Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497: A Heavy Tower
Chapter 1497: A Heavy Tower

Jian Chen could see everything happening in Longevity Valley with his soul. Filled with sorrow, the place made Jian Chen fall silent. At that moment, Jian Chen could not help but feel sad as anguish filled his face.

Jian Chen stood quietly in the discussion hall. Although he was in Flame City, his mind was in Longevity Valley, which was over a million kilometers away. He sighed in the end.

Outside Flame City, a patch of space suddenly began to violently distort. Soon afterward, it ripped open and a multi-colored Space Gate appeared. Nubis emerged leisurely from the gate, and with a flash, he disappeared as if he had teleported away.

In five seconds, Nubis appeared within the city lords estate. He swaggered toward the central discussion hall while the guards that passed him all bowed politely to him.

Jian Chen, youve finally returned after vanishing for over a decade. Sigh, Im more used to spending time with you. It really has been hard to get accustomed to life without you. Nubis chuckled aloud as soon as he entered the discussion hall. He felt happy from the bottom of his heart that Jian Chen had returned, because it was just like what he had said. The days he spent with Jian Chen were the most interesting times of his life. They had always been filled with hair-raising moments. Now that everything had slowed down, Nubis found it rather hard to adapt to his new life since he loved his lifestyle from before.

Jian Chen also suppressed his sorrow due to Nubis return. His emotions were back to their usual calm very soon. He glanced over the remaining people in the discussion hall and said, Ive called you all here today to see whether you are fated to obtain a huge fortune or not. Dont resist, I will send you into another world. With that, a finger-sized tower appeared in the center of Jian Chens palm. It rapidly expanded under Jian Chens control, becoming over ten meters tall in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, the hall was over twenty meters tall, so it was able to hold the tower without it hitting the ceiling.

Since Jian Chen had not completely refined the Anatta Tower, he could not use many of the towers abilities. He was obviously unable to get the tower to hover in the air, so he could only place it on the ground.


As soon as the damaged Anatta Tower touched the ground, it produced a heavy sound while the ground began to violently shake. Not only did the shaking spread across the entire city, but it even expanded beyond the city at a rapid rate. In the end, it reached several hundred thousand kilometers away, causing a rare earthquake across a small portion of the continent.

The discussion hall became filled with cracks at that moment. Even though the entire hall had been imbued with a shred of Xiao Jins force, making it extremely tough where not even Saint Kings could damage it, it seemed extremely fragile when touched by the Anatta Tower.

When the Anatta Tower touched the ground, it was not as simple as a tremble and an earthquake. The ground underneath the tower rapidly sank, causing the tower to sink into the ground as well.

The Anatta Tower had crushed the ground with just its weight, sinking at an extremely rapid pace. In just a second, basically the entire tower had been buried. Only a third of it was still present.

Jian Chen immediately smacked his head at this sight. He had forgotten that the Anatta Tower could not leave his hand. The tower was as light as a feather when he carried it, but if it left his hand, nothing could hold back its weight. Even without using any power from the tower, he could probably pierce half a planet just by using its weight.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen arrived above the tower that was about to disappear in a flash. He gently placed his hand on its tip.

The moment Jian Chens hand touched the tower, it immediately came to a stop before rapidly shrinking. In just a few seconds, the tower shrank back to the size of a finger. It stood in Jian Chens hand, leaving behind a pit over ten meters deep.

Brother, look at you. Youve destroyed the discussion hall. Just what is this treasure? Bi Lian grumbled, but her eyes were fixated on the tower in Jian Chens hand. Curiosity poured out of her eyes.

Jian Chen bitterly smiled as he looked at the destroyed discussion hall, This treasures too heavy. I cant place it down here. Looks like we need to find another place.

Jian Chen left Flame City with them, searching for a place tough enough to set down the tower. There would naturally be people in the city who would fix the damaged discussion hall. Jian Chen did not pay any attention to the powerful earthquake either.

There was a mountain range close to Flame City. The mountain range was originally a mine for tungsten alloy and had once received attention from people across the continent. However, since the metallic spirit in the mine had matured and left as Xiao Jin, the place had completely lost its value. It had been reduced to an ordinary mountain range without any tungsten alloy left.

There was a deep valley in the depths of the mountain range. Very few people knew about its existence. Even after being reduced to a mountain range, the bottom of the valley was not soft. It was extremely tough.

At this moment, Jian Chen, Bi Yuntian, Bi Hai, Bi Lian, You Yue, Dugu Feng, and Nubis stood at the bottom of the valley. Before them stood a tower that was three thousand meters tall. It was covered with sword slashes, and each slash flickered brightly, giving off a suffocating sword Qi.

A huge barrier stood above the tower, enveloping the entire mountain range and suppressing the towers existence.

It sure is problematic when I have to carry this tower with me. Sigh, if only the artifact spirit was here, Jian Chen felt rather helpless as he stared at the tower. Although he had found a place to set down the tower, he needed to make the tower huge so that its large surface area could disperse its weight. That was the only way to ensure that the tower would not sink into the ground.