Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514: Acquaintances From The Sea Realm
Chapter 1514: Acquaintances from the Sea Realm

I was once the young lady of the Kalor tribe, my fathers only daughter. I had a very loving father and thousands of clansmen as well. I lived in a happy family, but now, my father is gone and all my clansmen are gone as well. All those familiar, smiling faces only exist in my memories now. Kai Ya sat by the window as she numbly stared outside. Two streaks of tears ran down her cheeks.

The sea realm was vast. The number of people living there reached into the tens of billions. However, she did not have a single relative among them. She was filled with loneliness. She gulped down the strong alcohol in her cup, and it roared in her chest like a burning flame, causing her face to flush. She raised her head and stared at the deep blue sky. The sky was both familiar and foreign. Kai Ya no longer felt any attachments to the sea realm now.

Perhaps the sea realm had become a place of sorrow to her. It would only cause her anguish.

At this moment, Kai Ya overheard the conversation of a few people. Her empty eyes immediately narrowed.

Theres still one day until the great human experts wedding. I heard that although sovereign Jian Chens wedding was quite sudden and that the preparations were rather rushed, the wedding will be unprecedentedly grand

Thats obvious. Dont you know who sovereign Jian Chen is? He was born as a human, but his magnanimity and generosity has won the respect of all experts in the world. After all, many Saint Kings and Saint Emperors only managed to break through because of sovereign Jain Chens heavenly resources. Ive even heard that sovereign Jian Chen helped revive our great sea goddess. Our great goddess will probably personally take part in sovereign Jian Chens wedding

I cant speak for our great sea goddess, but I am certain that all the emperors in our sea realm will be going to sovereign Jian Chens wedding. Theres many Saint Emperors taking part in his wedding. Just the thought of it is envious

Its said that sovereign Jian Chen is also the ruler of the Turtle clan. Whats interesting is how hes clearly a human, so how can he be the ruler of the Turtle clan as well. This rumors probably false

I dont know whether sovereign Jian Chen is the ruler of the Turtle clan, but I paid a visit to the Turtle clan a few months ago and saw a sculpture of him there

With someone bringing up the topic, more and more people took part in the conversation about Jian Chen. Very soon, there were no other conversations in the inn. Basically everyone was talking about Jian Chen. Some people had even began arguing intensely, getting into disagreements over Jian Chen.

Kai Ya, who was temporarily sitting in the same inn, forgot about her sorrow. She listened quietly as everyone conversed about Jian Chen. She could not help but think about when Jian Chen had gifted her the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor.

Although the Kalor tribe suffered its demise because of the cultivation method, Kai Ya had never blamed Jian Chen. She understood that her clan was devastated because her father mentioned the cultivation method she practiced to his five good friends, who he overly trusted.

Kai Ya said nothing. She sat there quietly by herself as she drank, paying attention to all the conversations about Jian Chen in the inn. She had no idea what changes Jian Chen had gone through during these years, nor did she know why he had become the human sovereign. She wanted to learn a bit more about him through the other people. However, after listening for quite some time, she discovered that basically everyones conversations in the inn revolved around Jian Chens wedding. Apart from the fact that Jian Chens wedding was about to occur, she learned nothing else.

Kai Ya knew that she would learn nothing more if she continued listening. As a result, she stood up and clasped her hands to everyone, Warriors!

Kai Ya did not speak loudly, but her voice drowned out all the sounds in the inn. At the same time, her voice was thunderous when others heard it, forcing them to stop talking. At that moment, the busy inn fell completely silent. Everyone looked at Kai Ya full of dread and fear.

They all sensed that the ordinary-looking woman was an extremely powerful expert.

Kai Ya had stunned everyone in the inn with a single word. It would obviously not be a problem for her to learn about what she wanted to know. In order to get on her good side, all the people in the inn hurriedly answered Kai Yas questions. Every single person constantly blurted out answers and spoke endlessly. They answered every single question.

Kai Ya learned everything very soon and left behind a few quaking thunders as gifts before leaving.

I never thought that warrior Jian Chen would have already surpassed Saint Emperor, and I never thought that so much would happen while I cultivated in the depths of the sea realm, such as the invasion of the World of Forsaken Saints. Theres still one more day before warrior Jian Chens wedding, and I no longer have any attachments to the sea realm, so I might as well go to the Tian Yuan Continent, Kai Ya thought. Afterward, she shot off into the sky like a rocket, disappearing in a single moment.

At the same time in a city several million kilometers from where Kai Ya was, four old men walked side-by-side down a busy street.

The four old men all wore similar robes, and at a closer glance, it was quite obvious that their appearances and their presences possessed shocking similarities.

I never thought that so much would happen while we were in seclusion. Not only have many experts who have surpassed Saint Emperor appeared, but theyve even discovered the entrance to a different world, one of the old men said nonchalantly.

Big brother, the sea realm is filled with news about the wedding of the greatest human expert, Jian Chen, which will be held in a day, and that the entrance to the other world is on the Tian Yuan Continent as well, so all the strong people have gathered on the continent. Itll definitely be extremely busy there. Why dont we go to the Tian Yuan Continent? A second old man suggested.

Third brothers right. Theres no point for us to remain in the sea realm any longer. At the same time, theres many imperfections in the sword formation weve just comprehended. We can perfect it through fighting and killing. The next time the World of Forsaken Saints invades will be perfect for the four of us to perfect it.