Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564: Worlds Apart
Chapter 1564: Worlds Apart

Protector Shui was ranked on the Godkings Throne and had easily killed the strongest Godking from the great God race, yet she had completely lost her usual calm. Her icy-cold eyes were filled with shock. Under her helmet, her face was filled with shock and disbelief.

With my current strength, I could probably find the identities of Infinite Primes. I may not be able to learn the identities of Chaotic Primes, but Id still be able to catch some traces and draw a conclusion from them. I tried to find out who that mysterious expert was and only wanted to approach their identity slowly through a few small traces, but in the end, I failed and I suffered such a powerful backlash. The mysterious experts strength is far greater than what I imagined. It must be a Grand Prime, protector Shui said with a trembling voice. She slowly stood up and waved her hand, opening the door of ice. She walked out with a heavy heart. She thought, This place has been discovered. We cannot stay here any longer. We must leave immediately, or if that mysterious Grand Prime is an enemy, her majesty will be in danger.

I dont mind dying, but her majesty cannot die Protector Shui recovered her composure. Her eyes glowed with a sharp light. There was a sliver of uncontainable seriousness in her eyes. If the great ice goddess was present, it would be no big deal if a hostile Grand Prime discovered them. The ice goddess would obviously interfere. However, the ice goddess was still heavily injured and had entered a slumber in the Ice Goddess Hall. She was unable to help the snow goddess, and at the same time, there had been a rebellion in the Ice Goddess Hall as well, so even the ice goddess herself was in danger.

Protector Shui, protector Shui

At this moment, Changyang Mingyues voice appeared in the hall. She was looking for protector Shui and had charged in.

Protector Shui was supporting herself with the ice walls, a glow of weakness had filled her eyes. The specks of blood on her snow-white armor were extremely eye-catching and a surprising sight.

Changyang Mingyue saw the blood on protector Shui from very far away. She was immediately surprised and flew over as a blur. She said, Protector Shui, whats happened to you? Changyang Mingyue was completely shocked inside. She did not know protector Shuis precise strength, but she knew that protector Shui was very powerful. Even at Returnance, protector Shui gave her an unfathomable feeling.

Yet, right now, protector Shui had actually been injured. The thought that there was someone powerful enough to injure protector Shui in this world was just unimaginable.

Protector Shui shook her head and said, Your majesty, I am fine. I only suffered from a backlash.

Changyang Mingyue let out a breath of relief. Fortunately, protector Shui had not been injured by someone, or their strength would just be too terrifying.

Protector Shui, do you have any method that can allow me to reach Godhood in a short amount of time. The Spiritking from the World of Forsaken Saints is just too powerful. Only Godhood experts can stand their ground against him, Changyang Mingyue directly stated her intentions. After spending such a long period of time with protector Shui, she basically understood protector Shuis quirks. Everything that protector Shui did would be for her. Aside from a few things that were morally wrong, protector Shui basically listened and abided by her words.

Your majesty, a Grand Prime from the World of Forsaken Saints has discovered our world. I failed to find out whether theyre a friend or foe. For your safety, we must immediately leave together. Once you reach the Saints World, you will be able to break through to Godhood in the shortest amount of time possible, protector Shui weakly said.

What? Youre going to take me and leave immediately? Changyang Mingyue was stunned. She suddenly sensed an ill omen.

Yes, your majesty. For your safety, we have to leave immediately. We need to leave right now. Every moment we stay here will amount to more danger, protector Shui replied.

No, I wont leave. This is my home. Protector Shui, without my permission, you cant take me away from my home, Changyang Mingyue loudly cried out. As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and ran. She understood protector Shui extremely well. On ordinary days, protector Shui would show her great respect and listen to her regarding all matters, acting like an attendant. However, once she was in danger, protector Shui would never listen to her.


With a heavy sound, the doors of the divine hall slammed shut before Changyang Mingyue could make it out. Protector Shui moved very fast. The moment the doors closed, Changyang Mingyue felt like the hall was ascending. The Ice Goddess Hall had left the icy tundra it had occupied for over three million years and rose into the sky at an unbelievable speed.

Protector Shui, let me out. Let me out. My parents are still here. My younger brother is still here. I forbid you from taking me away, or I will never forgive you in the future Changyang Mingyue frantically screamed as she constantly struck the door. Each attack from her possessed great power, causing the door to ring with heavy thuds. However, the Ice Goddess Hall was extremely tough. It could easily endure the presence of a Godkings, so Changyang Mingyue was not even able to leave a mark on its surface, let alone get through the doors.

