Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631: Refining The Cloud
Chapter 1631: Refining the Cloud

As soon as Jian Chen entered the blood-red cloud, he felt a tremendous pressure crush in from all directions as if mountains were pressed up against him. His body suddenly sank, and his movement speed became greatly affected. At the same time, a presence filled with evilness entered Jian Chens head, affecting it soul. He felt like he had begun to hallucinate.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed, and the light in his eyes flickered. He concentrated and suppressed the hallucinations that the evil power triggered. Then the twin swords hovered above him and shone with azure and violet light, forming a screen around him. Chaotic Force filled every inch of his body at that moment as well, working with the twin swords to keep out the pressure from the cloud.

After all, the blood-red cloud had power equivalent to the evil spirit at its peak condition. Even though the powers of the Primordial Godsilk had purified a third of it, the remaining portion was still far greater than Jian Chen. If the consciousness of the evil spirit were still present, Jian Chen and the Spiritking would not be his opponent even if he could only control the remaining two-thirds of the power. Even though the evil spirit had been destroyed now, the blood-red cloud still pressured Jian Chen to a certain degree.

Jian Chen did not approach the center of the cloud. Instead, he stopped in the outskirts after travelling a hundred meters in. He sat down there sternly.

Even though he knew the evil spirit had been destroyed, Jian Chen still did not dare to be careless in the blood-red cloud because the clouds power was just too great. It had surpassed Deity. He even wondered if Gods could control powers as great as the cloud.

Jian Chen sat in the blood-red cloud. He sucked in a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. He began to absorb the power in the cloud carefully. Jian Chen was uncertain whether his Chaotic Body could absorb this power as it was just too tremendous and possessed an extremely evil presence. He was even less certain whether the power would be detrimental or beneficial to him, so he did not act recklessly at all with the attempt this time. He only absorbed a tiny sliver of the power that was about the size of a needle.

Jian Chens body began to quiver violently when he absorbed the tiny sliver before he could even get to refining it. As soon as the power entered his body, it erupted with an extremely great might like gunpowder. The terrifying shockwaves almost severed all of Jian Chens meridians.

The sliver of power was just too great, to the point where Jian Chen almost failed to endure it with his eighth layer Chaotic Body. Not to mention that he had only absorbed a needle size amount of that power. If he had absorbed more than that in one go, he would become severely injured to the extreme.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth and endured the excruciating pain silently. Every time his Chaotic Body progressed to a new layer, he would have to undergo the pain of refining his body. It would be torturous every time, so the pain from this tiny sliver of power could not be compared to it. It was nothing for Jian Chen to endure such pain.

Chaotic Force surged within Jian Chens chaotic neidan. It produced strands of Chaotic Force as Jian Chen practised his cultivation method, devoting himself to refining the sliver of power.

Even though the power from the cloud was powerful, he was only refining a tiny sliver of it. Jian Chen refined it in just a short while.

Jian Chen did not beam in joy at all after refining the sliver of power. Instead, he frowned. He opened his eyes slowly and murmured, This sliver of energy has actually been refined to nothingness. It has brought me no benefits. Is it impossible to refine the power within the cloud?

Thats impossible. Chaotic Force is a power of the highest level in the entire universe. Aside from Xuanhuang Qi, there is no power that can rival Chaotic Force. Even Yin Qi and Yang Qi originate from Chaotic Force. Although my Chaotic Force is nowhere near true Chaotic Force, it should still exhibit some of the characteristics of true Chaotic Force. Although the power of the cloud is greater than the eighth layer Chaotic Force I possess right now, its still a power without an owner. Logically speaking, there should be quite a high chance of me successfully absorbing and refining this power, Jian Chen quickly overthrew the thought that the Chaotic Body was unable to refine the power of the cloud. According to his understanding of Chaotic Force, it could absorb all energies and powers in the world. It was not classified amongst the five elements in the world. Of course, that was given that the power was within the range that his Chaotic Body could withstand.

Jian Chen did not give up and continued to absorb and refine the power of the cloud. He became even more confident that his Chaotic Body could absorb the power of the cloud after his thoughts earlier. He would never consider such action if the power of the cloud was still under the evil spirits control, but the power had now become dead, unable to put up any resistance at all. That was enough for the possibility of refining the power for himself.

With the progression of every layer, the energy required by the Chaotic Body would increase by several folds, making it an extremely power-hungry cultivation method. He had reached the eighth layer now, so the number of resources Jian Chen required to reach the ninth layer was simply unimaginable. The Tian Yuan Continent would never possess enough of what he needed. If the power left behind by the evil spirit could help his Chaotic Body progress, it would be Jian Chens fortune, even if it was not enough for him to reach the ninth layer. He could never pass by this opportunity.

Jian Chen also failed with his second attempt. The sliver of power he had absorbed was forcefully refined into nothingness within him, leaving nothing behind at all. His Chaotic Body did not grow either.

Jian Chen did not become discouraged and continued. However, his third attempt resulted in failure as well.

He failed the fourth time.

He failed the fifth time.

Finally, after five attempts, Jian Chen succeeded. The needle of power he had absorbed had finally been refined into a strand of Chaotic Force, becoming his own power.

I understand now. Its impossible for every strand of the clouds power to be refined into Chaotic Force due to its special characteristics. I need to collect the essence, but the difficult part is that the essence cant be found so easily. Jian Chens eyes shone. As long as he could refine the clouds power into Chaotic Force, it was something worth celebrating over, even if it would take a long time.

Even though he would fail many times during the refinement of the clouds power, as long as he could refine a single strand of it, his Chaotic Force would grow slightly. The increase would not be drastic, but it would be equivalent to years or even decades of absorbing the energy of the world.