Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485: Reciprocity Sword Qi
Chapter 1485: Reciprocity Sword Qi

Xiao Lings strength is at Returnance, so Ive personally witness the power at Returnance. However, the vague presence from these four small swords is far more powerful than Xiao Ling. Have the power of these swords reached Reciprocity? Jian Chens eyes grew brighter and brighter as he silently sensed the terrifying sword Qi within the four swords. In the end, his heart even began to beat harder.

Fantastic! With these four strands of sword Qi, I have a high chance of killing the tower spirit, Jian Chen murmured excitedly. He then thought about the threat of the foreign world and began to hesitate.

These four sword Qi exhibit the power at Reciprocity. If I use these four strands of sword Qi to deal with the experts from the World of Forsaken Saints, Ill be able to kill four Returnance experts at the very least, possibly more, even if they cant harm the Spiritking, Jian Chen hesitated. He had come to the Anatta Tower primarily to increase his own strength to deal with the foreign world. However, now that he had obtained these four strands of sword Qi, he was stuck in a dilemma. He was not sure if he should use the sword Qi to deal with the tower spirit and obtain the Anatta Tower or just it to deal with the foreign experts.

However, Jian Chen made up his mind. He said, I originally only asked these strands of sword Qi to kill the tower spirit, so if I use these four strands of sword Qi to deal with the experts of the World of Forsaken Saints, I would be going back on my word. These four strands of sword Qi might even disperse, no longer assisting me.

Jian Chen no longer wavered. His eyes became determined as he slowly raised his hand, planning on storing the sword Qi in his Space Ring.

However, to his surprise, the sword Qi immediately disappeared into his hand the moment he touched them. The image of four small swords appeared on his right arm.

Jian Chen silently sensed his arm. He could clearly feel the existence of the four small swords, but the four swords no longer seemed tangible to him. Instead, they were four illusory strands of sword Qi and possessed a faint connection to his conscience. Jian Chen discovered that he could actually use the four strands of sword Qi as he wished through this connection.

The sword Qi have already gained spirituality and intelligence. They possess their own lives and are no longer just strands of sword Qi, Jian Chen sighed in surprise. He was not sure whether it was because of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalts supreme strength or him comprehending Sword God that allowed his sword Qi to become spirits after many years.

Jian Chen left the area with the four sword Qi and entered the Anatta Tower again. Very soon, he passed through the second floor and arrived on the third.

When he had reached the third floor, before he could gain his bearings, a terrifying killing intent appeared behind him, forcing his muscles to tense up. At the same time, he emitted a bright glow, created from his comprehension of the Way of the Sword, which wrapped around him. Jian Chen then took a step to the side on instinct. He vanished from where he was with that single step, reappearing a hundred meters away as if he had just teleported.

Jian Chen had completed all those actions smoothly and in a single moment. His reaction speed was superhuman.

Right after Jian Chen had dodged, an ear-piercing whistle appeared where he had been standing. A tiny tower had passed by as a blur, radiating with an overwhelming presence of destruction. The space the tower touched twisted slightly. To no surprise, the red-robed boy hovered behind where Jian Chen had appeared before. The gaze he sent toward Jian Chen was full of anger and seemed be full of fear at times, but that fear would quickly be replaced by wild killing intent.

Killing intent flashed through Jian Chens eyes. With a thought, the Zi Ying Sword shot toward the red-robed boy as a streak of violet light. The Zi Ying Sword crossed several hundred meters and arrived before the boy in a single moment.

However, the boy did not pay any attention to the sword this time. He only stared at Jian Chen. Suddenly, he vanished, causing the Zi Ying Sword to miss.

Jian Chen became alert the same moment the boy vanished. He extended his finger backward all of a sudden and the Qing Suo Sword immediately flew from his back, in the direction of where Jian Chen had pointed.

With a boom, the boy had appeared behind Jian Chen and used the miniature tower in his hand to strike the Qing Suo Sword. The powerful ripple of energy emitted from the collision caused Jian Chen to stagger back.

His clone on the third floor is slightly stronger than the second floor, but its still limited. Killing him here will not be difficult, Jian Chen thought. From the clash before, he had determined the strength of the boy.

Freeze, world! Suddenly, the boy yelled and the power of the Anatta Tower on the third floor immediately began to surge. It seemed like a law had been created, attempting to shackle time itself.

