Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572: New Patriarch Of The Changyang Clan Two
Chapter 1572: New Patriarch of the Changyang Clan (Two)

Changyang Ba was the patriarch of the Changyang clan, and because of his youngest son, he was famous and had an incredible status on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent, the sea realm, and the Wasteland Continent. However, the authority he possessed was pitiful compared to his status. The only people he could order around were the earliest people who had joined the Changyang clan as well as a few Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers who had joined the clan out of Jian Chens prestige. However, the Saint Kings had only joined them because they admired Jian Chen. They were willing to follow Jian Chens orders with their lives, but they would only, at most, behave respectfully when Changyang Ba, the patriarch of the clan, was around.

The Saint Rulers and Saint Kings from the Zu branch who dwelled in the forbidden grounds all possessed shocking levels of seniority. Any single one of them was the great-grandfather of Changyang Ba. He even had to bow to them whenever he saw them as a junior. This force was even more beyond Changyang Bas control.

As a result, Changyang Bas name was renowned as the patriarch of the Changyang clan that was enough to shake the continent, but the power he possessed, particularly in regard to experts at Sainthood, was pitifully weak. It was a complete mismatch to his status.

It was exactly because of this that Bi Lian had stationed five Divine Guards of the Flame at the Changyang clan. They were completely loyal to Changyang Ba and formed a force that the patriarch of the clan could control. At the same time, they could play the role of striking awe in people.

Changyang Ba returned to the Changyang clan accompanied by the five guards. He immediately entered seclusion to recover his lost Saint Force.

The five Divine Guards of the Flame were only guards in name, but since they were Saint Kings, they possessed great statuses in the Changyang clan. Even the direct descendents of the clan showed much respect to the five of them, and they all possessed their own small courtyard in the clan. The courtyards stood in the center, north, south, east, and west in the clan, guarding the clan from all directions. In a certain sense, they had become the protectors of the clan.

Whenever the patriarch of the Changyang clan ventured out, the five guards would follow along. The five guards would cultivate in seclusion at other times and would only appear when the patriarch required them.

Three days later, Changyang Ba recovered some Saint Force and emerged to find Bi Yuntian.

When Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer left the continent three years ago, Jian Chen had left the saint artifact with Bi Yuntian. Bi Yuntians strength rapidly increased while cultivating in it, having become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. She was like a Saint Ruler now, possessing a lifespan of three thousand years. As a result, time was unable to leave a trace on her face. Even though she was already in her sixties, she looked half that age.

Changyang Ba dismissed all the servants in a beautiful garden within the clan and sat in a jade-white pavilion with Bi Yuntian. The entire pavilion was covered by a barrier.

Husband, whats so important that you want to discuss it with me, and why are you so cautious? Bi Yuntians interest was immediately piqued when she saw Changyang Ba raise a barrier around the pavilion.

Changyang Ba sat on the stone seats and gently sipped his tea, Not only have the heavenly resources left behind by Xianger allowed my strength to increase drastically, but my talents been completely altered as well, allowing me to reach Saint King in just a few short decades and obtain the hope of becoming a Saint Emperor. At the same time, the world around us is undergoing some changes that none of us understand. The sovereigns in the divine hall have said that the changes are making the laws of the world more complete, so not only will our cultivation become much easier, but overcoming bottlenecks will become less difficult as well. And this change will gradually affect Saint Kings and Saint Emperors as time goes on, so with these changes, I want to abdicate my position as patriarch and focus on cultivation.

Who do you plan on passing the position to? Bi Yuntian was unperturbed. Several decades ago, her greatest wish was that Jian Chen could inherit the title of patriarch, but that position was nothing in Bi Yuntians eyes now.

Changyang Ba sighed at the sky, The person most suitable for inheriting the position would definitely be Xianger, but even if I ignore whether he is interested in it or not, just his accomplishments are enough that the position no longer interests him. The next most suitable person would be AHu, but hes severed his emotions and desires and cut himself away from his family to cultivate in the Pure Heart Pavilion. Theres only Keer left among my four sons and daughters.

Bi Yuntian nonchalantly smiled, Among your four children, AHu, Mingyue and Xianger are all very capable. They all possess their own matters. Only Keer has no accomplishments so far. I dont mind if you pass the title to him.

Alright, since even youve said it. Ill get uncle Chang to announce the matter. In a weeks time, Keer will formally inherit the title, Changyang Ba smiled in content. He did not need to ask anyone else, nor did he have to ask for the opinions of other important members of the clan. The successor of the clan had just been decided by Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba.

The news that the patriarch of the Changyang clan was about to step down and pass the title onto Changyang Ke quickly spread. In less than a day, it spread across the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent, the sea realm, and the Wasteland Continent. It was so significant that the three great empires on the continent could not compare when they gained a new emperor.

This was all because the current Changyang clan was the strongest human experts clan. The current patriarch was Jian Chens father, and the person who was about to inherit the title was Jian Chens brother. Because of how Jian Chen was related to them, the ordinary abdication became an extraordinary event on the continent.

Among the four races, many Saint Kings and Saint Emperors, including some of those in charge of large organizations, had all received Jian Chens kindness, so as soon as they received news of the abdication, they began preparing great gifts, ready to go to the Changyang clan in seven days to congratulate Changyang Ke.

At the same time, Changyang Ke and his wife were extremely jubilant in a luxurious hall in the clan as well.

In a few days, youll be the patriarch of the Changyang clan. At that time, your name will definitely become renowned across the entire continent. The three other races might even learn your name. The speaker was a woman who seemed to be in her thirties. She was rather beautiful, and the way she acted and behaved indicated that she came from a prominent family. There were traces of haughtiness on her face, making it easy to discern that she was a treasured daughter who grew up in a large clan.

