Chaotic Sword God Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Tortoise Beast
Chapter 143: Tortoise Beast

Ai! Suddenly, Jian Chen let out a sound of surprise from the water edge. After he had washed away the sweat and filth, he stared at his body, only to discover that his skin had surprisingly turned a deep shade of red, completely unlike his usual skin color.

Whats going on here, how did my body turn red? Jian Chen cried out in astonishment with his eyebrows raised. After thinking about it for some time, his face relaxed and he broke out into a smile. Muttering to himself excitedly, he said, This is what the books said would happen; this situation means that the anti venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snake has completely fused with my bloodstream. I didnt think that it would fuse together in only a months time, nor did I think that the anti venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snake coursing through my body would make such a change. If my body continues to refine the Thousand Immunity, then it will eventually gain the ability to reproduce the anti venom on its own, and by then, I will have truly perfected the Thousand Immunity.

Once I perfect the Thousand Immunity, all of the blood that my body makes will naturally contain the anti venom. So I dont need to worry about my body losing any blood with anti venom anymore.

Jian Chen carefully inspected his body just in case there was any other changes to it other than his skin becoming a red color. However, there were no other changes; everything else was exactly the same as before.

Jian Chen leapt out of the river to where his crude leather clothes were, and began to change into them. Since he had decided to cultivate in the Magical Beast Mountain Range until he broke through to Saint Master level, Jian Chen didnt want to switch out of his simple clothing. He hadnt had enough time to buy a new set of spare clothes during his last return to Wake City from the mountain range, since he was unwilling to fill his Space Belt with countless amounts of clothes that would just be wasted out here. Because of the complicated terrain and all of its thistles and thorns, any clothes worn here would be quickly ruined. Even if he did bring several sets of clothes, he wouldnt want change into them just for that reason.

Jian Chen continued on deeper into the mountain range where the Class 3 Magical Beasts roamed, staying there for a few days.

As the next couple of days passed, Jian Chen continued on as usual. In the daytime, he would look for the traces of magical beasts and kill them. At night, he would use the monster cores to cultivate. However, because he hadnt prepared any repellant herbs for mosquitos and other poisonous insects, every night was a night of torment for him as they harassed Jian Chen. It was a good thing that Jian Chen had the primary step of the Thousand Immunity down, so he didnt have to worry about the poisonous bites of the insects. Plus, because he could control light Saint Force, the remaining swelling or other injuries he did sustain were immediately treated, and disappeared without a trace.

During the past few days, Jian Chen had already reached the Peak Great Saint level. Adding onto the fact that he had been fighting Class 3 Magical Beasts every day, his originally exquisite swordplay became even more perfect from this refinement. As his strength grew, the power of his physical body also gradually increased. Although it was still far from reaching invulnerability, it undoubtedly provided him an extremely durable body that could fully utilize his nimble swordplay. After all, if he wanted to increase his speed, the toll on his body would be extremely high. If his bodys resilience wasnt enough, a simple fist that used all his strength would most likely cause his arm to throb in pain, as if blood wasnt flowing through it. If he ceaselessly maintained his lightning-fast swordplay, the greatest merit it would provide would be in his cultivation of the profound Azulet Sword Law, especially for its first layer of techniques, Refined Body. It would not only help strengthen every cell in Jian Chens body, it would also make his body softer and yet still possess an exceedingly strong toughness.

Under these various conditions, Jian Chens weaknesses were worked in a way that improved and helped condition Jian Chens sword strokes to be even harder to dodge.

After becoming a Great Saint, killing Class 3 Magical Beasts was a great deal easier than before. Nearly 40 magical beasts died from Jian Chens hands every day.

Right now somewhere in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, Jian Chen and another gigantic Class 3 Magical Beast were fighting. The magical beast was the size of several cattle, and its entire body was covered with fine scales as a layer of defense.

Jian Chens body was like a speed demon as he continued to run in circles around the magical beast. The Light Wind Sword in his hand was like a sharp silver ray of light as it continuously struck against the scales of the magical beast. The density and toughness of the scales on the magical beast were extraordinary, so even if Jian Chen really wanted to break through them, he would have a hard time doing so. In addition, the magical beast was humongous. Even if the Light Wind Sword did pierce through the beasts body, the blade would not harm the beast in the slighetst, unless fatal.

Just as the magical beast started to shake, Jian Chen saw his chance. In a flash of lightning, he stabbed at the throat of the magical beast and pierced straight through it.

Unfortunately, after Jian Chen stabbed through its throat, the magical beast still did not die. Letting out a destitute roar, it began to charge at Jian Chen with a ferocity even more intense than before.

This tortoise magical beast is at the peak of a Class 3 Magical Beast level. It is even about to reach the Class 4 Magical Beast level; no wonder its vitality is this strong. It seems that if I want to take care of this quickly, I will have to take action from within his body. Otherwise, unless I behead it will be very difficult to kill. Jian Chen muttered as he looked at the magical beast in front of him. Not only was the magical beast strong in terms of defense, but its vitality was extraordinary as well. Even after Jian Chen had stabbed into its throat, it still didnt die; rather, the matter had infuriated it further.

While Jian Chen and this tortoise magical beast were battling, a group of mercenaries came into the battlefield. There were 20 men in that group with faces so filled with mud, that aside from their ages, no other distinguishing traits were visible. About half of them were wearing leather skinned clothing while the other half had clothes that were in extremely poor conditions. Two of the mercenaries were even wrapped up completely in bandages; their blood could easily be seen bleeding underneath the wrappings, signifying that they were heavily wounded.

The moment this group of mercenaries saw the tortoise magical beast fight with Jian Chen right in front of their eyes, they immediately let out a surprised shout.

That seems to be Jian Chen!