Protector Shui Changyang Mingyue shrieked. Her beautiful eyes were filled with resentment. She then turned around and lunged at protector Shui, biting and clawing, attacking with everything she could. Panic filled her face. If she were to be taken to the Saints World by protector Shui, she would probably never see her parents again, perhaps even her eldest, youngest brother, and all of relative might end up dead due to the World of Forsaken Saints.

Changyang Mingyue furiously roared as she kicked and scratched protector Shui. She attacked protector Shui mercilessly with her Returnance powers, but they failed to injure protector Shui at all despite being enough to devastate the world. Protector Shui did not even shake. Protector Shuis armor easily blocked Changyang Mingyues full powered attacks.

If it was any other Returnance expert, protector Shui would have reduced them to nothing long ago. However, not only did Protector Shui avoid attacking Changyang Mingyue, but she even endured them without making a single sound.

Protector Shui was extremely firm with her decision to leave. She did this out of consideration for Changyang Mingyues safety. As long as she could safely flee with Changyang Mingyue, she would not mind being resented. She firmly believed that Changyang Mingyue would forgive her once she recovered her memories as the snow goddess, so no matter how poorly Changyang Mingyue reacted, protector Shui did not waver at all.

The Ice Goddess Hall reached outer space in an extremely short amount of time. At the same time, there was a deafening boom. The vast formation cast in outer space shattered at that moment as well. It erupted with extremely terrifying shockwaves of energy, which wreaked havoc in the surroundings, causing space to shatter and sunlight to vanish. The entire world darkened.

The formation had been cast down by protector Shui with the secret help from the great ice goddess from the distant Saints World. Not only could it hide the world from the laws of the universe, making it impossible for anyone in a higher realm to find out where the snow goddess was, but it also prevent the people on the planet of the Tian Yuan Continent from reaching the Origin realm. It also sealed up the tunnel to the Saints World, preventing people of this world from leaking information about the Ice Goddess Hall after they went to the Saints World.

At this moment, the formation shattered by itself with the Ice Goddess Halls departure. Not only did the people of this world regain the ability of breaking through to the Origin realm now that the formation was gone, but the tunnel to the Saints World had reopened as well.

The disturbance from the destruction of the formation was incredible. The Origin realm experts on the Tian Yuan Continent immediately discovered the change while even Saint Emperors and Saint Kings could sense the eruption of indescribably powerful energy in the depths of space. As the formation caused space to shatter, the Tian Yuan Continent plunged into darkness. Countless people on the continent were alarmed, causing a great commotion.

All the experts in the supreme divine hall sensed what happened first. They all raised their heads as shock filled their faces.

In the middle of the region of shattered space, there was a divine hall that seemed even smaller than a finger. It was shining with dazzling light as if flew toward the depths of the universe.

Its the Ice Goddess Hall! Jian Chen cried out. His facial expression suddenly changed. He immediately expanded his soul toward the arctic. When his soul enveloped the arctic tundra, he found that the icy mist in the depths had vanished as well as the Ice Goddess Hall.

At the same time, a huge black hole suddenly appeared deep in outer space. The Ice Goddess Hall seemed as insignificant as an ant before the dark hole, but the divine hall sped up when it appeared. The divine hall disappeared into the hole as a stream of light.

Jian Chens face became extremely sunken. The collapse of the formation in outer space and the Ice Goddess Halls disappearance into the dark hole indicated that the Ice Goddess Hall had left. The dark hole was likely the tunnel leading to the higher world.

Jian Chen obviously would not have cared if the Ice Goddess Hall had disappeared. However, his sister, Changyang Mingyue, was in the divine all as well. Its departure also meant that his sister had been taken away.

Sister Jian Chen seemed to have become petrified. He stared blankly at the huge black hole that was slowly vanishing. He was filled with sorrow and reluctance. He had never thought that this would be the last time he would get to see Changyang Mingyue. He had no idea how long it would he before the two of them could see each other again. They might not even end up seeing each other in the future.

Jian Chen was very dejected. Ming Dong had been taken away and now had Changyang Mingyue. They had all gone to the Saints World. He had no idea whether there would be a chance to see them again. However, he could not leave right now. He needed to remain and stop the World of Forsaken Saints so that the people of this world would remain safe from their tyranny.