Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591: Sending The Divine Hall Flying
Chapter 1591: Sending the Divine Hall Flying

Hmph, who said that sovereign Jian Chen is unable to turn the situation around? Sovereign Jian Chens talent is so great that hes an unprecedented genius not just on our Tian Yuan Continent but even among the Sea race, the magical beasts, and the Hundred Races. Hes surpassed all the people from all races throughout all of history. Hes only used a few decades to go from a nameless Saint to a Origin realm expert. Now that twenty years have passed, I believe that sovereign Jian Chen will be countless times more powerful than he used to be

Thats right. I agree. Sovereign Jian Chen cultivates at a rate unimaginable to us, so we cant judge him like any other person. Sovereign Jian Chen has vanished for twenty years, so he must have been increasing his strength somewhere or searching for a method to eliminate the foreign threat. I believe that sovereign Jian Chen will no longer fear the Spiritking when he returns

Sovereign Jian Chen is our only hope right now. Not only are we all waiting for him to return, but so are the Origin realm sovereigns in the inner region. Were all waiting for him to return

Moreover, when sovereign Jian Chen left, the world began to change. The laws gradually became more complete, and our cultivation has become easier than before. Even strands of origin energy have begun to reappear now. Dont you think this is all caused by sovereign Jian Chen?

Gradually, more and more people expressed their support for Jian Chen. There were not just humans who supported him, members of the Sea race, magical beasts and Hundred Races supported him as well. Even at such a time, there were still many people who believed in Jian Chen, protecting his name wholeheartedly.

However, not everyone stood by Jian Chen. There was still a portion of people who had completely lost hope in him. Jian Chen had disappeared for twenty years, so many of them believed that he had fled already.

Hmph, in my opinion, all of you have become blinded by your faith in Jian Chen. Youve lost your capability to think rationally. Just think about how strong the Spiritking is. Hes an expert no weaker than those at Godhood. Sovereign Jian Chens talent is impressive, he has very great potential, and his cultivation rate is just astonishing, but just look at his age. Even if sovereign Jian Chen is extraordinary, its impossible for him to elevate his strength to the point where he can take on a Godhood expert in just two short decades. Dont you remember how difficult it was for sovereign Jian Chen to fend off those Returnance experts? The person who spoke was a skinny, hook-nosed, old man. Even though he was pale, he showed disdain to the fighters who admired Jian Chen.

The old mans strength was impressive as well. Even among Saint Emperors, he was one of the more powerful members. He had already reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer and was a famous expert among the magical beasts.

Thats right. In two short decades, its impossible for sovereign Jian Chen to become as powerful as the Spiritking. Maybe hes already moved onto the Saints World after being silent for twenty years, and in regards to whether the changes in the world are related to sovereign Jian Chen. Hehe, Ill just keep my opinion to myself. I just want to ask that among all of you, who believes that the world is changing because of sovereign Jian Chen? A middle-aged man nagged. He too made fun of everyone else.

The middle-aged was not as powerful as the old man, but he was also a Saint Emperor and a human.

Sounds of people voicing that they did not believe Jian Chen was responsible immediately rang through the surroundings. To everyone, Jian Chen really was strong and was the greatest human expert, without a doubt, but it was definitely impossible for him to influence the laws of the world.

Hmph, youre all ungrateful. Dont you remember who let you become Saint Emperors? Yet you slander my brothers name while hes not here. My brother would never abandon us to save his own skin. A high-pitched, furious voice rang out. Bi Lian angrily charged over from afar. You Yue, Huang Luan, Xiu Tianyu, Dugu Feng, and so on were all present as well. There were several dozen of them and plenty of Saint Emperors among them.

Nubis was with them as well. At that moment, Nubis stared coldly at the people who had disrespected his brother. He smiled viciously, You were all able to become Saint Emperors because of my brother Jian Chen. Its fine if youre ungrateful, yet you just had to slander his name. Its fine if he doesnt return, but if he does, I, the great Nubis, will make a selfish decision and take back the strength he bestowed upon you.

The Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Emperor stepped forward. He looked at Nubis calmly and said, Nubis, arent you being a little to arrogant? Youre only a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Emperor. Theres quite a few people here that can dominate you. Not to mention, what my friend there said is not completely unreasonable. Sovereign Jian Chen has vanished for two entire decades. This world is only so big. Several Saint Emperors have worked together to cast a secret technique to scour every inch of the world for Jian Chen, yet they found no signs of his. What other explanation is there aside from moving onto the Saint

However, before the old man could finish speaking, a small, white hand silently pressed against his head. With a bang, the Saint Emperors head loudly exploded. He passed away in that instant since his soul was not able to escape in time.

Everyone immediately shivered inside. They all became dead silent.

A young boy silently appeared where the old man had stood before. His face possessed a coldness that did not suit his age at all. He coldly glanced over the other people present, warning them.

Its the Winged Tiger God!

Many people of the four races shivered at the sight of the boy. They became filled with fear. The Winged Tiger God did not look very old and rarely spoke, but he would not hesitant when he took action at all. At certain times, his decisive decision to kill people made many older people acknowledge their inferiority.

At this moment, the white tigers gaze landed on the experts present. He emotionlessly said, I dont care if the people of the other three races slander my brothers name, but I will show no mercy if you are a magical beast.

All the magical beasts experienced chills. Those who had taken part in insulting Jian Chen became utterly frightened.

The Winged Tiger God has such a powerful killing intent. Hes able to kill a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Emperor without any hesitation. Theres not many experts like the Saint Emperor even among the four races. The Winged Tiger God has acted too recklessly. Many people sighed inside, but they did not dare to reveal their thoughts.

Ouyang Yangwen and Xiong Zhong stood at the front of the tunnel between the two world. Five Returnance experts stood behind them. They were all rather excited.

I can feel that the energy within the divine hall is rapidly declining. After so many years, weve finally wasted away all its energy. Well be able to enter the other world very soon. Jian Chen, I will definitely kill you by my own hands and vent my hatred. Ouyang Yangwen flashed a vicious smile in the tunnel. He was boiling with killing intent.

Jian Chen is mine. Last time, I was unable to defeat him, so I retreated. That has been the greatest humiliation of my life, so I will personally take Jian Chens life and redeem myself, Xiong Zhong said as well. He was ashamed he had retreated.

Ouyang Yangwens face sank slightly. He glanced at Xiong Zhong as a cold light flickered through his eyes. He said, Xiong Zhong, I can leave Jian Chen to you seeing that you helped me once in the past, but Jian Chens two swords belong to me.

No. Xiong Zhong disagreed. He knew that Jian Chens two swords were very powerful. He had just managed to maintain the balance, so if Ouyang Yangwen obtained the two swords, he would no longer be Ouyang Yangwens opponent.

Ouyang Yangwens gaze immediately grew colder. He said, If thats the case, then well compete for them when the time comes.

Alright, well compete for them. Xiong Zhong agreed with a straightforward response. He showed no indication of losing. He then looked at the elders behind him and cried out, If we continue attacking, itll probably take another few hours before we drain all their energy. Lets get to the Seven Killings Formation and pour our power together to attack the divine hall.

Fair enough. Im not willing to waste another few hours. The formation may be exhaustive, but its worth it even if I have to exhaust some origin energy so that I can obtain those two swords sooner. Do it! Ouyang Yangwen hesitated slightly before agreeing to Xiong Zhongs suggestion. The seven of them immediately got into position for the formation. They poured their strengths together to launch an attack far more powerful than early Reciprocity at the supreme divine hall.

The attack was so powerful that it surpassed any attack the divine hall had taken in the past twenty years. It was only weaker than the attack from the Spiritking. The attack was the result of five Returnance experts and two Reciprocity experts pooling their strengths together.


Under their combined force, they actually launched the divine hall high into the air, unblocking the tunnel.