Chaotic Sword God Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Spare Us!
Chapter 148: Spare Us!

As the mercenaries cried out, their eyes landed on Jian Chen with shock written all over their faces.

Not a single one of them had thought that after looking everywhere in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, they would coincidentally come across him. What was more amusing was just how exactly they came across Jian Chen.

Another mercenary laughed bitterly as he stared at Jian Chen, I say fellow brother, you shouldnt joke around in such a manner just in case some idiot believes what you say and drags you off to the Tianxiong clan for the bounty.

Hearing that mercenary, the other mercenaries saw the light and began to force a smile as well. The words Jian Chen had said had truly shocked them.

Fellow friend, right now Jian Chens name is infamous around this area, it would be best for you if you refrain from joking around like that again or else you risk having trouble come looking for you. A mercenary said. Not a single one of them believed that this animal hide wearing person was the Jian Chen they were looking for.

Jian Chen laughed and said, Then what would you need to believe that Im Jian Chen?

According to what we know, Jian Chens Saint Weapon is a thin longsword and is quite young. Around the age of 20 to be exact. His speed is quite fast as is his sword strokes to the point where even a few Saint Master experts arent able to dodge them. It was said that because these Saint Masters werent able to dodge his sword that they died by Jian Chens hands. A mercenary said.

A silver sword appeared in Jian Chens handsit was his Light Wind Sword. Laughing, Jian Chen said, Take a look, the sword Jian Chen uses, is it this one?

Hearing this, the mercenaries looked at the Light Wind Sword in Jian Chens hands with a curious look.

Ai! Look! This sword here has some resemblance.

Thats right, its quite similar, almost exactly the same.

Right away, two mercenaries couldnt help but cry out. Hearing those two, the rest of the mercenaries began to grow serious as they looked at Jian Chen, their attitudes toward him slowly changing.

You really are Jian Chen. A mercenary stared at the dust filled face of Jian Chen. As the way things were now, these mercenaries had all came to the conclusion that this person in front of them was the person they had been painstakingly looking for.

Jian Chen laughed as he said, Thats right, I am Jian Chen. The Jian Chen that has been chased by the Tianxiong clan. Right now, I stand here waiting to see if you can capture and take me back to Wake City for the bounty.

Hearing that, the mercenaries began to laugh out loud as they looked at each other before one of the mercenaries cried out, My brothers, surround him!

With that command, a mercenary rushed toward Jian Chen while the rest of the mercenaries hesitated for a moment before charging along with him. Surrounding Jian Chen in a circle.

Just as Jian Chen absorbed the Light Wind Sword, both of his hands rested against his chest as he looked at the mercenaries surrounding him. With disdain, he said, It would appear that many people were tempted by the ten thousand purple coin bounty, but I didnt think that even Great Saints would come to capture me as well. Could it be that you didnt hear about how many Saint Masters died by my hand, or do you think your strength surpasses those of the Saint Masters?

The mercenaries all looked at Jian Chen with some hesitation as they listened to him, but one of the mercenaries cried out, Jian Chen, you can stop pretending to be brave. Right now, everyone knows that you are heavily injured, so your strength is nowhere near the same level as it was. It would be best for you if you were to come with us obediently, otherwise, dont blame us for being impolite. By that point, dont say that we bullied you.

Jian Chen shook his head helplessly as he muttered, It seems that the money has really addled your brains to the point where you dont even care for your own lives. Forget it, I dont feel like speaking with you anymore. Jian Chen then stopped talking before his body shook slightly before appearing instantly right in front of a closeby mercenary. Making a fist with his right hand, he slammed it into the nose of that mercenary without any fancy movements.

Ah! The mercenary cried out in agony as he held his nose in pain. Blood began to slowly drip down from it, and before long the entire bottom part of his face was covered with blood. Jian Chens fist had broken his nose.

After breaking that mercenarys nose, Jian Chen didnt stop there. Immediately kicking at his stomach, the man was sent flying back 5 meters.

Immediately after, Jian Chens body disappeared and reappeared right in front of another mercenary with a great amount of Saint Force circling his leg. With that leg, he lashed out at the chest of the mercenary.

Bang! came the collision. The mercenary didnt have any time to react before being sent flying into the air with blood flying out from his mouth.

Jian Chen, what a lowly person you are for using a sneak attack! Everyone forward, take him!

After Jian Chen had attacked those 2 mercenaries, the rest of the mercenaries were brought back to awareness and flew at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons ready to slash.

Jian Chen nimbly dodged the attacks and dashed forward and with his fists at the ready, he attacked a few of the mercenaries at a rapid pace, causing an endless stream of sounds to be heard.

Now that Jian Chen was a Saint Master, he could easily take care of those at the Great Saint level without using his Light Wind Sword.

Every sword user thought their swords to be extremely important, and many viewed the sword to be akin to their second life. Jian Chen was no exception. Looking at these mercenaries in front of him, if he were to use his sword to kill these mercenaries, it would be like killing a chicken with a cow cleaver.

Despite Jian Chen utilizing the art of Chinese boxing, these mercenaries were still powerless to respond. Within a few breaths, they had fallen to the ground with bloody noses and swollen faces.

Jian Chen clapped his hands together as he looked at the pained mercenaries on the ground and laughed, Do you still believe you can take me in to get that reward?

Lord Jian Chen, please spare us, spare us please. Wewe were possessed and seduced to the point of foolishness by the thought of the reward. You must be generous, please spare us this time. A mercenary crawled from the ground and began to bow his head to Jian Chen while pleading in a loud voice.