Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574: Congratulations From Everywhere
Chapter 1574: Congratulations from Everywhere

Jian Chens Chaotic Body had reached the sixth layer, but that clearly was still not enough to fend off the World of Forsaken Saints. Jian Chen knew that even though his strength was increasing, it did not mean his enemies strength was not increasing as well. Moreover, his final opponent was not Ouyang Yangwen but the Reciprocity Spiritking, who was no weaker than a Godhood expert.

Godhood Jian Chen murmured. His eyes glowed brighter. They were filled with eagerness. He knew that it was extremely difficult to make the Chaotic Body reach a level where he could fight against Godhood experts in a lower world. However, there was the Yinyang Saint Rock here. With its assistance, reaching Godhood was not impossible. He just needed a lot of time.

Jian Chen began to wait and became bored once again. However, he was unwilling to waste any time. Even when he could not absorb the energy from the rock, he would use the time to cultivate, to comprehend the Way of the Sword as well as the various sword techniques the sword spirits had passed onto him.

Today happened to be the day when Changyang Ba would step down as patriarch and pass the title onto his second son, Changyang Ke. This matter had caused quite the commotion on the Tian Yuan Continent a few days ago. Basically everyone knew about it. The experts from the four races traveled several tens of million kilometers to congratulate the new patriarch of the clan with rich gifts.

A few experts had already arrived at the Changyang clan when the sky was just beginning to brighten, before the sun was even visible on the horizon. As time went on, more and more people from the four races gathered in the Changyang clan. These people all possessed a certain level of status in their own territories, and there were many Saint Emperors among them.

Basically all the Saint Emperors among the four races had broken through because of the immortal peaches. As a result, they were all indebted to Jian Chen. They would never be able to repay this favor, but they would be able to repay the clan Jian Chen came from.

This was why so many Saint Emperors personally turned up to the establishment of the new patriarch. It was all because of Jian Chen.

Very soon, the Changyang clan was full. Since too many people had come and many of them possessed great statuses, even if the hall in the Changyang clan was enlarged several times, it would not be able to hold so many people. As a result, Changyang Ba moved the ceremony to the main courtyard. There, a Saint King who could control earth-attributed Saint Force raised a stage, and currently, no one stood on the stage.

Many Saint Emperors and authoritative figures of large organizations stood below. Even though Changyang Ba was Jian Chens father, he could not just sit above all those Saint Emperors and command people before the ceremony had begun.

The elven queen from the Wasteland Continent has arrived with the precious gift of the elves, a hundred droplets of Dew of Life! The master of ceremonies voice constantly reverberated about, surprising many people every time he spoke.

A hundred droplets of Dew of Life. The elven queen sure is extravagant. Droplets of Dew of Life are the supreme treasure of the elves. Its said that only a single droplet appears every century. Not only can it increase your strength, but each droplet also possesses tremendous life force. Even if youre at deaths door, you can be saved with a single droplet of the dew. Moreover, its said that the dew can change the constitution of people and alter talent

A single droplet of Dew of Life is a priceless treasure. Its impossible to get a price for it, because only the elves can produce it. The elven queens actually gifted a hundred droplets. Thats ten thousand years worth

The dwarven king from the Wasteland Continent has arrived with a gift of a hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resource and five ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources

Cangqiong of the Beast God Continent has arrived with a gift of three hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources and ten ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources

The patriarch of the Tiger clan from the Beast God Continent has arrived with a gift of five hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, twenty ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, many thousand-year-old heavenly resources, a single Class 9 Monster Core, five Class 8 Monster Cores, and a tiger cub from the direct line of descent

The people in the Changyang clan immediately began to discuss with one another as the gifts from the Tiger clan patriarch was announced. Many people were amazed. His gifts were worth even more than what Cangqiong was giving away. He even gave away a tiger cub from the direct line of descent. That was equivalent to giving his own descendent to the Changyang clan.

The patriarch of the Tiger clan has his problems. The tiger emperor offended the Winged Tiger God in the past and even attempted to kill it. Its said that the tiger emperor is directly responsible for the Winged Tiger Gods fathers death. The patriarch is afraid that the Winged Tiger God will drag the Tiger clan into its fury, which is why its trying to establish good ties with the Changyang clan. He wants to use the Changyang clan to protect his own clansmen. After all, the tiger emperor committed heinous crimes in the past. Even wiping out the entire Tiger clan would not be enough of a punishment. A few human Saint Kings quietly spoke to each other. They looked at the patriarch of the Tiger clan sympathetically.

