Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576: Young Island Master
Chapter 1576: Young Island Master

Shangguan Aojian had boldly and confidently said that he was Changyang Xus elder brother. In reality, only his father and Changyang Xus father were brothers. Shangguan Aojian was a few years older than Changyang Xu, so it was rather obvious that he was like an elder brother to Changyang Xu. That was unquestionable.

However, the meaning of the phrase had completely changed when Changyang Xu heard it. It had become a provocation, a humiliation.

Changyang Xu was the young master of the Changyang clan. His great status, coupled with his great arrogance, made it impossible for him to endure the humiliating phrase.

Suddenly, Changyang Xus presence drastically changed. At that moment, he seemed to have become a drawn sword, erupting with a sharp, swift, and powerful presence. Of course, the presence was only powerful among the people of his age. His presence as a Great Saint Master was nothing in the Changyang clan, where many experts had gathered.

However, many people noticed Changyang Xu erupting, but they did not treat it as anything important. In the eyes of these monstrous existences that had lived for thousands of years, they treated it as a fight among kids. Changyang Ba and Changyang Ke obviously noticed this matter as well, but they were currently on stage and were the center of attention, so they were unable to stop the disturbance.

Sir, what did you just say? May you repeat it? Changyang Xu glared at Shangguan Aojian. He had already locked onto Shangguan Aojians presence. It appeared like he would start fighting as soon as Shangguan Aojian uttered another word that displeased him.

In his tight robes, Shangguan Aojian calmly stood there with his arms crossed. His lips curled up as if he was looking at a joke, but his eyes, which were as sharp as an eagles eyes, bore some coldness. He calmly said, Youre actually threatening your older brother. Im your older brother, so can I ask what you plan on doing? Shangguan Aojian spoke very nonchalantly, but he gently sighed inside. He had heard about his younger brother long ago, about the achievements he had attained at such a young age, and even Shangguan Aojian found them to be pretty impressive. Originally, he had been quite eager to see the brother he had never met, but after coming to the clan and seeing Changyang Xus poor behavior again and again, he was just left disappointed.

H- how dare you! I dont care who you are or where you come from. You wont be able to leave so easily after coming to our Changyang clan to make trouble and provoke us. You have offended the dignity of the clan, Changyang Xu furiously exclaimed. His face revealed his anger. A coldness also lingered on his face as well. He had never thought that the unknown young man before him would be so daring. The man before him clearly had no inkling that he was the young master of the clan, but the man before him wanted to dominate him by claiming that he was his elder brother. How could Changyang Xu endure something like this, having grown up spoiled? As his right hand moved, a rather powerful Saint Force surged out and rapidly condensed into a Saint Weapon. He mercilessly stabbed at Shangguan Aojian.

In the Changyang clan, other people would probably fear offending the clan and, thus, avoid fighting, but Changyang Xu was not afraid because the current patriarch was his grandfather while his father was about to become the patriarch. With the affection he had received from his grandfather and father, he was confident that he would get off with no punishment for any trouble he made. At most, he would be lectured a few times because there was no longer anything that the Changyang clan could not deal with with its current status.

Moreover, he also knew that all the Saint Emperors in the world owed his uncle a favor, so even if the young man was supported by a Saint Emperor, the Saint Emperor would not be able to say a single thing.

Many of the Sainthood experts gathered in the surroundings began to watch. None of them decided to interfere. They all felt like what Shangguan Aojian had said really had gone overboard. However, many of them also made guesses as to who Xiao Bao, Xiao Qian, and Xiao Yue were, since Xiao Bao was bold enough to provoke the young master of the clan in public and even boast that he was the young masters elder brother.

Shangguan Aojian did seem slightly older than Changyang Xu, but he still could not claim that randomly. After all, their difference in status was just far too great.

Shangguan Aojian stood with his arms crossed. Faced with Changyang Xus attack, he showed no intentions of dodging. However, his gaze became even colder the moment Changyang Xu stabbed out.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue stood there at ease as well. They watched the two brothers in interest and would gently smile from time to time.

Xuer, do not be rude!

When Changyang Xus sword was only three inches away from Shangguan Aojian, a dignified voice rang out. At the same time, the space around Changyang Xu froze, immobilizing his Saint Weapon.

Changyang Xu had used his Saint Weapon. Changyang Ba was no longer able to ignore what was going on, so he stopped Changyang Xu.

Grandfather, let me go. This brats insulted me. I have to teach him a lesson today. I just cant bear it, Changyang Xu loudly cried out with much unwillingness. He felt no fear and Shangguan Aojians look was condescending.

Xuer, you still dont shut up. Today is the day your father inherits the position as patriarch. As your fathers son, you haven't properly receive the guests and even want to start fighting with them. How can you do that? Why dont you apologize to the guest? Changyang Bas face sank before becoming stern.

