Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476: Into The Sea Of Despair
Chapter 1476: Into the Sea of Despair

The sea realm was located at the bottom of the ocean. It was a world enveloped by an extremely vast barrier. This barrier separated the sea water from the sea realm. The barrier was the sky of the sea realm and created an empty space within the water.

This space was the world of the sea realm as well as the territory of the Sea race.

The Sea race was divided into the outer sea and inner sea. The inner sea was the world within the barrier while the outer sea was the region outside, filled with seawater.

There were also members of the Sea race in the outer sea as well as some deep sea beasts who did not possess intelligence.

However, most of the Sea race outside had not taken a human form yet and were species that possessed huge bodies. It was not that they could not enter the inner sea, but that they were restricted by their huge bodies and found living in the sea realm extremely inconvenient. The outer sea was more convenient for them, so they remained outside and rarely entered the inner sea. This was why very few Sea races appeared in their original form in the inner sea.

At this moment, a resplendent streak of violet light tore through the air within the barrier. It moved extremely quickly, disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

This streak of violet was Jian Chen. He stood on the Zi Ying Sword with the Qing Suo Sword on his back. He stared at the familiar land below as his face was filled with reminiscence.

He expanded his soul. With his soul at Returnance, he could envelope the entire sea realm without much effort at all. Although the sea realm was not any smaller than the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen could see everything within as he stood on the Zi Ying Sword, aside from the divine realm and the Sea of Despair.

Through the senses of his soul, Jian Chen saw the Sea Goddess Hall, the Serpent God Hall, the Heavens Spirit Hall, as well as the heavily-injured hall masters of the latter two halls.

At the same time, he could see the prosperous Turtle clan. The current clan had truly returned to its former glory. Their clansmen had already exceeded a hundred thousand, and besides them, there were several tens of thousand warriors that had joined or been recruited by the Turtle clan. Even without Jian Chen, the current Turtle clan had become one of the most powerful organizations in the sea realm, only second to the three great halls.

In the center of the clan, Jian Chen saw a three-hundred-meter-tall statue. It was a depiction of himself and seemed very life-like.

Many clansmen and people that had joined the Turtle clan knelt in devotion before the statue. All of their gazes were filled with burning faith, as if the statue was their religion, their god.

Behind it was a tower several hundred meters tall. The tower was completely constructed from grand quality crystal, so the tower radiated pure and surging water-attributed energy.

The tower was only a few meters shorter than the statue. When Jian Chens soul penetrated the tower, he could clearly see a neidan radiating with the presence of the Turtle clan enshrined on the highest floor.

Jian Chens feelings could not help but become mixed when he saw the neidan. The neidan had caused him to think of the past, involuntarily recalling the moment when he had first come to the sea realm and received it from the sea goddess as well as all the moments after: from meeting the grand elder of the Turtle clan to becoming the Turtle clans ruler.

Jian Chen had no ties to the Turtle clan, but everything had happened due to the neidan the sea goddess had gifted him. Huge changes occurred and, in the end, a new age of glory descended upon the Turtle clan. Even the sea goddess had not foreseen this.

I wonder if Kai Ya is still alive or not. Was the catastrophe of her clan caused by the Octoterra cultivation method I gifted her? If thats really the case, Ive brought disaster onto her, Jian Chen though about the first member of the Sea race he had met after coming to the sea realm. He could not help but gently sigh inside.

When he had gifted Kai Ya the cultivation method, he had wanted to find a successor for the Octoterra Emperor so that his legacy would never end as well as help out Kai Ya. After all, Jian Chen knew very few people in the sea realm back then. Aside from Xie Wang, there was only Kai Ya.

Jian Chen arrived outside the Sea of Despair with complicated and melancholic feelings. He gazed into the distance and only saw that the Sea of Despair was completely obscured by a wall of mist that connected the ground and the sky.

The Sea of Despair was an extremely special place. It was filled with a mysterious power that stopped all senses of the soul from working. Even Jian Chens soul at Returnance was unable to penetrate the mist.

Jian Chen gazed into the mist as he stood outside. He could not help but think of the Immortal Emperors flesh that was scattered across the region as well as the Anatta Grand Primes Anatta Tower from the Saints World. His eyes immediately lit up with determination and anticipation.

This was the determination to enter the Anatta Tower and the anticipation to obtain it.

Jian Chen took a single step. He crossed several hundred meters in that single step, and three steps later, he disappeared into the mist. He had entered the Sea of Despair.

Jian Chen strode through the Sea of Despair. He took each step firmly and confidently, without any fear. He was no longer as careful as he had been when he had first come in with Yadriam. Instead, he charged forward, full of confidence.

The mist before Jian Chen was nothing ordinary. Not only did it obscure Jian Chens vision but even his soul was rendered useless.

As he moved through the mist, some specks of light, like the eyes of ghosts, gradually appeared behind Jian Chen. They hid in the mist as they followed Jian Chen, increasing in number.

When the pairs of eyes reached over thirty, they finally ran out of patience. They all surged toward Jian Chen and attack him.

Jian Chen did not seem to discover the eyes behind him. He took each step confidently. The eyes moved extremely fast, arriving behind Jian Chen in the blink of an eye. They wanted to penetrate Jian Chens body. Mist lingered around them.

However, when the eyes reached three inches away from Jian Chen they suddenly produced a chilling shriek before dissolving into mist.

Soon afterward, the other eyes all collided with Jian Chen. Immediately, many shrieks rang out. All the eyes that had attacked Jian Chen had been reduced to mist in a single moment.

Jian Chen did not look back at all, as if he did not hear the shrieks. He continued through the mist step by step. He seemed nonchalant. At a closer glance, a thin layer of light, created from his Way of the Sword, hung around him.