Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544: Onslaught Two
Chapter 1544: Onslaught (Two)

Tie Tas punch did not possess any devastating might or powerful pulses of energy. It did not even cause any ripples in space. It seemed like a simple punch from an ordinary person.

However, Ouyang Yangwens eyes narrowed at that moment. Without any hesitation, he immediately shot back.

The moment he retreated, the space where he had been standing silently collapsed, descending into darkness. Vaguely, a terrifying energy wreaked havoc there. It was invisible to the naked eye and seemed to be a part of space. Even the senses of the soul would struggle to discover its existence. It would only become obvious when it erupted.

However, Tie Tas attack seemed to have locked onto Ouyang Yangwens presence. The energy that seemed to be a part of space chased after him in a hurry, causing the space wherever it passed to collapse.

A cold gleam of light flashed through Ouyang Yangwens eyes. There was a sliver of anger. He could sense that Tie Tas true strength had not reached Returnance yet. Just the thought of him, the greatest elder from the Sacred Spirit Hall, being forced to dodge an attack from someone who was not even at Returnance was unforgivable.

Ouyang Yangwen suddenly slashed out. With his attack, the domain of his sword immediately expanded. It engulfed a radius of three hundred meters, turning that area into a separate region. The space in that region gently trembled and began to collapse. The entire area was reduced to darkness. The strange energy from Tie Ta, which seemed to have fused with the space dispersed as well.

At the same time, Ouyang Yangwen continued without stopping at all. He seemed to have become a figure of light as he shot toward Tie Ta with lightning-like speed and soaring sword Qi. He passed through Tie Tas chest in a single moment, penetrating his body.

Spurt! Tie Ta vomited a mouthful of golden blood. An extremely small wound had appeared on his chest as droplets of golden blood oozed out as well.

Ouyang Yangwens attack was extremely terrifying. Not only had he pierced Tie Tas body with his sword, but his entire body had also passed through Tie Tas body in the form of light, just like the sword in his hand. However, only a wound of three fingers long remained on Tie Ta.

Tie Ta became extremely pale. His face was haggard. He tottered in the air before falling out of the sky.

Ouyang Yangwen did not even glance at Tie Ta. With a wave of his sword, he produced a powerful sword Qi that shot toward Xiao Jin. The sword Qi struck Xiao Jin in the waist, cleaving him in two. Blood scattered through the air.

Xiao Jin cried out painfully as the two halves of his body fell out of the sky at the same time. Golden blood spurted out constantly, appearing like rain.

Jian Chen witnessed everything from outer space. He saw a strand of sword Qi pierce through his sister's chest; he saw how Ouyang Yangwen used a secret technique to pass through Tie Ta like a beam of light, giving him unbelievable injuries; and he also saw Xiao Jin cut in half by a single stroke. Jian Chen became filled with rage with everything that had happened. He burned with anger and killing intent surged within him.

Jian Chen angrily roared out and abandoned his opponent. The Azulet swords hovered to his left and right as Jian Chen seemed to become a blinding divine sword himself. He let out a radiant glow as he charged toward Ouyang Yangwen.

Worried about Jian Chens safety, the white tiger also abandoned its opponent. It produced a deafening roar as it charged toward Ouyang Yangwen as well.

The two mid Returnance experts did not try to stop them. Instead, they sneered as they watched Jian Chen and the white tiger leave. Was there anything that could not be dealt with if their elder Ouyang acted personally. The two of them even began to imagine Jian Chen and the white tigers outcomes.

A cold light appeared in Ouyang Yangwens eyes when he saw Jian Chen. Of all the Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen was the only one he hated because Jian Chen was the one who had used the disc to trap him, turning him into a joke and embarrassing him. In the end, he even had to be saved by Xiong Zhong, making him owe a favor to someone he had never gotten along with.

Although Xiong Zhong and him had never held debts of blood, they had always been rivals. They had constantly gotten into various scuffles in the past. They were basically water and fire. Yet now, he actually owed Xiong Zhong a favor. That was not something Ouyang Yangwen could accept.

I heard from Xiong Zhong that youre Jian Chen. Youve also comprehended the Way of the Sword like the Spiritking. I originally planned on dealing with you last, but since youve come looking for your death, Ill grant your wish and send you on your way prematurely. Ouyang Yangwens voice was very gentle, but it was icy-cold, like facing against a viper.

He felt true killing intent for Jian Chen. It had been countless years since killing intent like that had appeared in him.

A sudden jolt of his sword produced a clang. The tip of Ouyang Yangwens sword shook, and with a clear thrum, it shot into the sky as a streak of light.

Jian Chen used a sword technique. The twin swords became several hundred meters long as their dazzling light melded together. They violently collided with Ouyang Yangwens sword in an unstoppable fashion.


A great rumble reverberated from the collision, becoming the only sound in the surroundings. The cries and sounds of battle were completely drowned out while the heads of a few Saint Emperors rang. Their ears bled.

The twin swords rebounded and Jian Chen charged up to them. He caught the Zi Ying Sword with one hand and protected himself with the light from the Way of the Sword. His body seemed to shine like a sun as he tore through the violent shockwaves of energy. He engaged in a great battle against Ouyang Yangwen.

The two of them began fighting in the dark region where space had already shattered. From outside, only the flickering of light was visible. Fragments of sword Qi shot in all directions like rain. Even though the two of them were inside a crack of space, the crack was unable to harm them at all. In fact, it did not even affect them.

After a short while, the two of them had clashed several dozen times. Their fight was devastating, enough to dim the sun and kick up tsunamis. In the end, the two of them brushed past each other and came to a temporary halt.

Droplets of blood had been flicked into the air. Each droplet was filled with powerful pulses of energy.

Jian Chen was covered in blood. He had gained a few terrifying sword slashes on his body. One of them had passed through his chest completely while his right hand had turned into a bloody mess.

Opposite him, many parts of Ouyang Yangwens robes were ripped. His luxurious, white robes possessed specks of blood as well, except they did not originate from him but Jian Chen.

Jian Chen, you really do have some skill. No wonder Xiong Zhong was defeated by you. Itd probably take me some effort to kill you if you were in peak condition, but killing you is a piece of a cake now that youre heavily injured, Ouyang Yangwen sneered. A heavy killing intent leaked out of his body. He did not even try to contain it.