Grandfather, you dont know what happened. This ignorant person said that he was my elder brother. Hes basically insulted me. Ill never apologize to him even if I die, Changyang Xu furiously replied. He twisted his head away, refusing to apologize.

Changyang Ba felt helpless because of Changyang Xus behavior. As his only grandson, he had already begun treating him as his own flesh and blood long ago, basically raising him in the palm of his hand. He had never beaten him or told him off. If Changyang Xu had truly become angered, there was nothing he could do as a grandfather.

Changyang Ba could only clasp his fist toward Shangguan Aojian, Xiao Qian, and Xiao Yue since he was in a helpless situation. He apologetically said, I really must apologize for Xuers misbehavior. Its all because we havent raised him correctly. If you have been offended, please forgive us. Oh right, may I ask where you are from? Once the ceremony is over, I will definitely bring Keer with me to personally apologize.

You are too polite, patriarch. I am Xiao Qian from Three Saint Island, and I greet the patriarch!

I am Xiao Yue from Three Saint Island. I greet the patriarch!

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue clasped their hands to Changyang Ba at the same time. They were very polite.

I am Shangguan Aojian from Three Saint Island. I greet the patriarch! Shangguan Aojian also clasped his hands at Changyang Ba and deeply bowed. He did not bow because Changyang Ba was the patriarch of the Changyang Ba, but rather because he was his grandfather.

Three Saint Island. Theyre actually from Three Saint Island

Ive heard of Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue. Arent they the second and third island mistresses? I never thought that the two island mistresses would actually come here. Their statuses are just impressive

Its said that the Heavenly Enchantress is the main island mistress while the other two island mistresses are her disciple. Oh my god, the two women are actually a sovereigns disciples. No wonder they dont fear the Changyang clan

I never thought that even the disciples of a sovereign would come and attend the ceremony

When Xiao Qian and Xiao Yues identities were revealed, there was quite an uproar in the clan. At that moment, the gazes everyone sent the three of them changed. They became filled with envy.

All the experts from the four races had learned about Three Saint Island long ago since their island mistress was an Origin realm sovereign. She had even controlled five Origin realm experts from the foreign world using her zither during the battle, shocking both friends and foes alike.

In the eyes of the Sainthood experts, the Origin realm would allow one to reign supreme in the world, something almost unattainable. Yet, the Heavenly Enchantress was able to control five of them. It was just too terrifying.

Changyang Ba became surprised before chuckling aloud. He walked off the platform with Changyang Ke and personally went up to receive them. He smiled, So its the island mistresses. Ive failed to welcome you from afar, so please forgive me. Speaking of which, Three Saint Island and the Changyang clan are familiar with one another. Ive heard Xianger mention Three Saint Island many times in the past, and he also seems to have stayed there for some time as well.

Hehehe, the patriarch is correct. Master Jian Chen has indeed stayed at our island for quite some time in the past. Xiao Qian giggled and glanced at Shangguan Aojian with a profound meaning. She then pointed at Shangguan Aojian and said, Patriarch, this is our young master!

Young master! Changyang Ba was surprised once again. He could not help but properly look at Shangguan Aojian. He felt something strange from that glance. He suddenly found the young man more pleasing to the eye the longer he looked at him and took a liking of him.

The surrounding guests were all surprised when they learned that Shangguan Aojian was the young island master. This was quite the status, no lesser than Changyang Xus status in the Changyang clan. He was probably the Heavenly Enchantress successor.

Everyone came to an understanding. With Shangguan Aojians status as the young island master, claiming to be Changyang Xus elder brother was a matter of fact. After all, his status was no lesser than Changyang Xus and he was clearly a few years older than Changyang Xu.

Hmph, being the young island master is only holding an empty name. If it were not for my grandfather earlier, you would have been injured by me, said Changyang Xu. He clearly did not treat Shangguan Aojian as a big deal at all.

Changyang Bas face suddenly sank. When he was about to reproach Changyang Xu, Shangguan Aojian spoke instead. Brother, you cant be too proud as a person, let alone look down on everyone. You need to know that there is always someone better than you out there. You may have achieved your current accomplishments, but you need to bear in mind that the reasons you have achieved them all came from your uncle.

Hmph, Shangguan Aojian, even if you are the young island master, you are not greater than me. Of course I know that there is always someone better than me out there. In my generation, I am that person. Moreover, you couldnt even take a strike from my sword as a young island master. In this world, those who are weak will never have the right to speak. Changyang Xu was extremely arrogant. He firmly believed that if his attack had not been stopped by his grandfather, the young island master before him would have been injured.

Shangguan Aojian gently sighed and said, Brother, youre far too arrogant. If you dont change your mindset, youll doom yourself sooner or later. Even the clan might end up dragged into your mess. As your elder brother, I have to teach you a proper lesson so that you will understand that you can never claim to be the best. Attack me. I wont move. If you can injure me even in the slightest, itll be my loss.