Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567: Unexpected Encounter On Dragon Island
Chapter 1567: Unexpected Encounter on Dragon Island

Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer arrived on the outskirts of Dragon Island once again. During ancient times, the Yinyang Saint Rock had fallen on Dragon Island from outer space. It was then moved into the depths of the endless cosmos through Mo Tianyuns great abilities. Thus, it was extremely far away. Jian Chen was unable to sense where it was even with his current strength. If he had to fly to it from the Tian Yuan Continent, it would take him several decades or even a century at full speed.

As a result, there was only one convenient path to the Yinyang Saint Rock. That path was through the formation on the island, which Mo Tianyun created long ago. The formation could teleport people to the Yinyang Saint Rock and was the only shortcut around.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer both sighed in amazement when they revisited Dragon Island. They saw that the landscape of the island had not changed at all. When they had first come to the island, they had to move carefully in order to avoid the mindless living corpses that moved around on the island, or they would have ended up dead after a single mistake. But now, the many living corpses that roamed the island no longer posed a threat to them. Even some of the few, powerful dragon souls in the depths of the island were as puny as insects to them.

Theres still quite a few heavenly resources on the island. Their age is shockingly great, but its a pity that theyre all low grade, so theyre useless to us. Lets go to the Lunastron Pit and go to where the Yinyang Saint Rock is, Jian Chen said to Shangguan Muer.

Shangguan Muer had removed her veil, revealing her indescribable beauty. She silently traveled beside Jian Chen while carrying her simple-looking zither. She silently nodded to what Jian Chen had said while some mixed feelings appeared in her eyes.

Hmm? Just as Jian Chen was about to move to the Lunastron Pit, his facial expression suddenly changed. He produced a gentle interjection of surprise before immediately changing direction. He had originally started moving toward the Lunastron Pit, but now he was making his way into the depths of the island.

A strange light filled Shangguan Muers eyes as well. She followed behind Jian Chen and flew toward the depths of the island as well.

There were formations ten meters above Dragon Island. These formations were so powerful that they posed a threat to Saint Emperors. They also contained terrifying killing formations, so when a person who was not a part of the Dragon clan surpassed the ten meter threshold, the formations would immediately rip open and devour them like a pair of jaws. However, these formations could not do anything to Origin realm experts.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer ignored the formations in the air as they shot toward the center of the island with lightning-like speed. As the two of them moved, the surrounding space violently shook, forming spatial cracks.

Dragon Island was very large, but with their speed, they crossed half of it in just a short moment. They arrived at the center of the island. There was a ten-meter-wide golden door in the sky. Illusory dragon souls would fly out from it from time to time and wander mindlessly around the depths of the island.

Jian Chen was familiar with this place. The Dragon clan found the land sacred, a necropolis built within a miniature world.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer erased their presences and stood at the entrance. They did not go in. It was the Dragon clans most sacred region, where all the dragons that had passed away had been buried. It was blasphemy for an outsider to enter.

Huge, illusory dragons wandered around the miniature world. However, at this moment, even though Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer stood right at the doorway, the souls failed to sense their existences at all. Even when some of the dragon souls brushed past them, they felt nothing. It appeared like the two of them did not exist in the eyes of the dragon souls at all.

Seniors Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian are actually cultivating inside, Jian Chen softly murmured. He had not seen them since he had been forcefully separated from them at the Ice Goddess Hall. He had not found their presences even when his soul had enveloped the territories of the four races. He had accidentally come across them by visiting the island today.

So much time has already past. Many people on the Tian Yuan Continent have become Saint Emperors, including Saint Kings who had once been weaker than them. Yet, the three of them still remain at the Great Perfection of Saint King, Shangguan Muer gently said while standing beside Jian Chen. She glanced at Jian Chen, as if she was blaming him.

There were many people on the Tian Yuan Continent that Jian Chen was not familiar with, yet he had magnanimously used Violet Cloud Peaches and Comprehension Tea Leaves on them, helping them become Saint Emperors. However, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had assisted Jian Chen countless times. He relied on them the most anytime he needed to hold his ground against the protector clans, but they still remained at the Great Perfection of Saint King and had not become Saint Emperors, so Shangguan Muer found their situations to be rather awful.

Sigh, I should have realized that the three seniors would have come here to cultivate. I should have come and looked here long ago, but the World of Forsaken Saints has made me push this matter back. I could never find the time. Jian Chen was riddled with guilt when he sensed that the three of them still remained at the Great Perfection of Saint King. The three of them had shown him great kindness, so great that he would probably never be able to completely return the favor. Jian Chens heart ached when he thought about how many weak Saint Kings had already broken through to Saint Emperor several years ago, yet the three of them still devoted themselves to breaking through to Saint Emperor. He found it unacceptable.

It might be a good thing that the three seniors did not break through beforehand. At the very least, they did not have to take part in the battle against the foreign world. They do have the armor and legacy treasures that possess origin energy, but theyre still unable to stand their ground against Origin realm experts, said Shangguan Muer. The fact that the three of them had spent all these years in seclusion might have been a blessing. If they had broken through and had taken part in the battle against the foreign world, they would not be the opponents of Receival experts or Returnance experts even with their origin energy armor.

Hmm? Somethings off. The three seniors still remain at the Great Perfection of Saint King, but their presences are no weaker than a Saint Emperor. They are even more powerful than the presence of regular Saint Emperors. Jian Chens eyes narrowed. He stared into the depths of the necropolis. Although he was unable to see them due to all the visual obstructions, he could clearly sense their presences.

Theyre using a greater cultivation method. Its far surpassed Saint Tier! Jian Chen was shocked. Saint Tier Battle Skills and cultivation methods were the highest quality in this world. If a battle skill or cultivation method surpassed the Saint Tier, it would no longer belong to this world. It would have originated from a higher world.

Has the ancient Winged Tiger God appeared again? Who else would help them aside from him? And seniors Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yus armors and weapons all came from the Winged Tiger God as well

The three of them had been trapped in the Ice Goddess Hall in the past. When I visited the Ice Goddess Hall again, protector Shui said that the three of them had been saved already. Is the mysterious expert who saved them the Winged Tiger God? Did he give the three of them even better cultivation methods when he saved them?

Jian Chen furrowed his brows in thought, but any conclusion he came up with was only a guess. There was no actual evidence to support his thoughts.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yus cultivation had reached a crucial period. They would soon become Saint Emperors. They would be far more powerful than regular Saint Emperors when they did break through, so Jian Chen did not disturb them. Instead, he took out three Space Rings while standing outside the miniature world. Each Space Ring contained a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach and Comprehension Tea Leaf as well as water from the Springs of Life. Jian Chen also left behind a stone tablet. He had engraved the method of consuming the heavenly resources on the stone tablet. After preparing all that, he gently guided the three Space Rings into the miniature world, placing them silently next to his cultivating seniors.

As soon as they roused from cultivation, they would discover the Space Rings.