Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526: Fighting Xiong Zhong One
Chapter 1526: Fighting Xiong Zhong (One)


This clash was even more intense than the last. Just the sound from it was unimaginably powerful. The terrifying sound waves expanded and collided with the tunnel walls, causing them to become extremely unstable. The Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints all paled while the weaker ones began to bleed from their ears. Their heads ached. Their souls had almost been injured.

Xiong Zhong wielded his metal mace and stood as still as a mountain. His tremendous presence prevented the residual energy from approaching him. At the same time, he intentionally suppressed the violent energy, causing it to rapidly expand in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent. If it reached the continent, it would destroy a significant portion of the continent.

On the other hand, the Azulet swords swiftly shot back. They had not gained the upper hand in this clash. Wielded by a Returnance expert, the metal mace was just far too powerful. The two swords were unable to deal with it even when they worked together.

Ill carve out a mouth. You all follow me. Because we couldnt send people who were too powerful, weve already been blocked twice by the people of this world. This time, we have to overpower this world and take it by force. The puny people in this foreign world will kneel before us, Xiong Zhong coldly said. His gaze was extremely sharp and filled with a heavy killing intent. He flashed a blood-thirsty smile.

Their World of Forsaken Saints definitely outshone the other world in terms of power, but their attacks had been repelled twice. They had lost quite a few people because of this, particularly during the second attempt. They had sent five Receival experts, but in the end, only two made it back. The other three all died.

Their world could ignore losses on the level of Saint Emperors, but they needed to care about Origin realm experts. The death of three Origin realm experts had angered the other Origin realm experts in the foreign world.

As Xiong Zhong advanced, a figure appeared at the exit to the Tian Yuan Continent. He was not old, only appearing to be in his twenties. His handsome and resolute face possessed the weathering of storms of blood. His eyes were bright and sharp, like drawn swords. They seemed to be able to penetrate the soul. There seemed to be two powerful swords hidden in his eyes.

This expert was Jian Chen. He had also entered the tunnel, advancing forward step by step. The Azulet swords hovered above him as he glared at Xiong Zhong. He released a powerful battle intent as well as an invisible presence. It stopped the residual energy that had been forced over by Xiong Zhong, preventing it from reaching the Tian Yuan Continent.

Xiong Zhong squinted. He observed Jian Chen and revealed some joy on his ugly face.

In the end, the two of them stopped a thousand meters from each other. Their presences and pressures mixed, gradually forming a terrifying whirlpool of energy.

So youre that person whos comprehended the Way of the Sword like the Spiritking. You possess the right to reach Godhood, but I find it very strange that I cant see through your true strength. I can only vaguely sense it. It shouldnt be at Returnance. No, i- it hasnt even reached the Origin realm. H- how is this possible? Xiong Zhong communicated using his soul. He began speaking jokingly, except he gradually became stern when he came to a startling conclusion. He could not help but gasp when he uttered his last words. He was unable to contain his shock.

He was unable to believe that the mysterious expert, who had comprehended the Way of the Sword just like the Spiritking, gained the attention of several dozen Origin experts from the World of Forsaken Saints, and had clashed with him three times earlier, was a young man who had not even reached the Origin realm.

Xiong Zhong was truly shocked when he caught a vague glimpse of Jian Chens true strength. His heart churned as disbelief flooded his face. If Jian Chens true strength was at the same level as his, he would not have reacted so violently, but Jian Chen had not even reached the Origin realm.

Xiong Zhong found it unbelievable that a person who had not even reached the Origin realm possessed the power to fight him and not fall to a disadvantage. If it were not for the fact that this entire matter was unfolding before him, he would have never believed it.

The World of Forsaken Saints actually has late Returnance experts. Looks like you should be the strongest beneath the Spiritking in your world, Jian Chen also replied using his soul. He was very stern. Communicating through souls completely avoided the problems caused by the two different languages. They could converse normally using their souls.

Xiong Zhong sucked in a deep breath and gradually calmed down. His opinion of Jian Chen underwent a drastic change as well. He considered Jian Chen a monster. He said, I am not the strongest beneath the Spiritking. The strongest is Ouyang Yangwen. We are both at late Returnance, but I must admit that hes stronger than me.

Jian Chens heart sank. The World of Forsaken Saints actually possessed two late Returnance experts. This was extremely bad for him because Xiao Ling and Changyang Mingyue had not reached late Returnance.

My name is Xiong Zhong. I am one of the eight elders of the Sacred Spirit Hall. Prodigy from another world, state your name. You have the right to be remembered by me forever. Xiong Zhong calmed down very quickly and coldly spoke to Jian Chen. A viciousness appeared in his eyes.

Jian Chen!

Jian Chen, I will remember you. Even if you are an unprecedented prodigy, there is only death if you are unable to pass through me. I will use my full strength without mercy no matter how powerful you are. If you die in my hands, you will be the most talented genius I have ever killed. It will be my honor, Xiong Zhong nonchalantly said. A powerful killing intent surged from him, and the metal mace in his hand began to shine with a dark light as well. Not only did the entire tunnel sink into darkness because of the light, but even the violet and azure lights radiating from the Azulet swords were suppressed.

Xiong Zhong had only casually swung his mace the last three times. Only now did he begin to act serious. He displayed his full strength without holding back at all. He was far, far stronger than before.

Jian Chen became extremely stern. Faced against Xiong Zhong, he felt extremely pressured. However, this was not the time for him to shy away from the battle. With a thought, the Zi Ying Sword turned into a streak of violet light and flew into his hand. When he wielded it with his right hand, his presence skyrocketed. He seemed to have become a divine sword with shocking might. Compared to how ordinary he had appeared before, he was now radiating with a soaring sword Qi.

The sword Qi was invisible but extremely powerful. It seemed to have become a part of the laws of the world, affecting the region around him. Wherever the sword Qi enveloped, the violent streams of energy in the tunnel would quieten down. They would then morph due to the influence of the sword Qi, turning into visible strands of sword Qi.

Jian Chens body was enshrouded by a powerful layer of bright light. He used the Way of the Sword to protect himself and seemed to have become a miniature sun. Only a hazy figure was visible. The Zi Ying Sword also shone with a blinding white light. Its violet glow had been suppressed inside. It was then sent toward Xiong Zhong with all its power.

Xiong Zhongs eyes lit up. His right arm became riddled with veins as a terrifying energy surged out of his body and into the mace. This energy caused it to shine extremely bright. He then swung it toward the Zi Ying Sword as hard as he could.

Both Xiong Zhong and Jian Chen used their full strength. Xiong Zhong was more powerful than Jian Chen, but he knew that Jian Chen had comprehended the Way of the Sword. He had come in contact with the laws of the world and was able to use the power of laws, so he dared not to show any carelessness even though he knew that Jian Chens exact strength had not even reached the Origin realm.

On the other hand, Jian Chen needed to use his full strength. That was the only way he could take on a late Returnance expert.