Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1491

Chapter 1491: The Anatta Grand Prime
Chapter 1491: The Anatta Grand Prime

Senior Tian Jian has spent ten years and is still not done refining the divine hall from Mercenary City with his strength as a Saint Emperor. The Anatta Tower is clearly much greater than that divine hall, so I wonder how much time Ill need to refine the first layer of the Anatta Tower with my current strength, Jian Chen wondered inside before hesitating. The World of Forsaken Saints would invade again in two or three years. He did not know if he could refine the first layer of the Anatta Tower within that time frame.

Dont worry, master. The Anatta Tower may be a supreme quality god artifact, but there are nine steps to refining it. It is indeed impossible for master to refine the whole tower with your current strength, but you shouldnt take long to refine the first layer with our help, said Zi Ying. The Zi Ying Sword arrived above Jian Chens head and projected a handsome young man in violet robes.

Master, well help you out! The Qing Suo Sword also arrived above Jian Chens head, projecting a beauty in an azure dress.

Jian Chen clenched his teeth and said, If thats the case, lets try to take this tower with us before the foreign world invades again.

Jian Chen immediately sat down. With assistance from the sword spirits, he began to devote himself to refining the stone tablet.

As Jian Chen refined the three-hundred-meter-tall tablet before him, it immediately experienced some changes. From the very bottom, the pure-white tablet gradually darkened and the dark color spread up at an extremely gradual rate.

The dark portion was the part that Jian Chen had successfully refined. When the entire tablet turned black, he would become the second master of the Anatta Tower.

However, the refinement process became more difficult the further he advanced. When the darkness had reached a height of three meters, it visibly slowed down.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already spent a year refining the tablet. During that year, he had refined ninety percent of the first layer. However, the final part was far more difficult than he had imagined. Jian Chen poured everything he had into it, but he was still progressing slowly.

However, Jian Chen did not give up. He desperately refined it, and finally, after another half a year, he successfully refined the first layer. A ninth of the giant tablet was now dark.

The darkness represented that Jian Chen had successfully refined the first layer of the Anatta Tower. He could not utilize the basic controls of the structure.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. His forehead was currently covered with sweat. He was exhausted, but there was an uncontainable excitement in his eyes.

The current him could clearly feel a mental connection with the Anatta Tower. He could vaguely sense everything in the tower, on all nine floors. However, he could only sense the second to the ninth second floor in haze. As for the first floor, he could sense it extremely clearly. He could even vaguely gain an idea as to what was going on in the dark regions that had been annihilated by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

The annihilated regions seemed as vast as the night sky to Jian Chen. They were unimaginably tremendous. Even the Tian Yuan Continent did not seem to be a hundredth of the dark regions.

The Anatta Grand Primes treasury really exists on the ninth floor, Jian Chen murmured to himself. His eyes shone. He appeared a hundred meters away in the next moment, like he had teleported. He gazed at some empty space before him.

The treasurys been hidden in a spatial crack on the ninth floor by the Anatta Grand Prime. Even the artifact spirit cant open it. Only the master of the tower can. Its just a pity that Im too weak right now, so I still cant open it yet. Jian Chen gently exhaled in disappointment. In a flash, he returned to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Im actually unable to sense the existence of this palace at all. It must be a projection left behind by the Anatta Grand Prime through an ability in the past, Jian Chen stared at the palace for a while before entering it with long strides.

A while later, Jian Chen arrived in one of the halls within the palace. He stood at the entrance and stared ahead. There was a structure made from white jade at the end of the hall. It was only the size of a millstone and seemed like a cushion for meditation. Jian Chens gaze stopped on the stone structure that was only three inches tall for a while. He then looked behind it. A statue stood there.

The statue depicted a woman in white clothes. Her figure was slender, her beauty: indescribable. She stood there with her head slightly raised, as if she was staring at the void. She did not give off a shocking presence but seemed to have combined and resonated with the world, a transformation of nature itself, having become a law.

