jian Chen needed to take some measures to protect himself now.

After advancing a few thousand kilometers, Jian Chen finally saw the white mist that seemed to connect the sky with the ground. The white mist was completely formed from the terrifying presence of profound ice. It was extremely powerful. Even Hong Lian could not venture far into it with her full strength back then. She had almost been frozen into a statue.