Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524: The Might Of Saint Artifacts
Chapter 1524: The Might of Saint Artifacts

Feng Xiaotian stared at the forty-nine Saint Emperors who were controlling the seven ancestral weapons. He gently sighed. The Myriad Armament Formation requires ten thousand Saint Artifacts to create a formation. Only then will its might be fully displayed, but it's a pity that we only have seven Saint Artifacts here. Getting forty-nine Saint Emperors to wield them will only allow them display, at most, one-ten-thousandth its usual strength. It should be enough to keep seven Receival experts busy or one Returnance expert trapped.

Feng Xiaotian gave another command. Immediately, over half of the experts from the four races began to cast formations. Every single one of them was prepared for battle, ready to face the armies of the foreign world in their strongest condition.

The seven ancestral weapons rapidly descended from the sky under the control of the forty-nine Saint Emperors. Each one of them brightly glowed as a terrifying energy roared from them like the sea, radiating from the weapons and permeating the surroundings. The energy formed a tremendous pressure, forcefully pushing back the violent streams of energy emitted by the tunnel.

The Myriad Armament Formation blocked the entrance of the tunnel. The forty-nine Saint Emperors bellowed out a command, and the energy within them surged into the seven ancestral weapons, immediately causing them to shine even brighter. At that moment, the seven weapons seemed to have awakened from an eternal slumber. They were no weaker than Origin realm experts. They all struck at the tunnel simultaneously.

Under the attack, the surrounding space descended into pure darkness. The attack from the seven weapons was just far too powerful. They had surpassed the limits of space there, causing the tunnel to collapse.

Even though the space there had shattered and collapsed, the broken space was not enough to affect the seven ancestral weapons or the forty-nine Saint Emperors. Seven terrifying strands of energy shot into the tunnel with destructive presences, breaking through the violent streams of energy in the tunnel and shooting toward the experts who were drawing closer to the continent.

The experts of the World of Forsaken Saints were lead by a group of Saint Emperors. Facing attacks that were no weaker than Receival experts, they were unable to protect themselves. These attacks would be difficult to withstand even if they all worked together, not to mention the fact that the seven strands of energy moved extremely quick. They did not even have the time to gather many people together.

In a hurry, the Saint Emperors at the very front could only pool their energies together to form a powerful barrier before the attacks arrived.

Saint Emperors were puny before the seven ancestral weapons that were no weaker than Receival Experts. The ones at the front were unable to resist. Their bodies crumpled like paper while their souls were wiped out.

The attack from the seven ancestral weapons did not weaken at all after tearing through several Saint Emperors. They continued into the depths of the tunnel, mercilessly wiping out Saint Emperors.

The stable tunnel began to tremble slightly due to the attack. In the depths of the tunnel, there was a mess of flesh and blood. Over twenty Saint Emperors from the foreign world had been slain. Even their souls had failed to escape.

Even though the difference between a Receival expert and a Saint Emperor expert was only a single realm of cultivationin fact, just a single step away for peak Saint Emperorsthis single step was as wide as a chasm. It required a whole different type of change. Among the three cultivation realms of Saint Ruler, Saint King, and Saint Emperor, the differences were extremely great, but they still all belonged to Sainthood. They were in one major cultivation realm. However, the Origin realm was a higher realm of cultivation. Those at the Origin realm did not use Saint Force from Sainthood but origin energy.

Those below Saint Ruler were ants. Before a Saint Ruler, even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master was as puny as an ant. At the same time,it could be said that those beneath Origin realm were ants. Even those at the peak of Saint Emperor were puny. The distance between the major realms of cultivation could not be countered by ordinary people.

However, each group of seven Saint Emperor controlling a saint artifact had fully displayed the power of the weapon due to the formation. They were equivalent to seven Receival experts. If they worked together, they would have been able to take on a Returnance expert in battle. As a result, just a single attack from them was enough to slay over twenty Saint Emperors.

There were many Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints. Just the number that had entered the tunnel reached into the several hundreds, so slaying twenty Saint Emperors was not even a tenth of them. They were still unable to avoid being obstructed by the saint weapons.

However, the other Saint Emperors in the tunnel were prepared now. They formed defensive formations, supported by several or around a dozen people. They formed a profound diagram, which blocked the attacks like a shield.

At the same time, the forty-nine Saint Emperors on the Tian Yuan Continents side sent a second wave of attacks. Tremendous energy formed seven resplendent pillars, which shot into the tunnel.


When the seven pillars of terrifying energy collided with the defensive formation that had been created by the foreign Saint Emperors, the formations immediately collapsed. They were unable to hold the attacks back at all. After tearing through the formations, the seven streams of energy enveloped over a dozen Saint Emperors, and with a boom, they were all torn to shreds.

Corpses did not remain when the attacks, which were at the level of an Origin realm expert, hit the Saint Emperors.

Because the energy was just far too terrifying, enough to destroy the surroundings, even the extremely tough tunnel began to gently shake.

The second attack from the Myriad Armament Formation was followed up by a third. They wanted to kill off as many experts from World of Forsaken Saints main force as possible before they could arrive.

But at this very moment, the tunnel began to violently tremble. A terrifying pressure far greater than the level of a Receival expert exploded forth from the depths of the tunnel. Even the sun, moon, and stars seemed to be overshadowed by the pressure. At the same time, the violent streams of energy in the tunnel became gentle, rapidly dissipating into nothing.

The streams of energy were unable to exist before the indescribably powerful pressure. They had been forcefully dispersed by it.