Whos that? Is that the Anatta Grand Prime? Jian Chen stood at the entrance and stared at the beauty in a daze. He found it very hard to believe the reality that the Anatta Grand Prime, one of the three strongest experts in the Saints World, was female.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo appeared. They also stared at the womans statue in a daze and only after quite some time did Zi Ying say, Former master once clashed with the Anatta Grand Prime several times, but he was surrounded by the ways of the world, causing him to become enshrouded. Theres basically no one in our Immortals World whos seen his true appearance. At the same time, his voice was always fused with the ways of the world, having changed to contain all the sounds of the world, so it was impossible to tell his gender. In reality, theres many Grand Primes in the Saints World whove never seen his true appearance either.

The Heavenly Balance of Bisheng is the Anatta Grand Primes residence. Theres no doubt about that. Yet, theres actually a statue like this in his residence, so is this really the Anatta Grand Primes true appearance? Or is this woman the most important person to the Anatta Grand Prime, Qing Suo gently furrowed her brows and stared at the statue out of curiosity.


At this moment, a vague sigh reverberated through the entire illusory palace. It was a females voice and sounded extremely gentle and pleasant. It was enough to take people aback, but it also seemed to be weathered, having gone through and experienced many things in the past.

Jian Chen immediately became shocked when he heard the voice. He looked around but failed to discover anyone at all. He did not succeed at discovering the origins of the voice either. The voice seemed to echo through the entire palace, possibly the entire floor of the tower.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo narrowed their eyes. They had also heard the sigh and looked around, but they failed to discover anything either.

This isnt the voice of the tower spirit, nor is it the voice that were familiar with from the Anatta Grand Prime. Its not the Nirvanic Immortal Exalts voice either, Zi Ying said with a heavy voice.

May I ask who you are? Jian Chen asked. He looked around cautiously. He could vaguely sense everything on the ninth floor, but the palace exceeded his senses. His soul was suppressed in the palace as well, so it was completely useless.

Ive waited here for over three million years for someone to finally come. You are the first after all that time. The vague voice rang out once again. It echoed through the entire hall, making it difficult to discover its origins.

However, a hazy,white figure gradually emerged from the statue of the woman neat the end of the palace.

The figure was very hazy at the start, only a rough silhouette. However, it gradually cleared up and her facial features became visible. She looked just like the statue, not only possessing the same charm but the same bearing as well.

Jian Chen was shocked inside when he saw the illusory figure. He carefully glanced at the Azulet swords and immediately felt rather unsettled. He asked with a heavy voice, Are you the Anatta Grand Prime?

I am indeed Anatta, the figure said with a gentle voice. She stared off into the distance as complicated emotions and memories clouded her eyes.

Jian Chens heart sank and his face became extremely ugly. Never would he have thought that the Anatta Grand Prime would appear here. Even though the illusionary figure he was seeing right now was probably only a clone of her, it was still terrible news to him.

He refused to believe that the Anatta Grand Prime did not recognize the Azulet swords. Since they were with him, it also meant that he had exposed his connection with the Immortals World. He might have even gotten the Anatta Grand Prime to believe that he was a part of that world. The Immortals World and the Saints World stood on opposing sides. The Anatta Grand Prime had fought the the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt in the past. This was a horrible situation for him.

Jian Chen could even imagine the hellish moment he headed to the Saints World after his connection to the Immortals World spread through the Saints World.

Jian Chens face sank. The light in his eyes flickered uneasily. At that moment, he was tempted to disperse the Anatta Grand Primes figure, but he was uncertain about the strength of the clone, so he did not act recklessly for the time being.

The Anatta Grand Prime did not seem to notice the changes in Jian Chens expression. Her gaze remained fixated on the distant sky. She slowly said, Back then, I fought the greatest expert of the Immortals World, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. I was not his opponent, so I fled with heavy injuries. When I made my way back to the Saints World, my disciple Ta Ji suddenly ambushed me. Caught off-guard, he succeeded, so I became even more injured. It was also at that moment when I suddenly realized that my disciple had been secretly working with the Grand Prime Yan Zun. He wanted to kill me while I was heavily injured and take my extreme comprehensions of the Laws of Fire.

I engaged in a battle of life-and-death against the Grand Prime Yan Zun and my traitor of a disciple. I managed to kill my wretched disciple, but I was just too heavily injured from the battle against the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt and the Anatta Tower had been severely damaged as well. It had also been suppressed by the sword formations of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, so I was unable to use its power. As a result, I failed to kill Yan Zun, only managing to destroy his body. I watched his soul escape.