Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548: Might Of The Divine Hall
Chapter 1548: Might of the Divine Hall

All the human experts on the Tian Yuan Continent, regardless of whether or not they were Saint Emperors, Saint Kings, or Saint Rulers, all surged into the sky, headed toward the divine hall.

They all understood that the power of the World of Forsaken Saints could not be stopped by the Tian Yuan Continent as things stood. They had entered a hopeless situation, yet now that the supreme divine hall of Mercenary City had appeared, the great disturbance it caused immediately gave them all some hope.

They could only depend on the supreme divine hall now.

At the same time, the remaining experts from the magical beasts, the Hundred Races, and the Sea race did not fall behind either. They also took to the sky and flew toward the supreme divine hall as quickly as possible. Along the way, all of them secretly gathered their strength. They would pour it all into the divine hall without any hesitation once they were close enough, helping the divine hall exhibit its true power.

Tian Jian had said this in the language of the Tian Yuan Continent. Since the experts of the three other races had spent quite some time of the continent prior to the battle, they had already grasped the language, but the experts from the foreign world had no idea what Tian Jian had just said. They relied on their souls to communicate with the people of this world, which allowed them to overcome the language barriers between the two worlds.

When the Origin realm experts discovered the four races flying toward the divine hall, they thought they were trying to seek refuge and avoid the calamity that was about to happen. They sneered while their eyes became filled with disdain.

The divine hall had caused a great disturbance when it had appeared, but they had witnessed its power earlier. Even though it was extraordinary, it was only able to pose a threat to Saint Emperors. It was basically nothing to Origin realm experts since they could destroy the attacks with a wave of their hand. As a result, they did not obstruct the people of the four races from approaching the divine hall. Instead, they hovered and watched everything unfold like it was a joke.

In just a few short seconds, all the people from the armies of the four races disappeared into the azure light of the supreme divine hall. Afterward, under Tian Jians orders, they all arrived near the divine hall and pressed their hands against it. They poured all the power that was in their bodies into the divine hall, channelling it through their hands.

Immediately, the divine hall glowed even brighter. The light flooded the surroundings and filled the sky. The unique beasts conjured from the azure light seemed to consolidate even more. They seemed to be alive. They revolved around the divine hall releasing various cries and calls.

The divine halls power immediately increased with the power from those people. More azure streams of light appeared around the divine hall. They shot toward the Origin realm experts once again at an unbelievable speed.

The azure streams moved at the speed of light. They were so fast that even Ouyang Yangwen, who had reached late Returnance, was unable to dodge them. They arrived right in front of him in a single moment and tied him up like a hostage.

This time, the power exhibited by the divine hall was far greater than when Tian Jian had controlled it all by himself. It had gained the help of various experts. As a result, the streams of azure light were more powerful than before. The Receival experts from the foreign world shook their bodies, but they failed to break free this time.

Only the elders of the Sacred Spirit Hall managed to shake off the bonds as easily as before. The streams were still unable to trap them, but they could clearly feel that the streams of light were much more powerful than before.

When the trapped Receival experts sensed the toughness of the streams, their faces all changed. The divine halls power had significantly imcreased with the addition of the Sainthood experts of this world. It now possessed the power to trap Receival experts, which was definitely bad news for them.

Suddenly, a few Receival experts yelled out while the origin energy within them surged out. They used their full strength to break free from the restraints of the azure streams.

However, they still failed to shake off the bonds. The powerful origin energy only managed to loosen the streams by an inch. They were unable to shake them to pieces.

There was even an expert who used his sword to slash at the streams when the bonds loosened. The azure light immediately shook, but it quickly stabilized itself once again. The strike failed to severe the azure streams.

A cold light immediately flashed through Ouyang Yangwens eyes. He glared at the obscured divine hall in the sky and coldly said, You may have gained the support of a few Sainthood experts, allowing the structure to become strong enough to trap Receival experts, but its still not enough to deal with Returnance experts. Watch as I smash this divine hall.

Ouyang Yangwen wielded his sword with his right hand. He fused with it, letting out a resplendent light, which tore through the azure light. He shot into the light with an unstoppable force, colliding with the divine hall.


A deafening sound immediately reverberated away with the collision. Terrifying shockwaves wreaked havoc in the surroundings, causing large regions of space to collapse.

However, Ouyang Yangwens face suddenly changed when his sword struck the divine hall. Disbelief filled his eyes. He felt like the structure before him was an indestructible fortress. Not only had the structure failed to crumble as he had imagined, but he failed to even leave a mark on the divine hall. It did not even shake. His strength at Returnance was unable to do anything to this unimpressive divine hall.

Shortly afterward, a great recoil force appeared, shaking Ouyang Yangwens entire right arm until it became numb. His entire body was blown back as well.

The supreme divine hall remained where it was, unscathed and still obscured by a dense azure light. It radiated with a tremendous pressure.

Ouyang Yangwen became stunned by what had just happened. He stared at the divine hall in disbelief as his heart churned. Just what kind of divine hall was this? It was so tough that he was unable to damage it at all even with his strength.

He had lived for several dozen millenia. He had seen and heard a lot of things in the world. Aside from the Sacred Spirit Hall, he knew of no other divine hall that could match up to the one before his eyes right now.

The other elders and protectors also became stunned. Their faces were filled with disbelief. With elder Ouyangs strength, he could not even damage this divine hall at all. Just how powerful was this divine hall?

Hmph. This divine hall is powerful, but its only a treasure. Treasures require an endless source of energy to continuously exhibit its powers, and the more powerful the treasure, the greater the consumption of energy. Since this divine hall is extraordinary, maintaining it is no easy feat. No wonder all those Sainthood experts entered the divine hall earlier. Id like to see just how long you all can last. Ouyang Yangwen understood everything very soon and immediately sneered.