Chaotic Sword God Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Group of Prairie Wolves
Chapter 164: Group of Prairie Wolves

At this moment, there was a flash in Jian Chens eyes before he suddenly stopped. Right in front of him, Jian Chen could detect the movements of something going through the grass.

There was a cold glint in Jian Chens eyes as he surveyed the patch of grass in front of him. His ears twitched as he continued to listen for the smallest sounds of movement in his surroundings.

A look of disdain adorned Jian Chens face as he flew in the direction that the noise of the movements was coming from.

Within a few breaths, the sounds of movement could be heard even louder than before, to the point of being able to hear them even without paying attention. Plus, the shaking within the grass could be clearly seen now, almost as if the wind was blowing in a specific area. Suddenly, a countless number of shadows flew out from behind the tall grass.

Jian Chen was very calm as he walked forward. In his right hand the Light Wind Sword condensed into existence as he grabbed it.


At this moment, the sound of a wolf could be heard as a blue colored figure leaped out from the grass toward Jian Chen.

Without even a sideways glance, Jian Chen shook his right arm slightly as the blue figure flew closeby him. The Light Wind Sword in his right hand became a streak of silver light as he walked past the flying creature.

Just as the blue colored figure leaped out at him, it abruptly fell to the ground. Looking down, all Jian Chen could see was a blue colored wolf with a stream of blood leaking from its throat.

Just as this wolf fell to the ground, a barrage of wolves flew out from the tall grass at Jian Chen. One of them opened its large jaw wide, causing the irony scent of blood to waft out and attack the nose to an unbearable degree.

Still with a calm expression, Jian Chen continued to stab out with his sword at lightning quick speed as he struck each incoming wolf fatally in the throat.

These Blue Wolves were only at the Class 1 to 2 level, so Jian Chen didnt feel threatened by them at all.

From behind the cover of the tall grass, Blue Wolves continued to leap out as they charged at Jian Chen. However, Jian Chens forward pace didnt falter even a single step as he brandished his weapon in a web of sword strokes. Each and every second his sword would swing out around him, and with each swing, another wolf was struck fatally.

The amount of Blue Wolves hidden in the grass numbered within the thousands as they formed a circle around Jian Chen that was around 100 meters in circumference. Now that Jian Chen was firmly sealed in, the Blue Wolves could stalk quietly behind the tall grass, yet while Jian Chen could easily kill a Blue Wolf, there was only 20 of them dead by his hands.

Although he realized just how many Blue Wolves were around him, Jian Chen still didnt seem to take it seriously. Against a group of Class 1 or Class 2 Magical Beasts, Jian Chen could easily kill each of them in one strike without wasting any energy at all.

Even if a group of mercenaries were to come across this pack of Blue Wolves, they would definitely have a headache after dealing with them, even if they had a Great Saint Master with them. A class 2 Magical Beast would have an extremely difficult time hurting a Great Saint Master, but when there was a thousand of them, they wouldnt just stand around and let you kill them, they would all come in for the kill.

Within the prairie, these Blue Wolves were a very common sight, but after killing countless Blue Wolves, the Light Wind Sword in Jian Chens hands was almost like the scythe of the god of death, mercilessly reaping the lives of the magical beasts. Without exception, each and every wolf that leaped at Jian Chen had its throat stabbed mid roar. Even in midair, they were unable to escape the rapidness that was Jian Chens scythe like sword.

Behind Jian Chen, the massive amount of blood had already turned into a single line that splattered on top of the tall grass. As for the Blue Wolves bodies, they were all neatly piled up on top of each other in a single line.

Despite this indiscriminate slaughter by Jian Chen, the wolves leapt out from the tall grass one by one in an endless stream, almost as if they werent afraid of injuries or death. In the eyes of any spectator, it was almost like Jian Chen was a hated enemy that they were ready to die for in order to kill

The blood of the Blue Wolves continued to splatter into the air as the Light Wind Sword covered the sky with its blade, and after being mixed with blood, the shine of the sword was unmistakingly distinguishable.

Jian Chens body didnt have any unnatural movements. From the start of this massacre to now, he had calmly continued on in a single line without the Blue Wolves being able to attack him from the front or back. Yet, they were also unable to stop his forward momentum

This massacre continued for another hour, and not too long after, Jian Chen had already killed several hundred Blue Wolves without a single speck of blood landing on his body.


At this moment, the fierce snarl of a wolf came from behind. It was a command for the wolves that immediately called each wolf in the front of the circle to retreat behind, leaving behind several hundred corpses without a single trace of their retreat.

The pack of wolves had come quickly, but they had also left quickly. In the blink of an eye, not a single trace could be seen of the Blue Wolves, except for the blood of the hundreds of dead that left a single path on the ground.

Seeing how the wolves had retreated, Jian Chen took back his Light Wind Sword. Despite this extensive close ranged combat, Jian Chens face wasnt red, and neither was he breathing hard.

The rumors said that the magical beasts in the prairie were unnaturally vicious, it would seem that this rumor is true. Each wolf came at me with no regards for its life or any fear either. Jian Chen thought to himself.

Even after that ordeal, Jian Chens direction didnt change as he continued to walk down a single line. With all the corpses behind him, he didnt pay any attention to them since they were only Class 1 and Class 2 Magical Beasts. Despite the amount of bodies, a person of Jian Chens strength didnt care for it since it wasnt worth the time spent harvesting and storing away the bodies. This was certainly not a task Jian Chen had wanted to waste time doing.

The area of this grassland was expansive, so Jian Chen could walk for 2 days before he would finally reach the end of the area which turned into a desolate piece of land. After walking for another 4 hours, he finally made his way to an official road where he could see the left over marks of a carriage that had driven by.

On the road, a small group of caravans were slowly advancing in the direction of Jian Chen.