Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584: A Terrifying Conclusion
Chapter 1584: A Terrifying Conclusion

Back when the Winged Tiger God shed his eighteen pieces of beast fur, did he do that because he had already sensed Mo Tianyuns intentions and knew that Mo Tianyun wanted to leave his intentions in the beast fur? Was it because Mo Tianyuns strength had already surpassed the Winged Tiger God, or was the Winged Tiger God unable to stop Mo Tianyun and divided it into eighteen pieces to stop Mo Tianyun from using its fur? Guihai Yidao guessed.

Yang Lie thought about it before gently shaking his head, If the Winged Tiger God wanted to stop Mo Tianyun from using his fur to leave behind a legacy, he could have taken a piece of the fur with him or hidden it deep in outer space after he had divided it into eighteen pieces. There would have been no need for him to leave them all here. Yidao, your explanation doesnt work.

Back then, both Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God gave me an unfathomable feeling. However, after Mo Tianyun discovered the tunnel to the World of Forsaken Saints, he ventured into that world all by himself and slaughtered all the Origin realm experts there. He also placed a powerful seal that lasted a million years that even Reciprocity experts could not smash through. If the Spiritkings battle prowess had not reached Godhood, the seal would probably still remain right now. All of this indicates Mo Tianyuns power. His strength might have even exceeded the Winged Tiger Gods strength, so we naturally cant eliminate the possibility that Mo Tianyun left behind his legacy on the beast fur without the Winged Tiger God knowing, said the sea goddess. As someone who originated from the same era as Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God, she knew about a lot of things that had happened in the past. No one else present knew about these matters since they all came from different eras, apart from Xiao Ling.

Even Xiao Ling did not know about many matters that happened during the ancient times since she had yet to develop self-awareness. Some matters had happened before she existed.

Everyone was filled with confusion. Only the white tiger remained silent, but he was not as calm as he seemed on the surface. He was young, but he had experienced many things with Jian Chen across the years, so he was very mature. After discovering the secret within the beast fur, he established an unbelievable connection. This connection shocked him, astounded him, and filled him with even more disbelief.

He did not care when Mo Tianyuns legacy had appeared in the fur of a Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor. All he thought about was how Mo Tianyun had grasped the Way of Slaughter. This was also the Way of Slaughter grasped by the Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor.

Senior, in the ancient times, who appeared first? Was it the beast god or Mo Tianyun? And do you know if there are any records of their growth? The white tiger was interested in the matter and suddenly asked the sea goddess.

The sea goddess was silent. She seemed to be recalling the distant past. The era was just too long ago, a million years in fact. She said, In the ancient times, the Tian Yuan Continent was originally occupied by magical beasts and humans. After the appearance of the Winged Tiger God, it lead all the magical beasts to attack the Hundred Races and took over the current Beast God Continent. The Hundred Races failed to retake their homeland after many attacks, so they attacked the Tian Yuan Continent. They wanted to take over the territory of the Tian Yuan Continent. The strongest humans in that era were only peak Saint Emperors, and no one had surpassed Saint Emperor. Even the protector clans were beaten and suffered heavy losses. When the Hundred Races were about to take over the Tian Yuan Continent, Mo Tianyun appeared. He possessed strength beyond Saint Emperor as soon as he appeared and defeated Aergyns, driving the Hundred Races from the Tian Yuan Continent. He protected the humans.

Mo Tianyun appeared out of nowhere. There was no information regarding him on the Tian Yuan Continent before his appearance. As time went on, many people recognized Mo Tianyun as some great expert who had hid himself from public view and had never revealed himself. A strange light flickered through the sea goddess eyes. She seemed to have found an interesting connection and continued, As for the Winged Tiger God, he appeared before Mo Tianyun, but there is no information regarding him on the Tian Yuan Continent either. He appeared just like Mo Tianyun, out of nowhere. He possessed strength beyond Saint Emperor as soon as he appeared too.

A gleam of light flickered through Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, Tian Jian, and Houstons eyes. At that moment, they thought of something unbelievable.

Im thinking that both Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God arent people from this world. Theyre the same as you three. They came down from above and have an extremely close relationship. They basically appeared and disappeared at the same time. I suspect and have deduced from the various tracks that they have left behind that they are actually the same person, the sea goddess sternly said. When she uttered her last sentence, it was like a bolt from the blue hit everyone. They were all stunned.

Even though everyone had thought of something similar, they still felt very shocked when the sea goddess mentioned her conclusion, which had overthrown a million years of understanding.

Sob how can my master be that tiger? My masters a human. Hes a human Xiao Ling wiped away her tears as she stressed her point. She refused to accept such a conclusion.

However, no one was in the mood to pay any attention to her. They all sank into their thoughts.

After quite a long while, Tian Jian sighed while sitting on the jade-white seat. He said, Ive checked ancient records in the past as well. Although they dont go into a whole lot of detail regarding the matters from that era, Ive gained a rough understanding regarding it. Its said that the city lord and the Winged Tiger God never met and that the agreement between the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent, which stated that they would never trespass in each others territory, was never decided in public. Instead, it was told to the magical beasts by the Winged Tiger God and the humans by Mo Tianyun.

This matter was influencing everyone's thoughts. If they announced the secret that Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God might be the same person, probably no one in the world would believe them.

However, none of them planned to do announce their conclusions. They had only managed to deduce that Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God might be the same person through some hints that had been left behind. As long as their conclusions had not been proven, they would remain as a deduction.

Lets comprehend Mo Tianyuns Way of Slaughter together. If we can comprehend it, well open the door to Godhood earlier. Houston stared at the floating beast fur and spoke with some mixed feelings.

Sob this is my masters way. My master said in the past that since I am a natural spirit, I have to find my own way to comprehend, and before I completely comprehend the way I find, its best for me to not comprehend any other way. Otherwise, it will suppress the way I should comprehend. Brother Xiao Jin cant comprehend it either. Xiao Ling choked back her tears. Her face was filled with sorrow and sadness. Seeing her past master in the beast fur had triggered the longing for her master she had hidden within her heart.

The sea goddess face sank. She gently sighed and said with some regret, I cant comprehend Mo Tianyuns Way of Slaughter either, because Im the same as Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling. Im also a natural spirit. I was born in the vast ocean. When I was still forming, tribulation lightning descended and I failed the tribulation. I had almost dispersed, but I did not die. I managed to survive, fortunately, but Im only half a spirit now. Im no longer a complete natural spirit.

Everyone could not help but glance at the sea goddess. None of them had thought that the sea goddess was the same as Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling, a natural spirit given birth to by the world.