Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581: Tie Ta Emerges
Chapter 1581: Tie Ta Emerges

The most-eastern part of the Wasteland Continent belonged to the elves. A hundred thousand kilometers from the inhabited forest was an extremely large tomb.

The tomb was snow-white, constructed from solar essence metal. This was the only mineral that was mined on the continent. It was formed from ordinary stone while in a dry environment, absorbing the power of the sun for countless years. It was very valuable on the Wasteland Continent. Its value even exceeded the value of tungsten alloy on the Tian Yuan Continent.

The metal was extremely tough, making it virtually indestructible without the strength of a Saint Ruler. On the continent, the metal was a resource that only large clans or organizations could use because not only could it be used to create high quality weapons, but it also possessed a sliver of the suns power. With a unique secret technique, people could refine the power of the sun hidden within and use it for cultivation.

However, even among the powerful organizations on the Wasteland Continent, there was not a lot of the metal. However, the huge tomb was completely built out of it, making it seem like just a single piece. There were no cracks nor any signs left behind from when it was constructed.

It was impossible to destroy solar essence metal without the strength of a Saint Ruler, yet the tomb seemed to be created from a single piece of the metal. Even ignoring just how valuable the entire tomb was, just constructing it would have been a difficult matter.

The marks on the tomb showed that it has existed for an extremely long amount of time. Even though the tomb was completely clean, without a speck of dust, it was still unable to hide the marks left behind by time.

The extravagant tomb had stood there for a very long time. Not only was there no one who dared to covet it, but it was also worshiped by all of the races on the Wasteland Continent. Many Saint Kings among them that worshipped it, causing the tomb to become a sacred land that no one could blaspheme.

This was the tomb of Aergyns. Even though he had fallen in battle many years ago, he still lived on in the hearts of all his clansmen.

At the same time, this was where Aergyns remains had been sealed. A powerful seal existed beneath the tomb.

Many people would come to Aergyns tomb. They would kneel, pray, and clean the tomb, and today was obviously not an exception. Over ten thousand people were praying before the tomb.

However, at this moment, the ground began to gently tremble. The earth moved, as if the entire continent was shaking. Even the tomb began to shake. At the same time, a tremendous presence emerged from the depths of the structure.

The power of the presence made the earth shake. At that moment, the entire Wasteland Continent was enveloped by the extremely tremendous presence while the wind and clouds had already begun to churn in the sky above. The thick layers of clouds above the continent rapidly dispersed due to the crushing presence, turning into nothingness.

The tremendous presence soon extended beyond the Wasteland Continent. In just a short moment, it engulfed the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent, the sea realm, and the arctic tundra, basically the entire world. It shocked everyone who felt it.

The several Origin realm experts in the supreme divine hall all glanced in the direction of the Wasteland Continent. They were joyful.

Its Tie Ta. Hes broken through, said Feng Xiaotian as he smiled faintly.

Fantastic, weve become stronger yet again, said the sea goddess. Tie Ta had finally emerged from seclusion after three years, which relieved the Origin realm experts who continued to stand guard in the divine hall.

Space Gates opened one after another outside Aergyns tomb. Many Saint Kings and Saint Emperors hurried over as soon as possible. Not only were there people from the Hundred Races, but there were magical beast and human Saint Kings and Saint Emperors as well.

In the past, any outsider would definitely met obstructions in the form of experts from the Hundred Races if they had come to this holy place, but they were all united under a single cause now, having completely abandoned their previous territorial practices. As a result, the Hundred Races welcomed the arrival of the humans and magical beasts.

Its the war god. The war god has emerged from seclusion

The experts of the Hundred Races all cried out as they gathered outside the tomb. Their voices were filled with joy. It was possible to tell with a single glance that the war gods strength had increased. The Hundred Races viewed the war god as their spiritual leader, so they were naturally extremely excited to learn that Tie Tas strength had increased.

The war god has finally reappeared after disappearing for three years

Over the past three years, the war god must have been receiving Aergyns legacy in the tomb. I wonder what level the war gods strength will have reached now that he is emerging. I wonder if hes surpassed the human sovereign

The human sovereigns vanished for three years as well, and theres been no news of him. If the human sovereigns strength has not increased at all in the past three years, hell no longer be the war gods opponent

The war god and the Winged Tiger God have a feud. The war gods strength has increased yet again, but the Winged Tiger God only broke through to the Origin realm after receiving the legacy in the Beast God Hall and has been in the supreme divine hall for the past three years. The Winged Tiger Gods strength has not increased at all, so he is probably no longer the war gods opponent

Many thoughts sprang into the heads of the human and magical beast experts. Without a doubt, the increase of the war gods strength had drastically raised the Hundred Races status.

At this moment, the terrifying presence that made the world shake suddenly vanished. A dazzling golden light appeared before the tomb. It hung in the sky like a miniature sun, illuminating the surroundings with a blinding light. In the light was a blurry figure, and without any surprise, that figure belonged to Tie Ta.

We welcome the war god after emerging from seclusion!

All the people from the Hundred Races knelt and loudly cried out. Their voices were filled with excitement and joy.

The humans and magical beasts did not kneel, but they looked at Tie Ta with polite gazes and bowed.

Theres no need to be so courteous. Im going to the divine hall in Mercenary City immediately, so Ill be leaving first, Tie Ta said with his deep, soft voice. After that, he used his Mysteries of War and slammed through space with his body. He traversed through the void, headed to the supreme divine hall.

The golden light on Tie Ta was concealed in the supreme divine hall. Tie Ta held a piece of beast fur as he stood there. His skin glistened like gold, and there was even a metallic luster, like treasure, on the surface of his skin.

Tian Jian, the white tiger, Xiao Ling, Xiao Jin, the sea goddess, Yang Lie, and so on all gathered their attention on Tie Ta and closely examined him. However, none of them were able to discern just what level of cultivation Tie Ta had reached.

Tie Ta, are you currently Receival or Returnance? The sea goddess asked.

Tie Ta scratched his head and said, I dont know what Ive reached. My cultivation method is different from all of yours. However, I feel like I dont have to fear Ouyang Yangwen anymore. Oh right, the beast fur I have right now was created from the fusion of the eighteen pieces. Only after joining them together did I discover another secret in the beast furs.