Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1621

Chapter 1621: Time Arrives At A Standstill
Chapter 1621: Time Arrives at a Standstill

The Sword of Mortality! Suddenly, ASi bellowed out. As his hands changed between the seals for his sword techniques, the metal sword in his hand began to levitate. It erupted with powerful sword Qi and immediately began to shine with a blinding light as if it had become a sun. Meanwhile, the sword that was only 1.3 meters long instantly became more than ten meters, hovering in the world like a divine weapon.

Sword of Reincarnation! At the same time, ASan cried out like ASi. His hands changed between the seals as the metal sword in his hand also erupted with light. It radiated with an extremely powerful sword Qi and instantly became over ten meters in length.

Sword of Slaughter! AEr bellowed out just like ASi and ASan. Like the two before him, his sword changed as his hand seals changed. Each of the three ten-meters-long metal swords shone resplendently like scorching suns. They stood in a triangular formation, seemingly resonating with one another, and their power seemed to fuse together.

Meanwhile, the extremely powerful sword Qi shrouded AEr, ASan, and ASi, obscuring their figures. However, a certain blurry sword Qi seemed to be present on them from time to time, giving off a profound presence.

The three strands of sword Qi seemed to possess similar presences. However, upon closer inspection, it was quite evident that the three strands of sword Qi possessed their own forms and minute differences. Each strand of sword Qi possessed an extremely profound aura, except the aura was extremely weak and not obvious. It made it extremely difficult for other people to sense it.

I actually cant devour your vitality. How is this possible? This is impossible! Youre like ants, so why cant I devour you? The evil spirits shocked voice rang out. At that moment, it had discovered in astoundment that he was unable to suck away any vitality or life force from the three brothers under the shroud of the three sword Qi. At the same time, he even sensed a sliver of threat from the three of them. The sense of threat was nowhere near as intense as what it felt from Jian Chen or the Spiritking, but it just made the evil spirit shiver for some reason. It did not feel something like this even from the Primordial Godsilk.

My instincts are telling me more and more that as long as I devour you, I will benefit tremendously. There is risk in all success, so screw it all. Its not like I can die. Ill devour you no matter how great the price will be. Soon after, the evil spirit completely ignored the sense of threat it felt from the three brothers. It made up its mind to devour the four of them regardless of the price.

The red mist from the evil spirit immediately began to whirl rapidly. It enveloped the four brothers in a massive swirl, immediately producing an even greater force of suction. At the same time, it condensed four huge claws from its mist, reaching towards the four brothers in an attempt to destroy their protective shroud.

Sword of Severance! As the claws condensed from the mist reached over, ADa called out at last. He arrived above the heads of the other three and stood between them. He raised his right hand over his head and pointed his sword at the sky, standing in a sword formation.

Immediately, AEr, ASan, and ASis power all gathered towards ADa. At that moment, the four of them entered an extremely special state. Not only had their powers completely fused together, even their vital energies and tremendous life force from just breaking through fused together, making them become even more powerful.

Initial Fusion of the Four, Resplitting the World! The four brothers called out together and they slashed out as hard as they could at the same time.

The world seemed to freeze and time seemed to stop flowing when they struck out. In the entire world, only the four swords slowly advancing through space along a specific trajectory existed. As the four swords moved, they even repulsed the laws of the world as if they possessed a mysterious power that could cut through the laws of the world at that moment.

This was not because of how shocking or powerful the four swords were. After all, the four brothers had only just broken through to the Origin realm. With their strength at early Receival, they would not be able to reach such an astonishing level even if they poured all their strength together. Their strike was so powerful because of the aura within their swords.

As the four swords moved, the expressions of Jian Chen, the Spiritking, and even the several dozen Origin realm experts who hurried over changed slightly because they could clearly feel that the entire world seemed to have undergone some minute changes at the moment. However, the part that shocked them even more was how they could truly feel that time had come to a standstill currently.

Even though it was just a moment, it completely stunned them. Jian Chen and the Spiritking were affected in particular. Their hearts surged as disbelief flooded their faces. Just as how a person could see further the higher up they were, they knew extremely well just how impossible it was to affect the time of the entire world. It was impossible unless a person possessed tremendous cultivation. Even with their current strength, it was completely impossible for them to make the time in the world come to a standstill.

This was not like freezing space. Freezing space could make everything fall into silence, making it seem similar to stopping time on the surface, but it was not truly stopping time. Instead, it was something that made it feel like time had stopped. In reality, time would continue to flow silently even if an entire region of space was frozen and everything there fell silent. The laws of the world would continue to operate silently. However, time had truly stopped moments before. Even though it was just a single moment, they had sensed it very clearly.

T- this is the presence of the Nirvanic Sword Formation. Impossible, this is impossible. How can the four of them grasp such a high-level sword formation? Moreover, its impossible for them to use it even if they have grasped it with their current strength. Not only have they succeeded in using it the first time, but they even used it with such speed, Zi Ying and Qing Suo cried out in the twin swords.

Kai Ya lay silently in a crystal coffin in white clothes within the supreme divine hall from Mercenary City with her eyes closed. Suddenly, her eyelashes trembled gently as if she was trying to open her eyes. However, she failed no matter how hard she tried. In the end, she fell back into silence.

A fist-sized little beast lay beside the coffin. It was the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast. It had always remained beside the crystal coffin in the past few years, and it had never taken a single step away from it. It did not even take part in the great battles outside.

At this moment, the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast suddenly snapped open its eyes. An intelligent light flickered through its eyes, indicating that it already possessed extremely high intelligence. It stared outside and became stern. Fear and dread appeared in its eyes as well.

As a divine beast, its instincts were extremely sensitive. It felt fear from the bottom of its heart from the ability that managed to influence the entire world.

The Elven Godtree suddenly began to sway gently in the forbidden grounds of the elves. It began to shine with a layer of faint green light that was filled with a tremendous presence of life. The strongest Godking of the God clans soul woke up all of sudden at that moment as well.

Who is it? Who has influenced the time of this entire world? Audrianas voice was also filled with shock. Her soul extended rapidly soon after and enveloped the entire world in a single moment. Quickly, she understood everything.

An evil spirit! I never thought that this world would actually give birth to an evil spirit. But who are those four? Theyre actually able to use such a heaven-defying skill with their strength at Receival? Thats just unbelievable. Although its possible to influence the time of an entire world with great skills, the greater the skills are, the greater the requirement for the casters strength

These four people are not simple. Are they like the snow goddess of the Ice Goddess Hall, the reincarnation of some great expert from the Saints World?