Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638: The Spiritking Arrives
Chapter 1638: The Spiritking Arrives

The negotiations between the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints would be held every ten to fifteen days. However, since they never reached an agreement, they would always end up leaving with a bad taste in their mouths.

As the place where the two worlds held the negotiations, Flame Citys fame boomed once more, skyrocketing to a point where not only did everyone on the Tian Yuan Continent know about it, its name had even spread across the vast expanse of the World of Forsaken Saints.

The Origin realm experts that belonged on the side of the Tian Yuan Continent had chosen Flame City because they feared the Origin realm experts of the other world. They planned on using the prestige of the city to deter the Origin realm experts from laying their hands on them during the negotiations. After all, even damaging a tiny portion of the city would be akin to directly offending Jian Chen.

At the same time, this precaution indirectly elevated the position of the Flame City. By now, there was no organisation across the world that could rival its prestige, even though it was nowhere as expansive as the seven capital cities of the continent.

The current Flame City had reached the level of the Sacred Spirit Hall in the World of Forsaken Saints. It had reached a point where it could no longer be replaced.

The Heavenly Enchantress sat on a large grey rock on the top of Three Saint Island, exuding an otherworldly beauty. A simple zither was placed before her. As her slender fingers slowly swept across the strings, she played an enchanting music. The music seemed to have fused with nature, carrying a certain airiness. It could calm people and make them be at ease.

The music rang through Three Saint Island, causing all the fishermen who lived on the island to seem enchanted. Large fish had even begun to float to the surface of the ocean as if the music enchanted them as well.

A handsome young man sat next to the Heavenly Enchantress. The music did not affect him at all. He cast his gaze out towards the horizon, towards the distant Tian Yuan Continent. At the same time, he would look at the sky often. The young man could vaguely see a small red cloud at the edge of the blue sky. The red speck was only visible to those who possessed extraordinary visual senses.

The music stopped after a while and Shangguan Muer put the zither away. She gazed into outer space with her enchanting eyes and murmured, The evil power has weakened slightly. Your father should be absorbing the power in there, but by the looks of things, hell need quite some time before he fully absorbs it all.

The handsome young man looked at the Heavenly Enchantress when he heard her words and said with some worry, Mother, the power is so great and evil. Will father harm himself by absorbing it?

Shangguan Muer fell silent in thought for a while before responding, Your fathers cultivation method is as special as yours, so you cant treat it like anything else. At the same time, he always knows what hes doing, so if hes daring enough to absorb it, hell definitely have full confidence.

I dont have to worry then, the young man immediately became relieved. As expected, he was Shangguan Aojian.

After a moment of silence, Shangguan Aojian said, Mother, the Tian Yuan Continent is currently negotiating with the World of Forsaken Saints. The difference between the Origin realm experts of our world and theirs is very great, so we might show weakness during the negotiations. This is the exact time when they need you, mother, so why dont you go to the Tian Yuan Continent to watch over matters? Shangguan Aojian hoped his mother could go to the Tian Yuan Continent very much as he had grown attached to the continent during his journeys there. He obviously did not wish for the Tian Yuan Continent to suffer too much during the negotiations.

At the same time, the Tian Yuan Continent was his fathers homeland.

Shangguan Muer looked at Shangguan Aojian, and her eyes warmed up. She said, Xiao Bao, I understand that you worry for the Tian Yuan Continent, but theres really no need. Even if you ignore the fact that our side hasnt shown any weakness at all, its impossible for the negotiations to conclude so soon. No matter what they end up negotiating, the decision will be personally made by the Spiritking and your father in the end. If your father refuses to agree, it doesnt matter how much advantage the World of Forsaken Saints manages to gain through the negotiations. Do you understand?

I see. Its because we have no need to fear the World of Forsaken Saints at all with our current strength.

Like an arrow, time passed by in a flash. In the blink of an eye, the two worlds had already been negotiating for ten years. The two sides still failed to reach an agreement after this decade. They both understood already that it would be very difficult for them to reach an agreement just by themselves. In the end, the decision would still be made by the most powerful people of the respective worlds. As a result, the negotiations towards the end were just a symbolic push and pull to drag out time as they waited for the Spiritking and Jian Chen to emerge from seclusion.