Jian Chens face changed slightly. He had personally experienced this technique before. It was not as simple as freezing space. Not only could it trap him, but even the Azulet swords were not able to avoid it. He would only remain frozen for a short instance, but that was more than enough time to completely change the situation.

Sky-severing Strike! Before the boy could complete his technique, Jian Chen formed a seal with his hand and used a sword technique as quickly as he could.

The sword spirits had passed this sword technique onto him. It belonged to the Immortals World and even though it was only a basic skill, its power far exceeded any Saint Tier Battle Skill. Jian Chen could erupt with power far greater than his peak when he used it.

The Zi Ying Sword immediately lit up as soon as Jian Chen stopped speaking and became a hundred meters long in a single moment. It radiated with a mysterious power. The region enveloped by the violet light had become a whole different domain. To no surprise, the boy stood in the domain as well.

Jian Chen was completely unaffected in the domain, but to the boys surprise, he was completely immobilized.

Sword Domain! God dammit, you want to trap me with a mere Sword Domain! If I wasnt so weak, just a breath from me is enough to shatter this Sword Domain. The boy was furious. He was ashamed to be trapped in such a weak domain.

As soon as the Sword Domain formed, the technique used by the boy descended as well, clashing with the Sword Domain. It immediately caused the area around them to distort, showing signs of shattering.

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes. Without any hesitation, he suddenly extended his finger, taking advantage of the moment the boy was trapped. The hundred-meter-long sword immediately fell toward the boy.


The strike was extraordinarily powerful. After passing through the red-robed boy, the Zi Ying Sword did not slow down at all. It continued toward the ground and immediately erupts with a great boom. The entire ground rumbled and dust was kicked into the air, obscuring the sun.

The boy cried out painfully and immediately began to fade. Describing the strike as devastating was no exaggeration. It had even been imbued with Jian Chens comprehension of the Way of the Sword. It possessed a sliver of power from laws, the power of ways. Even though the power was extremely puny right now, its strength was evident. The boy had almost dispersed after withstanding such a strike.

I will never let things be easy for you even if I have to destroy this body! The boy roared. He became determined as a flame suddenly rose from his illusory body. Within the flames, the boys body gradually faded while his presence skyrocketed, becoming more and more powerful.

Jian Chen became stern. He knew that the boy was using a secret technique to sacrifice himself to obtain greater power. Just when Jian Chen moved to stop him, the boys figure completely dissolved in the flames. Only a tiny tower hovered where the boy had been, radiating with terrifying pulses of energy.


The tower turned into an afterimage as it shot toward Jian Chen with an ear-piercing whistle. A destructive presence permeated its surroundings, causing even Jian Chens expression to change.

He knew that this destructive presence was a type of law, the power of a way. Even though the power the child had condensed was not extremely intense, it was still a large threat to Jian Chen. At the same time, the boy had burned his body in exchange for the strike. It was unimaginably powerful.

Jian Chen became extremely stern. The tower had already locked onto him, so it was impossible for him to dodge it. In that dangerous moment, Jian Chen used his finger as a sword and pointed at the Qing Suo Sword. He cried out, Spiral sword Qi! The Qing Suo Sword immediately began to shine, transforming into a streak of azure light and arriving before Jian Chens chest. The entire sword began to spin like a wheel with the hilt as the center. It spun so fast that it turned into a flurry in just a short moment. It released azure waves, which began to cause the space in front of it to oscillate, as if it had become thick.

At the same time, the Zi Ying Sword flew toward the tiny tower as a violet streak of light, colliding with it violently and emitting a great boom.

The Zi Ying Sword was knocked far away, but the tower did not waver at all. It remained locked onto Jian Chens presence and surged toward him with an unstoppable motion. When it entered the rings of azure waves from the Qing Suo Sword, it immediately began to slow down. The power in the tower was actually dissipating at an unbelievable speed.

Not only did the waves created by the azure sword slow down the tower, but they rapidly wore the tower down. However, the tower still moved at an unbelievable speed even though it had slowed down, instantly striking the spinning sword.

The Qing Suo Sword was also knocked far away and stopped spinning. The waves immediately vanished. The tower had encountered two obstacles by now and was only half as powerful as it had been initially. Afterward, with its tip at the front, it passed through Jian Chens chest.

Jian Chen violently trembled as he staggered back. His face instantly paled, and a bowl-sized cavity had appeared in his chest.