Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530: Domain Of The Snow Goddess
Chapter 1530: Domain of the Snow Goddess

The moment the four Returnance experts from the World of Forsaken Saints caught a glimpse of the azure disc in Jian Chens hands, they immediately felt shocked inside. The seductive Cheng Jingyun could not help but cry out in surprise, Isnt that the secret treasure that the Spiritking bestowed to Ku Mu? This treasure cant be used without the corresponding secret technique. How does he know the method to use it?

Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwens faces changed slightly as well. The gazes they sent toward the disc were filled with fear. Back in the World of Forsaken Saints, the Spiritking had experimented on the two of them with the disc, so they understood its power extremely well. Once trapped, even Reciprocity experts would struggle to break free in a short amount of time, let alone them, Returnance experts.

The azure disc grew even brighter as Jian Chen formed a hand seal. It gave off an odd presence, which was both mysterious and ancient, that circled through it. Jian Chen then extended a finger toward Ouyang Yangwen. The disc seemed to have received a command. It flew toward Ouyang Yangwen as a streak of azure light. Along the way, it constantly expanded, becoming three meters long.

Ouyang Yangwens eyes narrowed. He could sense how bad the situation was, so he cried out, I never thought he would actually find a method that would allow him to use this secret treasure. However, how can the method that he found compare to the true method of control? It definitely cant last for long. It might not even be able to unleash the true might of the treasure. Ouyang Yangwen then turned to Xiong Zhong and said, Xiong Zhong, lets work together to fend off this treasure. The treasure only possesses half of its original strength, so it wont be a problem for us.

Xiong Zhong smiled as if he had just heard a joke. Not only did he show no intentions of helping Ouyang Yangwen, but he shot away with a single movement and sneered, Ouyang Yangwen, since this treasure only has half of its original power, you can handle it by yourself. Why do you still need me?

A cold light shone in Ouyang Yangwens eyes. As he watched the disc approach him, he became extremely stern. With a flip of his hand, an exquisite dagger that was three inches long immediately appeared in his hand. It did not seem special, but the moment it appeared, a powerful sword Qi immediately spread through the surroundings, causing them to shake. Meanwhile, the dagger shot toward the disc as well. The moment it left his hand, it became a thousand meters long, shooting toward the center of the disc with a great presence.

Ouyang Yangwen understood the power of the disc, so he did not hold back at all when he attacked. He reserved some hope inside. He hoped that Jian Chen had not found the secret technique of the disc and could, thus, only use less than half of its power. That way, there was a chance he would be able to fend it off.

When the huge sword touched the disc, there were no earth-shaking sounds. Instead, the light from the disc grew, conjuring a huge Bagua diagram. The devastating power coming from the sword was easily nullified by the diagram. The disc continued on without slowing down at all. It continued to loom over Ouyang Yangwen.

Ouyang Yangwen possessed the strength of a late Returnance expert, but he was unable to dodge the disc. In the end, his body became encased in a cage made from azure light. The disc was filled with a sealing force, so not only did it completely seal away Ouyang Yangwens powers, but it immobilized him as well.

Ouyang Yangwens face sank as flames of rage burned within him. The disc had originally been bestowed to Ku Mu by the Spiritking to deal with the Returnance expert of the other world, yet now, the people of the other world had learned how to use it and had used it against him. They had truly bitten off more than they could chew.

Ouyang Yangwen had never expected that he would become trapped by something from his own world as the expert known to be the most powerful beneath the Spiritking. Even the three other Returnance experts had never considered the idea.

Huge flakes of snow suddenly began to fall from the sky while the surrounding temperature plummeted. In just a few seconds, the temperature was terrifyingly low. A thick layer of frost appeared on the ground, spreading across hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Changyang Mingyue hovered in the air with her snow-white hair. Her arms were open while her head was slightly tilted up, gazing at the sky. She seemed like she had embraced the world. Slivers of profound white ice Qi radiated from her and fused with her surroundings. Every single strand of the power she let out was terrifyingly cold. Her body was also extremely frigid. The space around her seemed to have frozen due to the coldness of her body.

Domain of the Ice GoddessIcebound! Suddenly, Changyang Mingyue yelled. With that, the temperature in a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers seemed to have reached absolute zero. Thick layers of frost rose up from the ground, having become countless times tougher than steel. Everything in a ten-thousand-kilometer region seemed to have become a separate domain with its own laws.

Beyond the domain, snow and ice rapidly expanded at an astonishing pace. The snow and ice reached the Gesun Kingdom a million kilometers away in no time. The ground there became snow-white while the countless cities of various sizes became covered with thick frost. The frost had enveloped the entire continent, reducing it to an icebound land.

The frost was terrifying, but beyond the independent domain, it posed no threat to the people on the continent.

Oh no. Ten percent of my strength has been suppressed. What is this ability? It can actually take away a tenth of my power. Cheng Jingyuns face changed, now filled with shock.

Ive lost a tenth of my power as well. The old man among the four Returnance experts, Gongxi Ming, also added with a deep voice. He stared at Changyang Mingyue sternly and said, I never thought that there would be more than just the one Returnance expert we had initially noticed here. Theres actually three of them.

Shes cast the ability at early Returnance, yet its actually enough to take a tenth of our strength, the strength of mid Returnance. This ability is impressive, but its useless against late Returnance experts, Xiong Zhong indifferently glanced at Changyang Mingyue and did not take her existence to heart. He then looked at Jian Chen and said, Our battle still hasnt ended. Your two swords are fated to become a part of my collection. With that, Xiong Zhong charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen felt no fear at all. He coldly said, My Azulet swords arent so easy to take from me. Lets fight in outer space.

Jian Chen stood on the Zi Ying Sword and turned into a violet streak of light that shot into the sky. He vanished in the blink of an eye.

Ill deal with the woman. Even if Ive lost a tenth of my strength, its still more than enough for me to deal with an early Returnance expert with my power at mid Returnance, Cheng Jingyun stared at Changyang Mingyue and seductively smiled before charging toward her.

Gongxi Mings gaze landed on Xiao Ling. He said with an old and rather husky voice, Then leave the last Returnance expert to me.

Xiao Ling immediately became extremely solemn when she saw Gongxi Ming fly toward her. She did not immediately begin to fight Gongxi Ming. Instead, she turned around and flew toward outer space, leading Gongxi Ming away from the Tian Yuan Continent.