During the ten years, the news that the humans, Hundred Races, Sea race, and magical beasts had to give up a portion of their land had already spread far and wide. It had led to quite a large disturbance. Some people did not care too much about it at all, but there were also others who insisted on keeping their territory, refusing to leave even if they were to die.

After having been split into four sections during the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints, the continent was divided into four regionsnorth, south, east, and west. An extremely wide river separated the regions. The rivers crossed the entire continent like a cross, directly flowing into the ocean.

The location where the four rivers intersected was where the ruins of Mercenary City once lay. Water had now filled in the area. However, there was an extremely unusual region there as well. A strange energy protected the region, keeping the surrounding river out.

This special region was the tunnel that connected the Tian Yuan Continent to the World of Forsaken Saints.

The tunnel was peaceful. After many years, the tunnel had stabilised long ago. Although powerful streams of energy would burst out from the tunnel from time to time, it was no longer like the time when it was first formed, where energy constantly gushed out wildly into outer space.

At this moment, the stabilised tunnel pulsed slightly. The ripples rapidly expanded before leading to a huge reaction from the entire tunnel. The whole tunnel trembled violently and streams of extremely unstable energy wreaked havoc inside.

Very soon, a figure gradually appeared in the streams of energy. The figure was very blurry at the start, but it gradually grew clearer as it came closer to the exit.

The figure was a man who approached his forties. His black hair was elegant, and he carried a dark metal sword on his back. His appearance was extremely ordinary, and he was simply dressed. He radiated with plainness.

Even though he seemed extremely plain, he possessed an aura of dominance. He strode through the tunnel, and with his advance, the entire tunnel trembled. Streams of violent energy would be created constantly, rampaging through the tunnel. However, when the streams approached the man, they would disperse silently even though they were enough to heavily injure Saint Emperors. As a result, there were no streams of energy within a meter range of the man.

The man did not purposefully cause the changes in the tunnel. He was just too powerful, so when he travelled through the tunnel, he seemed to be approaching the absolute limit that the tunnel could endure. This was why the tunnel had reacted in such a way. Even when he concealed his origin energy and presence, he could not avoid this.

The man did not walk at a fast pace, but he would travel a great distance with each step. In just a short while, he emerged from the tunnel and appeared beneath the sky of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Suddenly, the wind and clouds began to churn. The thick layer of white clouds in the sky dispersed silently as if a terrifying pressure had forcefully crushed them. At the same time, a terrifying pressure permeated the surroundings, engulfing the world in a split second. It shocked everyone in the world and all the beasts in the world collapsed onto the ground.

The expressions of all the Origin realm experts in the golden divine hall on the arctic tundra changed. Soon afterwards, they beamed with joy.

The Spiritking, its the Spiritkings presence. The Spiritking has emerged.

Quick, lets go welcome the Spiritking.

The Origin realm experts of the World of Forsaken Saints collectively cried out in joy. They charged out of the divine hall as quickly as they could and hurried off towards the tunnel.

All of them felt extremely indignant in the years they spent in this world. They had to negotiate with the Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continents world. These Origin realm experts were clearly nothing in their eyes in terms of strength, weak enough to be crushed easily, yet they just had to hold themselves back even during the negotiation, resulting in no progress even after ten years. This was all because the Tian Yuan Continent had Shangguan Muer and Jian Chen, who was in outer space. Their Spiritking was not present either, which was why they were so hesitant during the negotiations.

Now that the Spiritking had emerged from seclusion and come over, they all became filled with confidence. They were obviously overjoyed to have someone to rely on.

At the same time, the Origin realm experts from the four races snapped open their eyes simultaneously in Flame City. They looked towards the tunnels location, and they all became extremely grim.

Shangguan Muers eyes narrowed as well. She looked in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent, and she became slightly stern as well.

The Spiritking has finally come. Jian Chen, when are you going to emerge? Shanggua Muer looked at outer space. There was worry on her beautiful face. The Spiritking was so powerful that he was far beyond what she could handle. The world only had Jian Chen who could handle him.