Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640: The Ninth Layer Of The Chaotic Body
Chapter 1640: The Ninth Layer of the Chaotic Body

Jian Chen suffered the pain of refining his body once again. It was the same experience; the same agony. This was the ninth time he had undergone this. From the eight times before, he had accumulated plenty of experience already, so it was all smooth sailing for Jian Chen this time. It was as easy as cake for him.

As Jian Chens Chaotic Force gradually strengthened, he emitted a tremendous presence. It caused the entire blood-red cloud to churn wildly. At the same time, the presence expanded beyond the cloud, permeating the surrounding space. It squashed on the surrounding space, causing it to distort while the stars glimmered. The space a few dozen meters away from Jian Chen had even cracked.

Jian Chens presence caused all these cracks. His presence was so tremendous that it had surpassed early Reciprocity long ago. It had surpassed mid Reciprocity, and even the presence of a late Recirprocity expert would struggle to rival with it. It had surpassed the limits of the world long ago, yet his presence continued to climb.

The disturbance Jian Chen caused in outer space obviously could not escape the senses of the Origin realm experts on the Tian Yuan Continent. At that moment, all of them raised their heads at the same time and looked towards outer space, towards the location of the blood-red cloud.

What a terrifying presence. Has Jian Chen broken through again after eighteen years of seclusion? Tie Ta sighed in amazement as he cultivated in the War God Hall. With a flash, he disappeared from within the divine hall.

Guihai Yidao, Yang Lie, and Feng Xiaotian had gathered together on the Tian Yuan Continent. Guihai Yidao stared at outer space with mixed feelings and said, Jian Chens strength was already extremely great, enough to fight the Spiritking who was akin to Godhood. Now that he has actually broken through again, I really do wonder what shocking level his strength will reach

What terrifying talent Feng Xiaotian murmured. He too smiled.

He has actually broken through again. My great-grandson sure is outstanding. I just hope that he wont suffer any backlashes from increasing his strength so quickly in the past few years, making his foundation unstable, Yang Lie chuckled aloud. He was filled with pride, but at the same time, there was some worry. Jian Chens strength had increased just too quickly. Even Yang Lie, someone who had lived for countless years and had seen many things, found it rather difficult to accept it.

Great! Big brother has become stronger again. Big brother doesnt have to be scared of that baddie at all now. That baddie is no longer big brothers opponent, Xiao Ling clapped her hands and jumped around as she called out loudly. She was extremely excited. At the same time, Xiao Jin and Xiao ling smiled happily in Flame City.

All the Origin realm experts from the four races appeared a hundred meters away from the blood-red cloud. Now that the agreed ten years were coming to a close, Jian Chens breakthrough held a whole different level of significance for the negotiations.

All the Origin realm experts hovered in the distance and did not approach the blood-red cloud. They quietly waited for Jian Chen to emerge. They knew that Jian Chen would emerge soon.

A few days later, Jian Chens presence slowly subsided within the blood-red cloud. He gradually returned to peace and the fist-sized chaotic neidan in his dantian had returned to the size of a soybean. It had shrunken, but it clearly contained a Chaotic Force on a whole different level compared to the eighth layer.

Jian Chen smiled. Originally, he believed that reaching the eighth layer of the Chaotic Body was the limit for him in this world, but he had never expected the evil spirit to leave behind such a great fortune to him after the crisis of the world was averted, allowing his Chaotic Body to progress to the ninth layer; this was quite the pleasant surprise.

However, Jian Chens face changed at that moment. In the next moment, a presence filled with brutality suddenly began to radiate from him; this presence was also filled with destruction and evilness. His eyes had turned red at that moment and even his hair rapidly reddened, causing Jian Chen to become filled with evilness. He seemed like a fiend.

Jian Chen felt his consciousness become blurry. There was only an endless desire for slaughter and destruction left in his heart. Now, he seemed to have become an existence that only knew slaughter and destruction, no longer fearing anything. He would kill anything that got in his way, without any feelings or reluctance.


With an inaudible sound, Jian Chens soybean-seed-sized chaotic neidan suddenly cracked open.

An intense pain accompanied the crack. The pain made Jian Chen quiver, jerking him back to consciousness. The redness in his eyes gradually faded away, and his hair that had almost reddened completely turned back to its original black color as well.

Even though Jian Chens transformation had lasted for less than a split second, all the Origin realm experts who were waiting outside still managed to sense his corrupt presence.

What is this presence? Does the core of the crisis still remain? The sea goddess said sternly. All the people gathered there became extremely grim.

Did something go wrong during Jian Chens cultivation? Feng Xiaotian said gruffly. Everyones face changed when they heard him.

Even though they were suspicious, none of them dared to enter the blood-red cloud to check. They were not as powerful as Jian Chen or the Spiritking, so even though the cloud had weakened now, it still posed a certain degree of threat towards them. Most importantly, Jian Chen was still in there. They were afraid that they would affect Jian Chen if they just barged in.

Jian Chen became grim in the blood-red cloud. He had also sensed the changes earlier. Coupled with the crack that had appeared on his chaotic neidan, all of these factors pointed to the fact that something had gone wrong after he broke through to the ninth layer.

Jian Chen looked at the blood-red cloud and said grimly, Looks like absorbing the power of the crisis isnt that easy. After all, the crisis of the world is a special existence that even the laws of the world can do nothing about. Even if I cultivate the Chaotic Body, itll still bring me trouble because the crisis of the world is more powerful than the current me. There shouldnt have been any problems if I was far more powerful the crisis. I would have been able to refine it easily.

But I need to understand just what hidden problems it might cause right now, and I need to come up with ways of handling them.

Jian Chen immediately checked through his body. Although his chaotic neidan had cracked open, he did not pay too much attention to it. The chaotic neidans imperfection would affect the strength he could display, limiting him to only eighty percent of of his power, but even just the eighty percent was greater than what he possessed with the eighth layer of the Chaotic Body. When he truly cared about were the changes to his consciousness earlier. That was what he feared.

Once he lost control of himself and sank into a state that only knew destruction and slaughter, the outcome would be unthinkable. After all, there was no longer anyone in the world who could stop him.