Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1622

Chapter 1622: Indestructible One
Chapter 1622: Indestructible (One)

Audriana murmured inside as she became very interested in the four brothers.

But I might be wrong. They might not be the reincarnation of some great expert from the Saints World. Maybe they can use such heaven-defying abilities because of other reasons. As she thought of that, her interest towards the four brothers immediately plummeted.

I never thought that human kid called Jian Chen would grow so quickly. His strength has probably reached early Deity now. I can feel that he has quite the accomplishment in his comprehension of laws as well. In the Saints World, there are countless Origin realm experts stuck at peak Reciprocity, unable to comprehend laws and step into Godhood. Even in the Saints World, all those people able to comprehend laws before reaching the peak of Reciprocity are prodigies

Basically all the people who are able to attain a comprehension like Jian Chens before reaching peak Reciprocity are geniuses groomed by large clans or sects. Once people like that become Godkings, theyll definitely end up placing on the Godkings Throne as long as no accidents occurred. If Jian Chen does not die, his future potential is limitless, Audriana internally sighed in amazement. She had a very good opinion of Jian Chen, holding him in very high regard.

And that other person is extraordinary as well, no less than Jian Chen. But it seems like he possesses the bloodline of the Spiritsages. The Spiritsages are a large race in the Saints World, except theyve Audriana sighed gently.

Rumors have it that the evil spirit is extremely difficult to destroy; it is an existence that is almost indestructible. Its said that countless years ago, an evil spirit grew to a heaven-defying level, where even several Grand Primes working together could not handle it. In the end, it alerted the Anatta Grand Prime. Although the evil spirit was nowhere near enough to be the opponent of the Anatta Grand Prime, the Anatta Grand Prime still needed to expend a tremendous amount of effort to kill the evil spirit in the end. I wonder if they can kill the evil spirit that has appeared in this world. Its a pity that although I am the greatest Godking from the God clan, Im unable to help them in my current state. Fortunately, Shui Yunlan has left, so the seal across the tunnel to the Saints World has been removed. Although I cant return to the Saints World through the tunnel without paying a price, Ill have to take the war god away with me even if I have to suffer the consequences on the condition that they cant stop the evil spirit.

Audrianas tree that had been materialised from her life stood in the forbidden ground of the elves. Although it did not take part in the battle, it paid close attention to everything happening on the battlefield.

However, when Audrianas soul swept across the Tian Yuan Continent, both Jian Chen and the Spiritking seemed to sense it. Jian Chen was not surprised. After all, he had learnt the existence of her long ago, but the Spiritking was astounded. He gazed in the direction of the elves on the Wasteland Continent with shock plastered across his face.

He knew extremely well just how powerful the soul that swept past them just then was. It was just a soul, yet it made him feel like he was facing an entire universe. He felt as insignificant as an ant before the soul.

Jian Chen, you must have sensed it as well. Who is that? I never thought there would be such a terrifying expert hidden here, the Spiritking said to Jian Chen through a communication technique. He was extremely stern.

Thats a Godking who came down from the Saints World, but she was heavily injured in the past and still hasnt recovered. You dont need to pay heed to her; she wont interfere with the matters of this world. Its not like she has the power to interfere with the problem were facing right now because she lost her body. Her remaining soul and the tremendous life force from before have transformed into a tree of life, said Jian Chen.

A Godking! The Spiritkings face changed slightly, and he immediately felt parched. Godkings were existences that had reached the very apex of Godhood. Although he possessed the battle prowess of an early Deity, his personal cultivation level still belonged to Reciprocity. Godking was still far too distant for him.

I never thought your world concealed a Godking. Thats just unbelievable, the Spiritking sighed in amazement.

Jian Chen smiled with deep meaning when he heard these words. He said, Originally, we had two Godkings. The other Godking was even more powerful. The Godking that youve discovered just now was injured by the other one, except the other one has left this world already and returned to the Saints World.

The Spiritking sucked in a deep breath. What Jian Chen had told him was just too stunning. It reverberated through his mind like an explosion, causing his heart to surge.

To both him and Jian Chen, Godkings were insurmountable, undefeatable existences. Even if they were just reduced to a soul, it was still enough to shock the world. Not to mention that there had even been a second Godking who was even more powerful than the one he had just discovered, which deeply astounded the Spiritking.

Who are you? What is this power? How is it so terrifying? A frightened mental pulse boomed through the surroundings. Everyone sensed it, and it snapped Jian Chen and the Spiritking out of their thoughts.

The evil spirit that had become a swirl experienced a rapid decline in its presence. Very soon, it dropped to mid Reciprocity, early Reciprocity, before directly falling below Reciprocity. It did not stop there as its strength continued to decline, falling to late Returnance, mid Returnance, and finally stabilising at early Returnance.

Although ADa and his brothers remained at early Receival, the sword formation from the four of them was just too powerful. It directly caused the evil spirits late Reciprocity strength to plummet to early Returnance.

The evil spirit was originally extremely powerful, to the point where even Jian Chen and the Spiritking were not its opponent when working together. However, the evil spirit suffered injury after injury since the battle had begun, so its strength was nowhere like before anymore. The red mist was its body, so every wisp dispersed would result in a loss of strength. The four brothers had dispersed most of the red mist with their attack earlier, dealing an extremely severe strike to the evil spirit, which was why its strength had plummeted so severely.

However, the four brothers turned extremely pale after using the great sword formation. They became haggard and seemed extremely weak. Clearly, they had paid a price for using the sword formation.

I want to devour you and regain my lost strength! The evil spirit roared crazily. It felt both shocked and furious right now. It had never thought that the four sources of sustenance that were not even powerful enough to draw its attention would actually manage to deal a heavy strike at the crucial moment. It could probably no longer escape from Jian Chen and the Spiritkings pursuit with its current strength.