Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595: Killing Their Way Into The Foreign World One
Chapter 1595: Killing Their Way into the Foreign World (One)

The demonic, blood-red sword Qi had been cast through a formation that had combined the strength of the seven Origin realm experts. It was extremely powerful and could easily destroy the world, but the sword Qi immediately began to disperse after being stabbed with the sword Qi condensed around Jian Chens fingers. In the blink of an eye, the extremely consolidated sword Qi showed signs of dispersing.

Boom! A moment later, the blood-red sword Qi exploded. The explosion produced a bright, red light as a terrifying wave of energy shot in all directions in the form of sharp sword Qi. The wave was dense and filled the entire sky.

With a wave of his right hand, a huge sword Qi suddenly condensed in Jian Chens hand. He then swept his hand through the space before him. The strike seemed ordinary and did not erupt with anything powerful, but it was basically unstoppable. The scattered red sword Qi dispersed wherever Jian Chen sword Qi went, protecting the people of the Tian Yuan Continent.

At the same time, the Origin realm experts of the Tian Yuan Continent worked together and erected a barrier of energy. They blocked the residual shockwave and prevented the people of the four races from being injured.

Jian Chen could only protect a small region and was unable to stop all the residual sword Qi after the blood-red sword Qi erupted, so a terrifying energy wreaked havoc in the directions he could not protect. In those directions, space trembled and shattered as large pieces collapsed.

The continent below immediately collapsed, forming a bottomless abyss. The entire continent shook.

When the residual shockwave reached a distance of ten thousand kilometers, it was stopped by Shangguan Muer protective measures.

However, the ground within that region had vanished, now reduced to a bottomless pit.

The seven Origin realm experts all paled and grunted. They all rapidly staggered back, and the five elders could not help but vomit blood. Their faces were filled with shock.

This is impossible Ouyang Yangwen and Xiong Zhong stared at Jian Chen at a loss. Disbelief flooded their faces. They could clearly sense the power of laws that belonged to the Way of the Sword from the clash just then. The power they sensed was definitely much greater than what Jian Chen could display twenty years ago. It was on the level of the Spiritking.

Both Jian Chens strength and comprehension of the Way of the Sword is far greater than twenty years ago. I- is this his true strength, not because of some foreign power? Xiong Zhong was tongue-tied. He felt like he was about to suffocate when he reached such a conclusion.

Jian Chens strength had become so powerful that it was just terrifying.

They were no longer able to connect Jian Chens easy, composed demeanor to how desperately he had fought twenty years ago.

Retreat! Ouyang Yangwen decisively made a decision and ordered a retreat without any hesitation. What else could they use to fight Jian Chen now that the Seven Killings Formation had been stopped?

Lets go! Return to the World of Forsaken Saints! Xiong Zhong gave the same order as well. He immediately fled to the tunnel with the five elders and Ouyang Yangwen in a miserable shape, attempting to return to their world as soon as possible.

Dont let them escape! Theyre baddies! Theyll come again if they make it back! Xiao Ling frantically yelled from behind. She really disliked Ouyang Yangwen.

Not only had Ouyang Yangwen injured all the Origin realm experts of the Tian Yuan Continent, but he had even cleaved her brother, Xiao Jin, in half.

Jian Chen coldly gazed at the seven people retreating, but he did not pursue them. He gently shook his head when he heard Xiao Lings frantic voice and said, Dont worry, Xiao Ling. I will take revenge for you, but the battle cant happen on the Tian Yuan Continent, because even if I kill them, the Tian Yuan Continent will be destroyed.

Brother, youve finally returned. I had thought that I would never see you again. A joyful sob came from the group of people behind the origin realm experts. Bi Lian charged out of the crowd and arrived beside Jian Chen as quickly as possible. She was filled with emotion and jubiliance from managing to avoid disaster.

After Bi Lian ran forward, You Yue, Huang Luan, Nubis, Xiu Tianyu, Qin Xiao, and a few other people that Jian Chen was familiar with excitedly walked out of the crowd. They looked at Jian Chen with smiles.

Shangguan Aojian, Xiao Qian, and Xiao Yue were also among the crowd.

You Yue glanced at Shangguan Muer from time to time. The light in her eyes flickered as her feelings became mixed. She gently sighed. At that moment, no one could understand her feelings. There was bitterness mixed with her joy.

Jian Chen comforted Bi Lian before slowly glancing over the group of people present. He sternly said, The World of Forsaken Saints is extremely powerful. Even with our increased strength, stopping them wont be easy. Not to mention, they have an unfathomable Spiritking, so Muer and I will immediately advance to the foreign world and deal a heavy blow to them before they have made sufficient preparations. The battle will be in their world. The Tian Yuan Continent has cracked into pieces, because of the battle all those years ago, so its time for the foreign world to pay the price.

Jian Chen, well come with you, Houston said in a steady voice.

Uncle Xiu, because of your guys protection, the Tian Yuan Continent has been able to last until now for twenty years. You can leave the rest to me and Muer now, Jian Chen replied while giving Houston a gentle look. He had always felt grateful for Houstons help. Even though his strength had increased a tremendous amount, Houston was one of the people he respected the most.

Great-grandson, you must be careful. The Spiritking is very powerful. He was able to fight Godhood experts twenty years ago, so who knows whether his strength has increased or not now. If you cant beat him, dont force yourself. Return as soon as possible, said Yang Lie. He was filled with relief and some pride.

Jian Chen nodded. His gaze paused on Shangguan Aojian for a while before he entered the tunnel with Shangguan Muer.

Time was tight right now. They could not afford to give the foreign world enough time to prepare, so they decided to kill their way into the World of Forsaken Saints as quickly as possible and take them by surprise. They had no time to catch up at all. Thus, this was not a good time to publicly announce Xiao Baos identity.