Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566: The Final Ray Of Hope
Chapter 1566: The Final Ray of Hope

No one sympathized with the two former rulers from the Beast God Continent, nor did anyone plead for them. Even the Saint Emperor from the Peng clan, Cangqiong, stood to one side as he silently watched the show unfold. He sighed inside.

The seals completely vanished. I can no longer feel that pressure in the depths of my soul. We can break through now! Guihai Yidao was overjoyed and spoke excitedly. He had become quite eager.

Its just a pity that that girl Changyang Mingyue left with the Ice Goddess Hall. I may not have known her for very long, but I know that shes definitely not someone who flees in the face of danger. She must have been forced to leave along with the Ice Goddess Hall, taken away by that protector Shui against her will. Now that weve lost a Returnance expert, it will be even more difficult to use the divine hall to block the tunnel when the Spiritking attacks, so we need to break through as soon as possible. However, to prevent anything from happening to the divine hall while we are gone, only two of us can break through at the same time at most, Yang Lie said rather eagerly as well. If it had not been for the sealing formation before, the three of them would have broken through to the Origin realm long ago.

Great-grandfather, the three of you should go break through. Theres enough of us in the divine hall. As long as we dont run out of energy, the Spiritking wont be able to move the divine hall, Jian Chen said to the three of them.

Jian Chens right. Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, you two go breakthrough first. Maintaining the divine hall requires even more Origin realm experts. Ill stay here for now and will go break through once the two of you are done, said Feng Xiaotian.

Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao hesitated before leaving. They left for an unknown place through a Space Gate. They did not choose to go into seclusion within the divine hall even though it was extremely safe, but if the divine hall was attacked by experts from the foreign world, they would definitely find it hard to cultivate.

While the tunnel to the Saints World gradually vanished, the space that had shattered when the formation was destroyed slowly healed up as well. Rays of light reappeared, illuminating the entire world once again, returning it to daytime.

Jian Chen, Shangguan Muer, the sea goddess, Tian Jian, and the others, including various Saint Kings and Saint Emperors, all returned to the divine hall. They all made preparations to offer their energy to the divine hall at any moment.

They had lost a Returnance expert since Changyang Mingyue had departed, so many Sainthood experts became heavy-hearted. Even though Feng Xiaotian, Guidai Yidao, and Yang Lie would be able to reach the Origin realm once again, they would not be able to make up for the loss of a Returnance expert since they would only reach Receival once they broke through. Even if the three of them worked together, they would never be the opponent of a Returnance expert as long as they remained ordinary Receival experts.

For a time, a heavy and suffocating atmosphere filled the entire divine hall. Many Sainthood experts even began to experience despair. They believed that the next few decades would be the rest of their lives. Once the divine hall could no longer be supported, their doomsday, as well as the worlds doomsday, would come.

If it were not for the fact that there were still a few Origin realm experts present, a few weak-willed people probably would have began to struggle for their lives out of desperation. They would commit unexpected actions while those overwhelmed by despair would lose their rationality.

Of course, not everyone was weak-willed, but there were definitely people who would succumb to terror.

At the same time, there were a few people who mentioned the idea of fleeing to the Saints World. After all, the seal was gone now, so the upper world was no longer inaccessible like in the past.

However, what Feng Xiaotian said made them give up on that thought. He said If you havent reached the Origin realm, its impossible for you to pass through the tunnel between the two worlds. The moment you enter it, you will be crushed into oblivion by the pressure. Youll suffer a death far more miserable than dying to the hands of the foreigners.

Brother, that powerful sister has left. What do we do now? Inside the divine hall, Xiao Ling helplessly looked at Jian Chen. Her gaze was uneasy and fearful. She was still an immature girl. She could sense the heavy atmosphere, which ended up affecting her.

Sister, dont be scared. Theres nothing to fear. Its just dying at most, Xiao Jin said apathetically. He only seemed to be three or four years old and was less than a meter tall, yet he was currently comforting Xiao Ling, who was much older than him. This scene was rather hilarious.

Jian Chen rubbed Xiao Lings head and smiled, Dont worry, Xiao Ling. Believe in me, I have an idea.

Okay, I believe in you! Xiao Ling seemed to have settled down after seeing how confident Jian Chen was. She firmly nodded while her gaze became determined.

However, only Xiao Ling would believe in such a thing. Tian Jian, the sea goddess, Feng Xiaotian, and so on did not believe a single word. They grimly frowned.

Jian Chen glanced at Shangguan Muer and sighed inside. Originally, Changyang Mingyue had been a ray of hope that could to deal with this threat, but with her departure, the hope was lost as well. Now, the final ray of hope lay with Shangguan Muer and him.

Shangguan Muer face became rather unnatural when she sensed Jian Chens gaze. The light in her eyes flickered uneasily, but in the end, she seemed to make up her mind. She said to Jian Chen through a communication technique, Lets do it. Shangguan Muer also understood the situation at hand. She could have continued to place her hope on Changyang Mingyue earlier, but she knew now that both her father and her sons life rested with her decision.

Jian Chen immediately became relieved. He replied, Alright, lets go to Dragon Island once my great-grandfather reaches the Origin realm successfully.

Shangguan Muer and Jian Chen spoke to each other through communication techniques, so no one present could hear what they had agreed to do.

Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian had all been Origin realm experts before, so their breakthrough could only be described as smooth. In just two short days, all three of them reached the Origin realm. However, they were only at early Receival. They needed to absorb origin energy and slowly cultivate their way back to their former levels.

Now that the divine hall had gained three true Origin realm experts, Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer could finally leave without any worries.

Very soon, everyone heard of their departure. The two of them had gone to find a way to completely eliminate the threat of the foreign world. When they returned in a few years or several decades, the foreign world would no longer be able to shake up the Tian Yuan Continent.

Many people refused to believe this news, but with the current circumstances, they had no choice but to believe in them because this was was their final ray of hope lay.