The tiger emperors schemes against the Winged Tiger God had nothing to do with the Tiger clan. However, the tiger emperor was still a part of the clan. He was their ruler, so the Tiger clan was dragged into the matter anyway.

The punishment for treason among humans would be killing off anyone related to the criminal within nine generations. The tiger emperor had committed treason against the Winged Tiger God, so by the tradition of magical beasts, that was enough of a reason to wipe out the entire clan.

The tiger emperor was dead now and the Winged Tiger God had never shown any intentions of devastating the Tiger clan, but the patriarch still felt uneasy. He wanted to establish good ties with the Changyang clan. His entire clan paid dearly in gifts now that the opportunity had opened up to them. He had basically gifted away everything valuable in the clan.

The Ancestral Emperor of the Felicity Empire has arrived with the gift of three Heaven Tier Battle Skills, a Saint Tier cultivation method and three ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources

The patriarch of the Tiamu clan has arrived with a gift of five ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources

The great elder of the Tyrants Blade School has arrived with a gift

The emissary from the Sea Goddess Hall has arrived with a gift

People from all four races had gathered here for the ceremony. Although the Sainthood experts from the sea realm were still stuck with their shift in the supreme divine hall, they had sent representatives to congratulate Changyang Ke. The representatives brought rich gifts with them, including countless heavenly resources, battle skills, cultivation methods, and so on. The Changyang clan had obtained an incalculable amount of wealth from this single event.

Changyang Ba and Changyang Ke smiled as they received the many guests. As Changyang Bas only grandson, Changyang Ba had always spoiled Changyang Xu, pouring large amounts of effort into his growth. Coupled with his current achievements, Changyang Ba spoiled him even more. Changyang Xu followed Changyang Ba around the ceremony this time, and whenever he would converse with guests of exalted status, he would never forget to introduce Changyang Xu. Pride would flood his face whenever he mentioned Changyang Xu.

Changyang Xu had become a Great Saint Master at the young age of twenty. Even across the entire continent, there was rarely anyone who could match his speed. Coupled with the fact that he was Changyang Bas grandson, the guests constantly praised him. Many of the guests brought up the matter of engaging their great-granddaughters, who were of similar age, to him.

Changyang Xu was unable to contain his arrogance from all the praise. He maintained a polite appearance before important people, but he looked down on anyone and everyone around his age. He even looked down on a few hermit clans. As for the engagements, Changyang Xu never took them to heart. With his great background and talent, his tastes had gone overboard. To him, there were many Saint Emperors among the people who proposed marriages, but their great-granddaughters were countless generations away from them. Even they themselves had no idea how many great-granddaughters they had. They maybe had a few, a few dozen, or a few hundred. After all, huge extended families were common for people who had lived thousands of years.

However, he was the only son of the Changyang clan patriarch now. How were any of the plentiful female descendents of large clans worthy of him?

Moreover, the Saint Emperors had all broken through because of his uncle.

Is he my grandfather? The person beside him should be my uncle, Changyang Ke. Is that young man beside grandfather my younger brother, Changyang Xu? In the crowd, Shangguan Aojian spotted Changyang Ba, Changyang Ke, and Changyang Xu from afar. He mumbled to himself in a voice that only he could hear.

Shangguan Aojian had come to Lore City during his journeys in the past and had heard many matters regarding his father. However, he had never personally seen his grandfather or grandmother.

Thats right. Xiao Bao, hes your grandfather, Changyang Ba. However, weve only heard things about your uncle from time to time. Weve never seen him before. After all, hes maintained too low of a profile, Xiao Qian smiled while standing beside Shangguan Aojian.

Xiao Bao, do you want to go and tell your grandfather who you are? Look at the son of your uncle. Hes only just a Great Saint Master, yet your grandfather adores him so much. If your grandfather found out he had such an impressive grandchild, he would probably be absolutely ecstatic, Xiao Yue said from one side as well. She spoke through a communication technique since she did not wish other people to overhear her.

Shangguan Aojian shook his head, Fathers not here, nor is mother. If I say that Im Jian Chens son in a situation like this, do you think anyone will believe me? Also, outsiders dont know about the relationship between my father and mother. I even suspect that my grandfather and grandmother dont know about their relationship.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue frowned. One of them said with some hesitance, Youre right. If you go and tell them who you are, not only will no one believe you, but people will laugh and jeer at you.