Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556: Mortal Energy Fruit
Chapter 1556: Mortal Energy Fruit

Each bottle has a description of the medicine inside. Not only is there medicine for healing wounds, but there is also medicine that can recover your Saint Force. Coupled with these Class 8 and 9 Monster Cores, this should be enough to recover some origin energy. Tian Jian pointed at the stack of boxes as he spoke.

Really? Then let me try if they're tasty or not. Xiao Lings eyes lit up. She leaped up and grabbed a jade bottle that contained pills for recovering Saint Force. She gently shook the bottle and the pills rattled around inside. It sounded like there were more than ten pills in the bottle.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Ling opened the bottle and poured them all into her mouth, regardless of how many pills there were inside. She chewed a little before swallowing.

Everyone stared at Xiao Ling. What Xiao Ling was doing right now was testing the medicine. She was experimenting to see how great the effects were on Origin realm experts. They would know very soon.

Xiao Ling frowned after a few seconds. She pouted and said in dissatisfaction, Theyre not tasty at all, and they only recovered a tiny amount of origin energy, basically the same as not eating them.

Everyone was disappointed. However, they did not become dejected. They had expected this long ago. After all, these pills had been left behind by past Saint Emperors. They might be very effective on Saint Emperors but not Origin realm experts.

Houston picked up a Class 9 Monster Core. Blood-red mist immediately churned from his hand, enveloping the monster core. The monster core immediately began to shrink in the dense mist. It completely vanished in a moment, refined into pure energy and absorbed by Houston.

No, the Class 9 Monster Core doesnt have any great effects on us either. It cant recover much origin energy at all. Its better to use these monster cores for maintaining the formations of the divine hall. The Saint Kings and Saint Emperors can use the pills. Houston shook his head. The things that Tian Jian had brought out from the treasury were unable to help the Origin realm experts at all.

At this moment, an idea appeared in Jian Chens head. He suddenly thought about the many Immortal Tier heavenly resources he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm. Among them was a fruit that specialized in recovering energy. He wondered whether the fruit would work on them.

Jian Chen immediately removed a few of them from his Space Ring. Each fruit was only the size of a walnut and was pure white. They appeared as glossy as white jade and looked lovely and cute. They gave off an intoxicating fragrance.

The fragrance coming from the fruits attracted everyones attention as soon as they appeared. Everyones gazes all gathered on the fruit in Jian Chens hands. Xiao Ling could not help but gulp. Her eyes burned as she stared at the fruit. The fragrance attracted her, tempting her to eat them all in a single gulp.

These are Mortal Energy Fruit, an extremely high grade heavenly resource. Its said that its only effects are to recover energy. I think it will really help you recover your origin energy, Jian Chen said. The sword spirits had told him all this in the past. All he knew was that they could be used to recover energy, but he would only know if they could recover origin energy after trying.

Brother, Ill try one first, Xiao Ling eagerly grabbed the Mortal Energy Fruit from Jian Chens hands and immediately wolfed them down. Xiao Ling seemed to still be unsure when she ate the first fruit, but when she was just about to eat the second, her face suddenly turned red. She felt an extremely pure and vast energy fill her body as soon as the first fruit reached her stomach. Before she could say anything, she sat down and devoted herself to refining the tremendous amount of energy.

All the Origin realm experts rejoiced. They could clearly sense Xiao Lings presence rapidly strengthen. They didnt need an explanation. The Mortal Energy Fruit worked on Origin realm experts and the effects were extremely impressive as well.

Half a day later, Xiao Ling finally roused. Her naive face immediately became filled with joy. She happily said, Brother, this fruit really can help me recover my origin energy. Ive only eaten one of them, but Ive recovered all the origin energy Ive used up.

Fantastic. Thats just fantastic. We can last even longer with these fruits. Brother, how many of this do you have? Changyang Mingyue also became overjoyed. She eagerly looked at Jian Chen.

Everyone smiled. The appearance of the fruit gave them exactly what they needed when they needed help the most.

Everyone looked at Jian Chen. They really wanted to know the how many Mortal Energy Fruit Jian Chen possessed. If there was enough, they could last for a hundred years or even longer. However, if the fruit presented before them was all of it, they would not be as useful as they had imagined.

Jian Chen could not help but feel confident when everyone looked at him. He said, Dont worry, theres definitely a lot of them. Theres enough to last you guys a very long time. Jian Chen waved his hand. Over three hundred wooden boxes flew out. All the boxes had been created from the wood found in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. They all seemed like rough handiwork. There was nothing special about the boxes, but what they stored could be described as heaven-defying treasures.

Jian Chen had found several Mortal Energy Fruit trees, so he had collected over five hundred fruits of various grades. He took out over three hundred of them all at once and shared them with the Origin realm experts present. Tian Jian was still a Saint Emperor, but since he was critical to controlling the divine hall, he obtained some as well.

Fantastic. With these Mortal Energy Fruit, we no longer have to worry about lacking origin energy. Its just a pity that these fruit can only be used for recovery and not cultivation, Houston said with some regret.

Jian Chen also possessed some Five Element Fruit in his Space Ring. He had also obtained them from the Xuanhuang Microcosm, but their medicinal effects were too brutal. They needed to be refined into pills with other materials before they could be ingested, but he would not find anyone who could refine Immortal Tier heavenly resources in his wolrd, so he did not take them out.