Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592: A Mighty Return One

Chapter 1592: A Mighty Return (One)

The supreme divine hall, which had been blocking the entrance to the tunnel, was knocked high into the air by Ouyang Yangwen, Xiong Zhong, and the elders from the foreign world. At that moment, the tunnel had been moved after twenty years.

The deafening boom continued to reverberate through the supreme divine hall, causing the entire hall to violent shake. All the people in the hall realized that the divine hall had been blown into the sky.

Many people paled at that moment while their minds became completely blank. They sank into despair. Without the protection of the divine hall, they were not just going to face a few Origin realm experts. There would be several dozen Origin realm experts and countless Saint Emperors.

They had no chance at victory since there was such a difference in strength.

Lets go out and fight. Even if we die, it is better to die in our homeland

Ill go all out against the people of the foreign world. Isnt it just death? Whats there to be scared of? Who hasnt died throughout history? Well just live a few thousand years less at most, and well still survive as a pile of remains

Thats completely right. Whats there to fear about death? Even if we dont die now, well pass away from old age. Its just going to be a little sooner today, so theres nothing to be scared of

Many voices, brimming with heroic spirit, reverberated through the divine hall. They were completely carefree, not fearing death. There was no dread at all.

The pressing atmosphere in the divine hall was gradually dispersed with the voices. Many people were influenced by the heroic spirit, and gradually, the divine hall actually started brimming with battle intent.

Even though there were people who were afraid, there were also many people who did not fear death. At that moment, many people gathered the courage to fight to the death. They knew that their efforts would be futile, but they did not shy away from the outcome.

Hahahaha, Jian Chen, get your *ss out here. Id like to see how you defeat us now

Jian Chen, you will pay for disgracing me twenty years ago with interest today. That has been the greatest stain to my name in my entire life. Not only will I kill you, but I will also kill everyone related to you. Only then will I redeem myself

Two thunderous voices reverberated from the tunnel. The voices turned into terrifying sound waves that swept out in all directions and continued through everything. The voices caused the water from the rivers to surge and the banks to tremble. Even the vegetation several tens of thousand kilometers away turned to dust from the terrifying sound waves.

If it were not for the fact that there were barely any people in the surroundings, just the sound wave would have been able to cause countless casualties. The voices of two Reciprocity experts were so powerful that even Saint Rulers would be injured. Weaker fighters would find their souls shaken to pieces.

Two figures gradually appeared at the entrance of the tunnel. They became clearer and clearer as they approaching the Tian Yuan Continent at a steady rate. They let out a pressure that could shake the world.

These two figures were Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen. After twenty years, both of them had reached Reciprocity. Strength made them confident. In their eyes, there was no longer anyone on the Tian Yuan Continent that was worthy of being their opponent. Even Jian Chen was not worthy.

They had come looking for Jian Chen to redeem themselves after what had happened twenty years ago and because Jian Chens swords had caught their eyes.

At the same time, countless people charged out of the supreme divine hall with great determination. They charged toward the tunnel, boiling with battle intent, showing no fear of death. Not only were there Heaven Saint Masters, but there were Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors as well.

These ants want to make a pointless final struggle. Ouyang Yangwen sneered. He used his right hand as a sword and extended it into the air. Immediately, a huge sword Qi that was several dozen meters wide surged toward the fighters with terrifying pulses of energy.

Mysteries of War, Heaven-cleaving Blow! At the same time, golden light erupted from the ground. It was like a miniature sun, shining with endless light that illuminated the surroundings.

Tie Ta charged out from the group of people with his battle axe. His presence surged as his great battle intent fused with his golden axe. He cleaved his axe down. His axe collided with Ouyang Yangwens sword Qi with a terrifying might.

With a great boom, the world actually darkened due to their clash. A hole over a dozen kilometers wide appeared in the sky, sucking away all the color in the surroundings and causing the world to dull. The entire region of space shook violently because of Tie Ta and Ouyang Yangwens attacks.

At the same time, great pulses of energy struck the ground, causing the fractured continent to experience a tremendous earthquake. The ground shook and mountains tittered. A bottomless pit of several thousand kilometers in width appeared around the tunnel.

Tie Tas face changed after experiencing the attack. He could not help but take a few steps back. On the other hand, Ouyang Yangwen remained where he was, standing as still as a mountain. When the terrifying pulses of energy approached him, they split into two due to an invisible power and went around him.

So powerful. Reciprocity sure is great, Tie Ta thought. He was extremely grim. He had used his full strength before, yet Ouyang Yangwen had not even used his sword. Just a strand of sword Qi from his finger was on par with Tie Ta or slightly more powerful.

When Tie Ta emerged from Aergyns grave, he only possessed the power to fight Ouyang Yangwen twenty years ago. He remained within the supreme divine hall for seventeen of those twenty years, so instead of experiencing an increase in strength, he had rapidly consumed all of his energy. He was obviously not Ouyang Yangwens opponent now that he had reached Reciprocity.

Your strengths impressive, no weaker than me twenty years ago, but now, I can kill you with just a flip of my hand, Ouyang Yangwen said coldly. He looked at Tie Ta like he was already dead. A sword appeared in his hand while his presence underwent an overwhelming change, fusing with his sword. His body shone with a resplendent glow as he charged toward Tie Ta as a streak of light. He moved unbelievably fast.

Houston, the sea goddess, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, the Winged Tiger God, Feng Xiaotian, Yang Lie, and Guihai Yidao simultaneously appeared before Tie Ta. They attacked together to fend off Ouyang Yangwen.

However, Ouyang Yangwens strength with his sword drawn was just unbelievable. Even with all of the Origin realm experts working together, they were not Ouyang Yangwens opponent. Ouyang Yangwens sword collided with them, causing all of them fly backward and spit out blood. Only Tie Ta did not spit out any blood. A terrifying wound from the sword appeared on Xiao Jin, Feng Xiaotian, Yang Lie, and Guihai Yidao.

This shocked everyone. Ouyang Yangwen was just too powerful. The combined efforts of nine Origin realm experts was actually not enough to withstand a single attack from Ouyang Yangwen.

Where is Jian Chen? Why dont I see him? Wheres he hiding? Ouyang Yangwen glanced over the Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent and immediately frowned, but he soon coldly smiled. Since Jian Chens not here, Ill kill you first and then look for him. Cold killing intent appeared in Ouyang Yangwens eyes. He stabbed out with a resplendent glow, mercilessly attacking the Origin realm experts.

But, just as he stabbed out, the space before the Origin realm experts ripped open without any prior signs. A hand, with long and slender fingers, reached out. The index and middle finger of the hand formed a sword and launched a sword Qi with a dazzling glow. The sword Qi shot toward Ouyang Yangwen at a speed several times faster than his attack.

The sword Qi was not large, only a meter wide. It could not compare to Ouyang Yangwen, both in size and in presence.

However, Ouyang Yangwens face suddenly changed when the sword Qi appeared.