Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633: The Push For Territory Two
Chapter 1633: The Push for Territory (Two)

With Shangguan Muers departure, the experts from the Sea race and the Hundred Races all left the Tian Yuan Continent with the sea goddess and Tie Ta. They returned to their territories to recover strength. The battle earlier was fierce and close. Although they had achieved victory in the end, all the Origin realm experts from both worlds were greatly exhausted. The elders and protectors from the World of Forsaken Saints were affected in particular. They had pushed their bodies beyond their limits to produce blood, so they had exhausted themselves far more than the Origin realm experts from the world of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Although the sea goddess and Tie Ta left the Tian Yuan Continent and had returned to their respective territories, they were the same as Shangguan Muer, watching over the situation on the continent carefully from a very long distance away. They remained cautious against the elders and protectors from the World of Forsaken Saints.

The white tiger did not return to the Beast God Continent with the magical beasts. Instead, he remained on the Tian Yuan Continent, returning to Flame City with Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling. They stayed in Flame City.

Although he was the god and sovereign of the magical beasts, the white tiger felt nothing towards the Beast God Continent, let alone any sense of belonging. Instead, Flame City was Jian Chens city, so he felt a greater sense of belonging by staying there.

With so many Origin realm experts remaining on the Tian Yuan Continent when Jian Chen was not present, the entire continent felt tremendous pressure. The Tian Yuan Continent just happened to need the presence of more Origin realm experts from their own world, so having the white tiger, Xiao Jin, and Xiao Ling personally remain in Flame City had increased the citys status.

Cangqiong obviously handled the matters on the Beast God Continents end. He was experienced, so it was obviously a piece of cake for him to manage these affairs. Although the white tiger possessed strength at the Origin realm, it had no experience in leadership at all. After all, it was still young and had not gone through all the aspects of life yet.

Although Xiao Ling was the barrier spirit of Mercenary City and had protected the place quietly for the past million years, Mercenary City was now destroyed, along with the seal deep beneath the city that she guarded. She no longer had orders to carry out, so she was no longer restrained to any particular place or activity. Coupled with the fact that Xiao Ling was not close to anyone aside from Jian Chen in the current world, she would obviously settle down in Flame City. Perhaps even Xiao Ling herself had not realised it, but she had already begun to treat Flame City as her own home because her older brother Jian Chen built this city. She felt a sense of closeness by staying there.

ADa, AEr, ASan, and ASi currently supported each other as they stood on the cracked earth. They all gazed towards the blood-red cloud in outer space. The four of them had all broken through to the Origin realm thanks to the four strands of sword Qi hidden in Jian Chens arm during the fight against the evil spirit. Then they stood in a sword formation and erupted with a devastating blow that heavily injured the evil spirit. As the formation was just too powerful, they suffered an intense backlash after using it with their strength at the Origin realm. As a result, the four of them had even temporarily lost the ability to levitate. They stood on the ground like ordinary people.

However, no one would ever underestimate the four of them. Even though everyone could sense just how weak they had become, they had still reached the Origin realm after all. They had become people who could reign supreme. Their status was no longer the same as the past.

Congratulations on your breakthroughs to the Origin realm. Although the battle has ended now, a threat still exists. Please come to the supreme divine hall of Mercenary City to heal. We will provide you with the best medicine so that you can make a full recovery as soon as possible, Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao arrived before the four brothers and invited them.

The three of them could already tell that the four brothers were the most injured people among the Origin realm experts. They would even struggle to display their strength at the Origin realm with their current conditions; it was to the point where even Saint Emperors were enough to threaten them. Moreover, there were many Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints present on the Tian Yuan Continent, so they would pose an extremely great threat to them. As a result, for their safety, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian had invited the four brothers to the supreme divine hall in Mercenary City.

In the current world, there was probably no place safer than the supreme divine hall of Mercenary City apart from Three Saint Island. Even Flame City was not safer.

Although the island mistress of the Three Saint Islands always observed the Tian Yuan Continent closely, the four brothers were just too weak. If people from the World of Forsaken Saints decided to lay their hands on the four brothers at this time, probably even the island mistress would not necessarily be able to make it in time.

ADa shook his head, We may be heavily injured, but were not as miserable as we seem on the surface. We still have some power to protect ourselves. Farewell. ADas voice was weak, but there was also great determination in his voice.

The four brothers left. They supported each other as they flew through the sky towards the distance as if they could fall at any time. Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao remained standing on the spot as they watched the four brothers leave. They found it rather regretful that they had failed to get the four brothers to stay and protect the Tian Yuan Continent. At the same time, they felt some worry. They worried that once the four brothers had travelled some distance, the Origin realm experts of the foreign world would take advantage of them since they were weakened.

However, the four brothers insisted on leaving, so they could not help them out even when they wanted to. Jian Chen was no longer present on the current Tian Yuan Continent and Shangguan Muer had returned to Three Saint Island. They would not be able to put up a fight at all against the elders and protectors from the World of Forsaken Saints with their remaining Origin realm experts. In fact, they even felt extremely fortunate that the elders and protectors did not try to lay their hands on them.

Eldest brother, that tiny tower Jian Chen held After leaving, ASi looked at ADa and said carefully through a communication technique. His gaze seemed slightly dazed.

ADa raised his head once more to look at the blood-red cloud in outer space. He said to the three others through a communication technique as well, It's rather unimaginable that the four of us were able to break through to the Origin realm. That foreign power clearly doesnt belong to us, yet it seems to come from the same origins as us, making it feel like it originally belonged to us. At the same time, we learnt a few new sword formations and sword techniques, and their origins are all mysterious as well. We clearly didnt know them before, but when we used it, it was like we had used them before. Aside from that, the tiny tower in Jian Chens hand made me feel a sense of familiarity for some reason as well. I feel like everything that happened to us this time is connected to Jian Chen. We have to go through Jian Chen to find the answer to this and settle all our doubts. However, Jian Chen has gone into seclusion within the evil power. We cant see him even if we want to, so lets find a place to heal first.