This woman was Changyang Kes wife. Her name was Xie Yan, and they had been married for many years now. They had a son as well, who had just turned twenty.

As the only wife of Changyang Ke, Xie Yan enjoyed an extraordinary status in the clan. She had been gifted a hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resource to change her constitution, allowing her to morph and gain great talent, so she was a Heaven Saint Master already, despite her young age.

Of course, the heavenly resource originated from Jian Chen.

Changyang Ke seemed much more mature. He was a middle-aged man in his thirties, possessing the gentleness of a scholar. His strength had reached Saint Ruler because of Jian Chen as well.

Changyang Ke was absolutely ecstatic right now. He never thought that his father would pass on the title of patriarch to him. It was something he had never expected. Among Changyang Bas four children, he was the least capable. He probably would have only become an Earth Saint Master if it were not for Jian Chen. He would never have been able to reach Saint Ruler.

Even though he had become a Saint Ruler now, he still felt like he was a nobody. His sister and younger brother were just far too dazzling. They had both become Origin realm experts. Under their radiance, Changyang Kes achievement of becoming a Saint Ruler seemed insignificant. Not to mention the fact that Saint Rulers no longer hid from the public, Saint Kings appeared regularly, and Saint Emperors were not basically extinct. As a puny Saint Ruler in an age where every Sainthood experts had emerged, he seemed even more insignificant.

However, his status as patriarch of the Changyang clan was completely different. Was there anyone who did not know about the Changyang clan among the four races? Was there anyone? As long as he could become the patriarch, he would possess an extraordinary status even if he was not very powerful. The status would allow him to truly raise his head in pride.

More importantly, he would be able to order the five powerful Divine Guards of the Flame as the patriarch of the clan. It was a tremendous honor to be able to control five Saint Kings who were beyond the Fifth Heavenly Layer. He might even be able to control some forces from the Flame Mercenaries when the need arose. Changyang Ke had never thought that he would possess so much authority one day.

Father, congratulations for being chosen and inheriting the title as patriarch. A handsome young man knelt on the ground as happily congratulated his father. He seemed rather similar to Changyang Ke, and there was uncontainable pride on his face.

He was Changyang Ke and Xie Yans son, Changyang Xu. He was Changyang Kes only child.

Currently, no one knew that Shangguan Aojian was Jian Chens son aside from Shangguan Muer, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, Qin Qin, You Yue, and so on. As a result, Changyang Xu had become Changyang Bas only grandson, so he was obviously spoiled by Changyang Ba. When Changyang Xu was young, Changyang Ba used many precious heavenly resources to create medicinal baths for Changyang Xu. He used heavenly resources to purify Changyang Xus body, consuming countless thousand-year-old, countless ten-thousand year-old, and several ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources. Without any exaggeration, he had basically grown up soaking in medicinal baths. Even Jian Chen did not go through something like this when he was young.

As a result, he possessed extremely great potential. His cultivation advanced at a rapid rate. He could also view any battle skills and cultivation methods in the clan. After all, with the clans current status, they was no need to carefully guard their various battle skills and cultivation method anymore.

Changyang Xu did not disappoint Changyang Ba. He had become a Great Saint Master at the age of twenty. At his age, many people had only just condensed their Saint Weapons. Even the direct descendents of a few ancient clans did not possess accomplishments like Changyang Xu.

In his generation, Changyang Xu had become the greatest expert both in name and reality. Coupled with his exalted background, he looked down on everyone he saw.

Changyang Ke finally showed some pride as he looked at Changyang Xu. He admitted that he was the least capable of his siblings, but he believed that he had surpassed his elder and younger brother in terms of the younger generation.

Xuer, you must work hard on cultivation. You have to become like your second uncle and make your father proud, Changyang Ke said with a heavy heart. He held very high expectations for his son.

Father, my future goal is to surpass my uncle and replace him as the greatest human expert, Changyang Xu said ambitiously and conceitedly.

Changyang Ke immediately frowned when he heard that Changyang Xu wanted to replace Jian Chen. He said sternly, Xuer, its all because of your uncle that you have reached your current accomplishments at such an age. You have to show some respect to your uncle, alright?

Okay, father, Ill respect my uncle, Changyang Xu replied with a disapproving tone. He had only seen his legendary uncle a few times when he was younger.

Xie Yan glared at Changyang Ke, Why are you so stern? We should be happy that Xuer has the mindset of surpassing his uncle, and we shouldnt scold him for that. Dont you want to see your child stand at the very apex of the continent?

A resolute young man strolled through the streets of the City of God. Beside him were two women in white dresses. They seemed to be in their twenties and possessed great beauty. They would attract the attention of many wherever they went and take peoples breaths away.

At this moment, the news that Changyang Ke was about the inherit the position as patriarch arrived. Every family heard the news, and it shocked the entire city in the blink of an eye.

Changyang Ke? Isnt that my uncle? The young mans face changed when he heard the news.

Xiao Bao, your grandfathers about to abdicate and your uncle will take over. With the current fame of the Changyang clan, the ceremony will definitely be extremely grand. There will definitely be many experts who will take part in it on that day. Do you want to go and have a look? One of the women beside him said with a pleasant and beautiful voice.

Sister Xiao Qian, Sister Xiao Yue, lets go have a look. Hes my uncle after all. I should go and see grandfather and grandmother when my uncle inherits the position, the young man said with some mixed feelings.

The young man was Shangguan Aojian. The two woman beside him were the two saintesses from Three Saint Island, as well as the disciples of the Heavenly Enchantress, Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue.